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【Certification Q&A(3)】 With regard to authentication Iroha such as PSE, PSC, radio law law law, etc., authentication cannot be done on your own

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Hello. It is a hori of the manager.

This is the third answer to the authentication question.
We have written some of them on our website, but we would like to deepen the understanding of our readers with more specific answers.

We have been explaining unisiderically from our company so far, but I think that certification will be familiar to you if you explain based on the direct questions of customers.

Certification requires funding as such. That's how we feel about our certification business.

Building barriers to entry with money can be said to be vested interests in black terms, but on the other hand, limiting the handling of products that are at risk in safety is considered to be true in a sense.

In addition, it is natural for the business to spend some money to enter a specific market.
Companies that are growing in Japan are growing by choosing a market with such barriers to entry.

Of course, there are many businesses besides authentication, so you are free to choose which market, but we want to make sure that those who choose a business that handles certified products do not know how to do it.

Certification is only a means, and I would like you to finish the necessary certification quickly and work on the actual business at an early point without being troubled by the implementation or failure.

We would like to create a Japanese business environment where many people can easily authenticate.

Now, I would like to answer your questions.

Can I apply for permission by myself?

It depends on the type of inspection such as PSE, PSC, radio law, etc., but I think that it is definitely impossible. Of course, I can't say that it's absolutely impossible.

The biggest reason is that the application does not pass just by submitting it. After application, there⇔ are adjustments such as documents and sample transfer between the factory and the inspection organization, and if there is a problem with the sample, it is necessary for the factory to create the sample again.

In addition, it is difficult to find an inspection institution in the first place.

Of course, there is also a way to use a Japanese inspection organization, but if the factory is In China, it is basically more reasonable to use a Chinese inspection organization, and it is smooth.

Of course, it is legal to use Chinese inspection agencies, so there is no anxiety about them.

In addition, multiple certifications may be spand in a single product, which can lead to the search for separate inspection bodies for each certification, which can be a great hassle.

We cover this set of operations. That's our greatest strength.

In fact, some people applied by themselves. However, the equipment and equipment necessary for factory inspection are unknown by all means, and there is a history that we asked us in the middle of application. In addition, there was a little suspicious part in the sample inspection before the factory inspection, and I supported it a little with the service there.

Based on the above, it is still costly, but I feel again that consulting by a third party is a necessary field. Although it is a difficult part to see, considering the relationship between the actual funds (cost) for certification and the human cost of doing everything by yourself, I think that it is good for cospa in business to outsource from the beginning as much as possible.

However, I think that it is not possible to make such a judgment if information is too much, so I would appreciate it if you could grasp the information on this page etc. and make a decision after that.

Can I apply at factories other than China?

If there is no special designation, basically apply at a factory in China. It is the fastest way to apply. Currently, most customers have received applications from our China factory.

However, if you already have a partner factory in another country, you can apply at another country's factory. We also have such know-how. We can handle english speaking countries. However, in that case, the application period and expenses may be higher than usual. In that case, we will report in advance.

Of course, we also accept applications from our Japanese factory.

In any case, the agency fee (initial cost) of 200,000 yen remains unchanged.

Scenery of Shinkansen station in Yoshitori, China. The tension that I can't go home if I ride one ride is amazing.

I see a lot of pages about permits and permits, but I don't know what to do after all

I have written many times about this problem, but no matter how much hole you look at the page explaining the introduction of licenses such as PSE, PSC, radio law, etc., authentication will not be able to actually be done.

How much does it actually take to authenticate? How do you get an estimate in the first place? How can the factory provide specifications? How do I read the specifications? How do I select an inspection institution? How should I submit samples? What should I fix if the sample is defective? How should I process documents in Japan after the application is completed?

Such as, the above is just an example, and in addition to this, it is a pile that must be done in authentication. In fact, it would be nice if there was a page where such information was gathered together, but it is the current situation that it does not look around anywhere.

We have all the know-how. We will answer with the result of passing speedy and stressless authentication without the small difficulty theory. Of course, please be assured that we will explain the minimum necessary at the start of authentication.

In addition, we will make an interim report as appropriate even if the project is in progress.

Is it illegal if I do not apply for permission properly?

There is a possibility of criminal penalties or fines for companies that have not granted licenses or have been subjected to fraudulent procedures.

For example, under the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Act (PSE), if you violate the laws and regulations, you will be charged imprisonment for not more than one year or a fine of not more than 1 million yen, or both. In addition, depending on the conditions, a fine of 100 million yen or less may be made.

Under the Consumer Product Safety Act (PSC), imprisonment for up to one year or a fine of not more than one million yen is imposed.

In addition, each law imposes various restrictions on the business.

This alone is a serious story, and even outside of laws and regulations, it may be forced out of sales malls etc. currently trading. And above all, it will damage the trust of customers who purchase it and lead to the loss of business life.

When handling licensed products, we recommend that you conduct a formal business after thoroughly confirming them.

Even if my application is successful, will it sell well?

Of course, we are praying that we can sell well and conduct business activities because it is a certification performed by investing a reasonable cost and period. However, basically, I think it is important to make a business plan before starting certification and expect a win, and then ask for it.

We basically do not guarantee sales in the certification contract, but we also provide consulting (separate contract) to advantageously sell licensed products after application.

For example, we have signed a contract with a Chinese factory for certification, but we do not know how to proceed with subsequent distribution. We can also support such negotiations as to whether they respond to the inspection report correspondence after production, or if there are many defective products, they will respond to the compensation and subsequent review of the production and inspection system.

In addition, we can introduce sales channels for promoting sales in Japan, acquire trademarks, improve the sales environment, etc.

Consultations can be made even after the end of the application, and if necessary, consultation from the start of the application is also available. Please feel free to contact us.

I understand the necessity of applying for licenses and licenses, and I think it is a business opportunity, but it is still a big investment.

We are the first company in the world of cost-to-understand authentication to visualize rates. For general product certifications, experience has shown you an approximate estimate. However, for products with complex structures, it is difficult to make accurate estimates unless you actually look at the product specifications and check them. Please feel free to contact us about that point first.

In addition, we are confident that we are providing services at a lower cost than anywhere else, including human costs other than such certification operations, such as selecting inspection institutions and negotiating with factories. However, even so, it is still a big investment, so I think that some companies are tight in terms of budget.

We introduce professional fundraising consultants to these customers. Consultation at the time of inquiry is free, so it is also possible to check whether you can raise funds with the application you are thinking about.

Whether you do it with your own funds or cause borrowing, application for licenses is a great business opportunity that will lead to your company's further growth, so please do everything you can to realize it.

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