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We will tell you the case that authentication know-how has been exploited free of charge regarding radio law skills

 2021/12/25 Column example Principles of authentication Radio Law
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Hello. It is a hori of the manager.

We have a lot of inquiries on a daily basis, and there are not many actual projects.

The client does not know anything about authentication such as PSE, PSC, radio law, etc., so we will not proceed unless we explain it to some extent.

To be honest, there are many people who just want to ask a little. Since I am doing this in business, such a person understands somehow at first glance, so I will provide minimum information and continue if there is a reaction, but it will end roughly soon.

In some cases, although the person himself intends to do it, the project itself at the company etc. has disappeared, so contact is often interrupted. That's all I can't do with it.

However, there are many businesses who have not contacted us, whether the plan has finally lost while pushing to our office for information provision for reasons that are not possible unless they meet and talk. You can see that humanity is in your hand.

However, I think that it is good in the appearance of "first consultation free" if it is only the transmission of our knowledge and know-how without going through an engineer, but when it comes to involving engineers, actual expenses will inevitably occur.

When engineers and staff at overseas factories have meetings in English, Chinese, etc., know-how costs and interpretation costs are not stupid. If you still assume that you can order a project, all the cost of responding will be included in the total deal.

This time, while saying that we will order a project, I would like to use even engineers to confirm with overseas factories, and then publish the business operators that have disappeared as they are under my real name.

This is a fairly malicious case, and I do not think that other people have such a response, but we would like to post such cases as articles in the future not only in the case of damage to our company, but also in the sense of sounding alarms so as not to adversely affect customers in the process of project progress.

History of the story – Contacted by a person in charge of TEAD Co., Ltd. –

On August 10, 2021, the person in charge of TEAD Co., Ltd. contacted us as follows.

I would like to get the technical certification of millimeter-wave radar attached to the drone aircraft manufactured in China, is it possible? In addition, you know the application period and the approximate amount where possible.

The explanation of millimeter-wave radar is labor-saving, but it is a considerably more expensive authentication than normal wifi and Bluetooth authentication in the area where technical certification (radio law certification) is required.

To be honest, I thought it would be difficult to decide to authenticate this amount, but after I gave you an approximate estimate, another person in charge told me that I needed to proceed with the certification and want to help.

By the way, the outline of TEAD Co., Ltd. is as follows.

Company Name  TEAD Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Osamu Kanai
Business start year 3/2010
Date of Incorporation April 25, 2016
Capital     10 million yen
Description of business  Planning, manufacturing, sales, maintenance, and training services for UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles)
Business contracting service using UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle)

Citation: TEAD Co., Ltd. Company Profile


We also provided resources because we expressed our intention to proceed even if I tell you that the cost is high

As mentioned above, the radio law certification of millimeter-wave radar is very expensive, so I thought it would be difficult to proceed,

If the person in charge

"The last time we arranged for radio law certification, it took a lot of time, so we would like to outsource this time."

The answer.

If so, in order to respond appropriately, we had engineers participate in online meetings and gave advice on how to proceed with millimeter-wave radar certification.

The point is that we provided know-how such as using a Taiwanese inspection organization to certify Chinese millimeter wave radar at a relatively reasonable price.

So, I decided to consider it in-house once, and at a later date, the person in charge contacted me to proceed with certification and wanted to hold a meeting online with engineers at a Chinese production plant.

In that case

When I checked by phone,

"Is it ok to use engineers here with the recognition that we will proceed with the project?"

The person in charge

"Yes, I'm going to do that."

And answers.

If so, we will hold online meetings with factory personnel, our engineers, etc. We explained japanese radio law certification in Chinese.

Considering the technical advice cost, interpretation cost, etc., it is not strange how much the cost is incurred, but it was that you could request a project, so we responded as a service.

We have also decided to provide a list of what technical materials are required under japan's radio law.


Mr. Hori

I am indebted to you.
I'm sorry for the urgency, but could you have a meeting with China at ZOOM from 15:00 today?

