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Requests for radio lawful certification for wireless and wireless devices such as advanced ICT equipment and drones increased rapidly, and why we are chosen as an agency (Part 1)

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Hello. It is a hori of the manager.

As the spread of the new coronavirus continues to be difficult to end even now, the economy is on a significant negative trend, and it may be common to think that high unit price services such as license authentication have a significant impact, but the number of requests for certification is increasing as if going against the times.

In particular, requests for radio law and technical certification are increasing significantly across the board.

At first, of course, we will contact you in the form of collecting information on phase estimates, but only to explain the contents of our services, we will not make any special sales, but most of them will have you contract as it is.

This time, we will answer the background of the increasing number of requests for radio law certification for advanced ICT equipment, drones, etc., explanations of the advantages of our services, and frequently asked questions about radio law certification.

Writing the advantages of our own services is also a preternal miso, but on the other hand, I am proud that we are practicing the ideal form of radio law certification in the future, and I hope that it will be helpful when certifying in the future.

In the advanced Internet society, product cycles are shortened, and radio law certification is also required to speed up

In the near future, radio law certification will become more and more necessary, with the emergence of the 5G world, ioT (Internet of Things) where everything is connected to the Internet, and cutting-edge ICT devices with conventional products such as smart home appliances becoming wireless and wireless.

Although it is not always possible to say in general, what is very different from PSE and PSC is basically conventional products, and it is a product that is premised on using it for much longer once authenticated. So it's not a big problem to take some time to authenticate. Of course, there's no better time to complete authentication early.

On the other hand, even if wireless products that are at the forefront of the times sell explosively at that time, we do not know whether the same thing is sold even after a year, and if you are poor, the product life cycle may end in a few months.

It's not about which is better or worse, it's a rough feature of both.

When I think so, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has introduced a special measure that allows advanced wireless products to be conducted without radio law certification for only six months, but after six months, there is a high possibility that business opportunities have ended, and I personally feel that the lack of business sense of government officials is exposed even in such places. Of course, it may be different depending on the product.

If you do not quit selling out for a short period of time, it is an illegal company that does not perform certification that always appears, and sometimes you see companies that sell illegal goods online in a large way, but such illegal traders will be absolutely stung (notified).

It's hard for a once-stung trader to reappear in the business scene.

Veteran managers and major companies that know this will take radio law certification even if they spend some cost and time, and make it their own know-how.

On the other hand, the need for agency companies and inspection institutions that are required for quick certification and can respond quickly is increasing.

Three Strengths of INSIGHT WORKS Radio Law Certification: NDA Conclusion, Frequency Adjustment Beyond Language Barriers

In the world of radio law certification, where speed is required like this, we will explain why we are chosen by customers as an agency company, and three strengths.

Can mediate the conclusion of an NDA between the production plant and the inspection organization

The language may be bad, but until now, there were many counterfeit products produced in China factories, including those in Japan and around the world, so even if we said that we would certify them at the Chinese factory, we could not think of a technology leak. Rather, it was a Chinese company that was leaking technology.

However, in recent years, it has become unusual for Chinese factories to manufacture cutting-edge products themselves, and Chinese factories are concerned about the technology leakage. has become more and more important. There may be many people who want to say things about the Chinese national character, but I will leave that point sideways for the time being.

Of course, there is no problem in itself that there is an order because I want to sell a lot of Chinese factories, but when it comes to products that require (radio law) certification in each country, the attitude of the factory hardens at once here because the submission of technical materials is required to inspection organizations.

By the way, there are cases where technology outflows flow not only overseas but also to other factories in China, so I have to be cautious about that point.

Then, japanese operators want to authenticate the Radio Law, so please give my regards! Even if you ask, factories that do not want to take out technical documents to inspection agencies for fear of leaking often do not respond.

Then, the importer in Japan becomes exhausted, but the method to solve it is to conclude an NDA (nondisclosure agreement). are. I think you know the meaning of NDA, so I will not explain.

In the first place, inspection institutions do not do anything stupid about leaking the information of business partners, but as a factory, there is a clear whereabouts of responsibility in the event of a leak.

While the two sides are parallel, we can provide an NDA format so that both companies can work on certification with peace of mind, while also bridging the two.

If the factory says that they do not want to cooperate with certification, remember that there is such a background in the first place, authentication will proceed more quickly. Rather, if you don't know it, you may not be able to take measures and time will pass.


Beyond the language barrier

This is one of our strengths in various scenes, but the very biggest strength is that it transcends the language (Chinese) barrier.

We are a Chinese engineer who is familiar with Japanese certification (radio law) and performs agency work.

You can explain to the production plant about the Japanese Radio Law and how to prepare a test sample to receive the Japanese Radio Law described later in Chinese.

Usually, if a Japanese business operator tries to do the same thing, it may be a work that will not end in life without jokes, and certification bodies in Japan cannot provide direct consulting to factories, so even if you try to receive Japanese radio laws as a Chinese factory, you do not know how to actually do it.

There are factories where Chinese staff who can speak Japanese are enrolled, but if all of them understand Japanese radio law, that is not always the case.

A talented Chinese factory may be able to authenticate Japanese radio law on its own, but it is a rare case, so if you proceed quickly, chinese people who understand Japanese radio law will need to explain it to the Chinese factory in a native language.

Skype meeting with the client and the person in charge of the Chinese factory and our company. Our company and factory representatives met in Chinese.


Can negotiate frequency adjustments with factory technology to pass Japan's radio law

It is a little abstract because it becomes more difficult to understand when you give a specific number, but there is a radio frequency that is determined by each country.

