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【Certification Q&A(9)】We will answer the scope of radio law skills, how to check whether or not you have certification, etc.

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Hello. It is a hori of the manager.

What I often ask of our company is that under the specific conditions of "○○", do I need authentication (additional authentication if I have already acquired it)? It is a content that.

Basically, customers don't want to pay for authentication as much as possible, and we basically don't answer questions vaguely what comes out as soon as you search the Internet.

However, on the other hand, there are many customers who intend to authenticate basically, but want to know if additional authentication will occur other than the underlying authentication.

Certainly, I feel that one certification is necessary in terms of differentiation from other companies, but I think that it is a keen voice that if you authenticate many or more in addition, the budget will be lost.

It is difficult to find the story of such a last minute legal interpretation on the net. Due to the characteristics of the Internet, if you write it once, it will remain for a long time, so you may not be able to write bad things, and you may think that it is not necessary to put it on because it is an individual problem.

However, if there is one voice, I think that there are many people with many consents behind it, so on this site I write the knowledge that examined our case and the pages of the relevant ministries and agencies.

Q&a related to radio law certification is also written on the pages of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and TELEC (TELEC), but since the direct voice of the customer is described on our page, I think that it is more realistic content.
TELEC, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

I think that you can refer to it in performing the certification business, but our site is only a reference opinion, and if you want to seek accurate speech quality, please contact the relevant ministries and agencies.

Our story may be a trigger when asking the relevant ministries and agencies, but it is not possible to determine whether or not certification is available, and we do not assume the final responsibility, so please be aware of that in advance.

There are multiple target devices (main body), is authentication OK with one remote control?

This is a frequently asked question. Even if there are multiple target devices (main body) operated wirelessly, if the product functions are the same, radio law authentication of the remote control that operates it can be completed in one time.

However, for example, if you change the model number for each color variation, it is better to consult with an inspection organization in advance just in case.

Normally, if it is the same function, it is a story that only has to register the model number collectively, but depending on the inspection institution, multiple authentications may be required or a model number registration fee may be required separately.

From that point of view, I would like you to look for inspection institutions and agency companies while considering the total cost.

I was told by the factory that I was certified by the Radio Law, but I don't know how to confirm it?

The quickest way is to have the factory provide you with a certificate of radio law certification.

Unlike PSE, the Radio Law does not require the storage of certificate sub-books for PSE specified electrical appliances, etc., and you do not have to obtain the certificate itself. In short, you only need to check whether the product is actually certified by the Radio Law.

Please show the certificate to the factory in PDF.

However, if you are worried about whether the certificate itself is genuine, please enter the radio law number on the page "Search for equipment that has received technical standard conformity certification" of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications that you have introduced before.

Reference: Search for equipment that has received technical standard conformity certification, etc.

It is difficult to understand how to put the number, but the number of 9 digits below the R mark


Please enter it in the form. Be careful not to forget the hyphen. By the way, the first three digits are the numbers assigned to the registered inspection body.

You can check it on the following page of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. In addition, if the first three-digit number cannot be confirmed on the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications page, or if there is a difference between the registration organization number on the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications page and the name of the inspection institution on the certificate provided, please be careful about the certificate because there is a possibility that the certificate is fake.

Part of a national inspection agency

Part of overseas inspection institutions

Citation: Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications _Radio Law Utilization Page_ Outline of the system (List of registered certification bodies)


I was provided with an old certificate that was owned by the factory, can I use it as is?

If it is a certificate of radio law certification (construction design certification), it can be used as it is because there is basically no time limit for radio law certification.

However, if the certificate (contents) and the product match, please check the certificate and its inspection report in the radio law device search above.

With respect to PSC, the expiration date is basically 3 years, so please go back from that date and check if it is available now. (Strictly speaking, psc importers will only be applicable to the operator at the time of notification, but please be aware of it as an answer for convenience))

Pse is valid for 5 years, so please go back from that date and see if it is available as it is. In addition, pse inspection standards may have been updated, so first of all, it is better to give confirmation to specialized institutions etc., so I think that it is safe to think about later.

We also perform confirmation work, and we will respond as quickly as possible, so I would like to contact you if you like.