Best regards.

(2) Hori-sama

Thank you for taking care of me.
Thank you below.
August 31 (Tue)•11:30-12:30 BST
Description: TEAD Co., Ltd. invites you to a reserved Zoom meeting.

Join zoom meetings

Meeting ID: ========== =
Passcode: =========


(3) Mr. Iwasa
Thank you for taking care of me.
Thank you for calling us earlier.
I'm aware of tomorrow's meeting at 11:30.
Thank you very much.

Dear Iwasa,
Thank you for taking care of me.
Thank you very much for your meeting today.
The attached document is a list of technical materials necessary for Japanese radio law (technical) certification.
Label of 3 and 4 will be prepared by your company in the future, so please let me know for the time being.
Thank you very much.

Evidence Emails


After a while, a word of shock from the person in charge

Nearly a month after the online meeting, there was no contact, so when I sent an email for confirmation from here, Mr. Akihide Yoshizawa of TEAD Co., Ltd. replied the following.

Thank you very much the other day.

We apologize for the delay in contacting you.

We explained and adjusted it in-house, but first we decided on the direction of challenging ourselves.

In addition, it is a trend that it is not possible to give materials to the place where the factory in Taiwan mediates including our company.

It is conditional that it is OK if the NDA is connected directly with the certification body and the factory and it proceeds.

Therefore, it is a situation that can not be asked extra.

I would like to talk directly to the certification body.

Please let me consult with you when you come out.

I told him that it was possible to arrange an NDA for the factory and inspection agency, but we contacted them to cancel the project unisfacedly.

Please let me consult with you when you come out.

There is no other way but to be puzzled here such as the tama after tokeshasha.

Even if you charge the cost of the move of this place, it is not crushed

However, it is certain that there are circumstances by the company, and it is not possible to request it forcibly even if it says.

Certainly, we did not make any contract, but we also assigned people to provide know-how. In addition, if you look for the net, there are not many similar services, but almost one and only levels.

And after all, the person in charge said, "I'm going to make a request." If you are not sure whether to make a request or not, you will receive a deposit and, when you actually request it, you will be deducted from the overall cost and refunded.

However, it is undeniable that it is honestly laborious because it will be invoiced many times to do so. Therefore, for those who said "make a request", we have not generated a deposit in the sense of saving each other's troubles.

At this rate, it will be an escape of know-how.

At least if you do not pay the charge to the engineer, there is a risk that you will be shunned from providing know-how such as meetings because you do not want to be unpaid for other companies' projects in the future.

In other words, it is necessary to charge a charge for other companies who really want to authenticate to request in the future.

Yoshizawa: How much do you need?

Ours: It is 70,000 yen including various.

Mr. Yoshizawa: We will consider it in-house and contact you.

I contacted him several times, but every time I called directly with the reply "I'm considering internally", but I was away and there was no call back.


A high-quality company paid for what moved here.

Up until now, there have been cases that were frustrated on the way due to the circumstances of the client. As mentioned above, I think that it is unavoidable because there are circumstances of each company.

Even in such a case, there was an offer to pay for various support from the other side, and when I explained the situation from here, there was a person who paid for it by multiplying with accounting.

Even if we do not have a specific contract, I was impressed that it is a response of a company with respect for business partners.

On the other hand, like Akihosamu Yoshizawa of TEAD Co., Ltd., there is also a response that can be used only by using this resource, and not killing even after 3 months.

Basically, we receive a lump sum payment in advance. This is because when the test starts, it is necessary to pay a deposit to the inspection agency, and for us who do not deliver goods, intangible know-how is a price service.

If you do not get it first, like this case, you will be a know-how escape as it is, so it is also a countermeasure.

We would like to respond flexibly to customer requests as much as possible, but we hope that you will understand that it is difficult to achieve it because there are people like Akihushi Yoshizawa of TEAD Co., Ltd.

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