Simply put, there are unique standards in countries around the world, such as Japan, China, the United States, and Europe.

And china, the world's factory, makes products from all over the world, but of course, manufacturers around the world make products at the frequency of the country /region they are selling.

Then, even if you look at radio law products for Europe and want to import them into Japan, there is a very high possibility that it will not meet the frequency specified in Japan, so in such a case, it will be necessary to request some frequency adjustment from the production plant.

Drones are especially common these days.

Basically, this is not made for Japan, but we are trying to introduce world standard products to Japan, so the frequency etc. must be adapted to Japanese specifications.

Japanese operators are experts in business using drones, so we do not know how to give instructions to factories, and this factory does not know how to match the frequency of Japan.

In this regard, the speed of authentication is greatly different depending on whether there are Chinese engineers who are familiar with Japanese certification (radio law).

All document application work to the inspection organization with a lot of trouble is also acting on behalf of

It is easy to be overlooked, but if the business operator does it himself, a sober and serious work is the submission of application documents. This is separate from the technical documentation for the product.

For example, when requesting construction design certification at the Telecom Engineering Center (commonly known as Telec), one of Japan's leading radio law certification bodies, you will be required to submit the following documents just by applying.

Citation: Telecom Engineering Center_Documents required for application_Application for construction design certification

 [1] Certification application form for construction design, [2] construction design document, [3] application form attached material, [4] wireless equipment system diagram, [5] confirmation method book, [6] photo or figure showing the arrangement of parts, [7] appearance diagram (photo) of wireless equipment, etc.

It is only after you complete these documents yourself that the application will begin. It is up to each operator to decide whether this is easy or difficult, but basically the same content is required by any inspection organization.

If you are to certify the products of factories in Japan, I think that it will be proceeded in cooperation with factories that can speak Japanese, but when using a factory in China, it may be necessary to translate the various contents described in the documents into Chinese, English, → Japanese, and in any case it is certain that it will take a lot of time.

Then, as I have said many times, radio law authentication, which requires a sense of speed, will become less realistic.

That is why when certifying at a Chinese factory, it is very advantageous to use a Chinese inspection organization.

Of course, when using a Factory in China, the same application documents are required from the Chinese inspection organization, but we will do all such work.

The requester will only prepare the requester's information (company name/ address, representative name, person in charge: Japanese and English), factory information (factory name and address, person in charge information: Chinese and English), product information (product information and model number).

In such a place, we are contributing to the improvement of the work efficiency of the requester.

Documents submitted to inspection bodies for radio law certification

Technical materials

About 10 types of documents necessary for certification, such as ISO9000 documents, antenna specifications, circuit diagrams, etc., that prove the production system of the factory and those related to the design of products are required.

This document is not necessarily unified by all inspection bodies, and the name and contents of the documents may be carried out according to the standards of the inspection organization as long as they are in accordance with the technical standards prescribed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

If you describe all the contents here, it will also be a leak of know-how, so if you are actually considering testing, please contact us directly. We will present a list and explain it.

However, what I would like you to remember here is that

(1) A large number of documents are required to be certified for radio law certification (2) The factory does not necessarily centrally manage all documents.
It may take some time to prepare documents related to parts, such as jurisdictions for each department or by suppliers.
(3) There is a possibility of confidential documents related to product design, so submission may be refused from the factory.
In that case, the inspection organization to which the documents are submitted may be connected to an NDA.


Test samples

In the case of radio law certification, a total of two samples must be prepared, one sample for normal (commercial use) and one test sample for testing. And it is no exaggeration to say that this test sample creation is the most important point of radio law authentication.

Adjust the current frequency to the Japanese frequency

As I mentioned earlier, if it is a radio wave device produced in Japan, of course, it is made according to the frequency applied in Japan. On the other hand, radio devices made overseas, mainly in China, are not based on Japanese frequencies, of course.

Therefore, in order to authenticate japan's radio law, overseas radio wave products must be adjusted to Japanese frequencies, but the work of adjusting the frequency is carried out with a test sample. I will.

It would be nice if the person in charge of overseas (China) factories was familiar with Japan's radio law, but basically from the current Chinese factory, the Japanese market is not necessarily a large market, so it may be rare to have such human resources.

In order to change the frequency, it is necessary to change the setting of the chip built into the device or change the chip itself. In any case, you must give procurement instructions to the chip supplier.

It is good if the factory person in charge clearly understands, but basically it is a story outside of my normal business, so it depends on the contract with the requester how much time you will devote, but on our behalf we will clearly instruct the factory representative so that no extra time will occur even a little.

Measurement image

Set to test mode

Another drawback is setting up test mode. In order to measure the frequency by the machine, the sample must be set to test mode. In that case, it is necessary to be in test mode without being able to measure radio waves with a machine for normal use (commercially available products).

Since it is a test mode setting after changing the chip that was earlier, it is quite difficult for the factory staff to do it on their own, depending on the level of the person in charge. We can not physically perform the practice itself, but we can provide various instructions and advice to make it easier for the person in charge to perform the work.

Inside, the person in charge of the factory becomes troublesome on the way, sends the sample to the inspection organization at a halfway stage and eventually returns, or if the setting method is not incomprehensible, it may be called by the inspection institution and it may be an on-site test.

These invisible tasks can take a long time to authenticate.

In other words, factory personnel and inspection organizations exchange such samples relatively often, so when using a Chinese factory, if you choose a Japanese inspection organization, there may be many difficulties, so in that sense, it may be faster to use a Chinese inspection organization as it is.

In such a case, a person in charge who is familiar with Japanese certification will respond.

It's been a long time, so I'll be there next time.


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