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What are the five business know-how that is requested from listed companies by a one-person company for several years since I started in side job and side business! ?

Hello. It is a hori of the manager.

Today, I would like to tell you how to build a stable side business for company managers, professional professionals, consultants, office workers, etc. who are thinking about entrepreneurship, side jobs, side business, etc., not the main story of certification.

In particular, our company has received consultations and requests from a wide range of customers, from individuals, small and medium-sized enterprises, midsize enterprises, start-ups, and listed companies to the company of one representative. In addition, the advertising cost is about 10,000 yen per month, and no advertisements are put on this media in particular.

Even so, in a sense, we have been doing incredible developments, such as requests from listed companies to stand up one after another.

By the way, here is one case against a listed company.

【Certification example】Pse certification of rotary-type power supply taps used in a wide range of fields such as educational facilities and various work environments

I would like to write a part that will be a hint for those who want to start a new business from now on how the mechanism was created.

Handle things that sell, not what you want to sell

If you want to start something in the side business, especially those who are doing side jobs for the first time, sell it because you are good at ○○! It tends to be an idea.

Of course, there is no problem if it is a thing service that originally sells, but even if you think "I want to sell this!", it is almost impossible to sell without any particular research or rule of thumb.

To tell you a little bit about myself, before my previous job, JETRO, I worked for a marketing company. I tried holding a voluntary seminar on marketing methods that I learned there, but even at seminars of several thousand yen, the number of participants decreased every time I did.

For me, it was a marketing seminar full of confidence, but I do not need know-how at all from the needs of the public. I was shocked at the time, but I learned that it was a public evaluation.

It was a bitter experience in which a person doing marketing was not able to market himself.

On the other hand, there are many things and services that can be sold in the world, but our certification agency service has received inquiries and requests from a very large number of people without doing any special advertisements, and as this theme, listed companies are also calling out.

This is because when I was selling goods myself, I systematized my skills and know-how based on my experience of hitting the wall of licensing and licensing of popular products and actually being consulted from my colleagues, and announced it as one easy-to-understand service.

In other words, when thinking about products and services, it is necessary to match the needs of customers while trying and moving little by little, even from a small place at first.

Think about your customers' concerns

Then, what is necessary to "handle things that sell, not what you want to sell", as mentioned earlier, is to match your products and services to "customer needs", and you will think about the most important "customer's troubles" in business.

What you have to be careful about here is that you misunderstand the things and products you want to sell, "Customers should want it too".

People are creatures who tend to overestimate themselves and the things they are dealing with, so they often make mistakes, but it is necessary to try many times while analyzing calmly.

What we were able to assume as a problem for customers in our certification agency business,

(1) I don't know what to start with in the first place. I don't know who to ask. There is no information on the net
(2) I do not know how to have overseas factories in China and other countries take Japanese exams.
(3) I have no idea how much the cost is.

And so on. This was also a problem that I actually felt after authenticating myself. And I decided to start my current business because I thought that I could solve those problems by teaming up with my current Chinese partners.

As a division of roles, I have the image that we do (1) (3) and (2) are performed by Chinese partners.

So when I actually started business, I got more and more inquiries from customers, and I was convinced that these worries and needs existed. The accumulation of that track record also led to requests from listed companies.


Implement how to succeed in other industries

Here, I would like to touch on how to attract customers and announce customers rather than the service contents.

Even if it is a product or service that considers the customer's troubles, it is the same as not existing unless it is recognized by the other party.

There is a deep-rooted awareness on the politician side that certification (agency) must be carried out by the business operator itself in order to clear the legal system prescribed by the government. In addition, I personally felt strongly that the examinations were often conducted mainly by administrative agencies rather than private organizations, and that we could not announce from the customer's perspective.

It is certain that there are things like unwritten law that administrative agencies should not actively announce their service contents, but in any case, it is very difficult to collect information from the user's viewpoint.

In addition, while the Internet environment has developed rapidly, making it easier for both companies and individuals to manufacture and import products from overseas factories, since licensing remains old-fashioned, the frustration of business operators is only growing.

Under such a reason, we are developing authentication agency services that reflect the needs of customers, so it is thought that it is a guide to pulling out, but in order to increase the number of inquiries from customers, various devices are still required.

However, attracting customers itself is not so difficult, and it is only a good thing to incorporate success patterns that are taking place in other industries as they are.

Owned Media

In fact, this media is also a promotional method that is natural in other industries. We will write articles about the products and services from all angles and aim to search for users.

To be honest, I don't think there's any other media that has written certification articles so far, but that's one of our strengths. I will never do people from inspection institutions.

Customers who contact us often say that they have read the article.

Our Owned Media


Examples of other companies

It is posted in this media as a one-off, and it is posted in one place on the company homepage. No matter how much our technology and services are great, I think that it is honestly unpinned if there is no case of customers actually using it and solutions.

When you look at the homepage of any inspection organization, it says that "our technology is amazing", "the equipment is state-of-the-art", and "familiar with the law", but there are no customer cases. Of course, there may be customers themselves, but there is no doubt that it is difficult to contact new people.

No matter how great the service is, if the part there is "Does it match us?" does not get angry, the customer will not be able to act.

By posting customer examples and honestly writing about the good points and complaints of our services, we will tell future customers that they can understand the actual situation of certification agency services.

From our website


Authentication 110

This is not the kind of service itself, but we have a system that allows you to call immediately if you have any problems with authentication or consultation. It is difficult to ask competent ministries and agencies about certifications such as estimates, PSE, PSC, and radio law.

It's hard to know where to ask what questions, and the officials will explain carefully to those with expertise, but it's pretty cold for beginners.

And most of you who have questions about licensing are beginners.

We provide a consistent response from simple explanations of legal systems to solutions. In some cases, many people responded to our telephone calls and proceeded to the contract without making a similar estimate with other companies.

In response to your question, simply explain the risk of authentication in an easy-to-understand manner so that you can trust us.

All of the methods described above are not unique to us, and are common services for business. However, in the world of authentication (agency), it was not common. Just by introducing it, even a small company like ours has been able to receive requests from many customers and listed companies.

Consider barriers to entry

This is the foundation of our services.

Japanese certification at overseas factories such as China can be carried out with high accuracy without a doubt using an overseas inspection organization as it is

To be clear, no other company can do this. Most of the companies that can inspect china factories are.

We can also propose inspections tailored to the needs of companies that really want to do properly.

In this regard, I don't write much because I always write,

Resources, costs, speed, language, network, quality, etc.

Because we can build barriers to entry under various conditions and information is spreading on the Internet, we need differentiation that other companies cannot.

I think it is no exaggeration to say that we have been able to realize all of these things by partnering with Chinese partners.

Of course, there are many ways to do this, but I hope you will refer to the concept of barriers to entry. After all, the higher this barrier, the more unique the service will be, and depending on the content, major companies will also call out. 

Try to get on with people's business ~ Recruitment of our certification agency business agency ~

Finally, in the end, you may be thought to be promoting your business、、、 but it is also true that we can say with pride that our business know-how is made with considerable accuracy.

To be honest, I think it is difficult to build the uniqueness of the business I have described so far.

In such a case, I think that one way is to try to do exactly what such a business can be built.

Of course, if you are building your own perfect business model, I think that there is no use, but if you want to start something new from now on, I think it is very meaningful to ask the explanation of our certification agency business.

From the banner below, we recommend that you visit the free briefing page and visit us if you are interested.



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