Do I need to do arbitrary authentication?

From a legal point of view, it is certainly not mandatory.

For example, vcci on electromagnetic waves, the Energy Conservation Act on the top runner system (under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry), the SG mark of the Product Safety Association are attached to various products, and there are also baa (bicycle safety standards) of the Bicycle Association.

It is strange to say such a thing from a person in the position of doing certification agency, but when it comes to so-called authentication of association things, it certainly seems to be important at first glance because it advocates consumer protection, but the acquisition feels like a position talk.

If it is really necessary, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications require the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare to obtain it as compulsory certification such as medical equipment and the Food Sanitation Act, such as PSE, PSC, Measurement Law, Radio Law, etc., so if we are told that arbitrary certification that is not so is absolutely necessary, we will tilt our head.

However, it is the convenience of the business operator whether to authenticate, and it is up to the consumer to decide whether to actually purchase those products. If there are similar products lined up, and those that are certified and those that are not are lined up, it is natural for consumers who are even a little familiar to choose the one that is certified.

Even if it is cheaper than certification, if there is nothing that can be demonstrated without certification, it will drop out of the competitive advantage as a reality.

In such a case, I think that whether it is for retail use (only you can use it) for business use, I think that it will change depending on the application.

On the other hand, if you are importing what is subject to voluntary certification from overseas without checking as it is, I think it is unavoidable even if you are suspected of the attitude as a business.

It is necessary to do it because it is compulsory authentication, it is necessary to do it separately because it is voluntary authentication, and it is certainly true, but the viewpoint of consumer protection is a major premise.

Compulsory authentication is required by law in the first place, but it is not a choice that it is good to do arbitrary authentication, but it is not necessary to legally authenticate, but is it really necessary to do it? I would like you to carefully examine the condition of the product before making a decision.

When requesting certification, do I need to provide information about the sales company instead of the factory?

To conclude first, the answer is NO. Be sure to provide us with the information of the production plant and the person in charge. It is even more if the factory is China.

Recently, more and more customers have been changing to our company who have been asking other certification agency companies (mainly Chinese companies). When I asked why it was changed, it means that authentication is not progressing.

While digging deeper into that point, if you try to proceed with the story with our scheme, you will always get a point.

That means that the client does not know the production plant and throws negotiations to the agency. There are many patterns in which the client is mistaken for everything to go if left to the agency.

We must clarify the contact information of the production plant and its personnel in advance.
Unless it does, we won't or can't.

As a factory, the only advantage of cooperating with certification is how much the requester will buy if they authenticate. That's why we cooperate with authentication.

As long as the story is not clogged, no matter how much certification cooperation is urged from the agency agency, the factory will not cooperate such as document submission and sample submission, so it is in a state of goodwill.

As we do, it is a useless effort, so be sure to get factory information first. In fact, if you ask a customer who has not been authenticated to provide information, it can take about a week.

In a word, it is not sure to work then because it understands clearly that the factory is not understood.

The pattern of authentication not working is that it's not clear who to ask for what, so try to rethink that.

The agency that "I will check the person in charge of the factory here" may feel reliable, but is it really okay? It is better to keep an eye on the question.

And if you feel that authentication is not going as you think, first ask "Can the person in charge of the factory communicate well?"

If the answer is ambiguous, tell them to take good action, and if the current situation still does not change, consider changing the agency.

The story was off, but is it only good to have information about the sales company? Basically, the person of the sales company does not want to teach the information of the factory about the reason of NO. The reason is that if you teach information about the factory, you will be able to communicate with the factory without yourself.

However, since the fear is natural, it is necessary for the client to firmly negotiate the terms with the sales company there.

Otherwise, information on the factory will not be obtained, and the person of the sales company says, "I will talk to the person in charge of the factory from myself", but in most cases, it fits into the pattern that nothing moves.

Then, it is not possible to do anything as a certification agency.

So, first of all, the client needs to find out the factory tightly. If the sales company does not move no matter how much it says, it will be necessary to look for another factory selling the same product.

After such circumstances, I would like you to contact us after confirming the factory and its person in charge. Of course, we also handle such consultations, so please let us know if you have any questions.

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