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Many competitors! Is it really the correct answer to start the Chinese import business now in the midst of a fierce price reduction battle! ?

 2022/02/18 Business in Japan China Business China Imports Entrepreneurship and side jobs Funding Principles of Management
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Hello. It is a hori of the manager.

This time, I would like to focus on the Chinese import business (hereinafter referred to as "goods sales") rather than focusing on certification-related. So, if you are not interested in certification, but are interested in importing China, I hope you will read it.

First of all, I started selling goods as a side job around the summer of 2013. Nine years have passed since it was early. The business I started at that time was changing shape, but in the end, I started a business in China and became independent as my main business.

Around 2013, there were still few people importing to China, and I feel that the opportunities were rolling around because there are no rivals. However, at that time, I didn't have enough experience, knowledge, and money, so I didn't feel that opportunity and my days went by.

On the other hand, the number of merchandise players has increased dramatically, and such people are attracting people who import China for the first time as consulting as students. There is also a lot of related information. Above all, the number of Chinese sellers is surprisingly expanding.

Under such circumstances, it is possible to continue selling goods on an individual level and make a profit, many people may be hesitant. For a while, I also made modest sales of goods, mainly in authentication-related businesses and others.

However, I have come to feel that the business will not grow on its own, and I have started selling goods again, and I am beginning to see pretty bright signs.

From such a viewpoint, it can be said that the possibility of selling goods is still high from now on. However, since there is no one who clearly conveys the structure of the goods sales, it is also true that there are many people who are frustrated on the way.

I would like to tell you the light and darkness of goods sales and its business structure.

You can start selling goods with a small amount of capital that does not cost money! ?

I often hear this word in the goods sales, but in a sense it is a correct answer, but it is not necessarily a correct answer, it is an impression by the experienced person. If you don't understand the meaning of this word well, you will definitely be frustrated along the way.

It can be started with small capital but, after all, it costs money.

Remember that is the correct interpretation.

In other words, if you try to sell products imported in China on Amazon, for example, you will be able to start amazon contracts for less than 10,000 yen, and basically you can start research for free on your own.

When purchasing at Alibaba, China, you can also purchase from small lots. One of the starting forms of the goods sales business is to sell non-supplies at Mercari.

You can start at the level of trying a little bit.

On the other hand, if you try to start a store business or a franchise business, you will generate millions to more than 10 million yen with an initial investment alone, so you will need to be prepared and funded considerably.

In that sense, it is true that it is easy to start selling goods.

However, since goods sales are basically a long-term battle, if you continue, there are many invisible costs such as expenses to pay consulting teachers, monthly membership fees to Chinese suppliers, transportation costs and customs duties when importing, domestic delivery charges, etc.

Still, it is good if it sells to some extent, but if the thing purchased with great care does not sell, it is exactly a pile of defective stock. In addition, since there is a lot of time and effort in selling goods, if it takes time and it becomes a deficit, people's motivation will not boil.

Of course, I think that is the person in the person in the company's own responsibility, but at least the person who recruits the consulting student thinks that it is responsible for explaining such a risk.

You still want to do it?

When the person is gathered with the mouth hatchote hatcho at first, and there is a person who quits on the way, people such as "He does not have the guts" and "His business is not valued" etc. do not trust at least I.

I don't think such people are qualified to gather consulting students because it is only good to carry out a business that is completed only by their own (own company).

If you are reading this media, please make sure that you are not only a consultant's "lucrative" words, but also whether the explanation about the risks is well explained.

Is it really profitable to sell goods! ?

This, of course, comes out. Otherwise, there are not so many players.

However, there are various ways to put it out, for example,

Product Sales Only

Product sales + consulting

Business + Product Sales (+ Consulting)

And so on.
If you are a beginner, I think you will start with (1), but at first I think that alone will be quite hard. However, some people know that they are growing rapidly, and that they have an annual sales of nearly 200 million people in a single company. On the other hand, there are many people who quit on the way.

In our company, under (2), we were only in sales at first, but in time we began to parallel the certification agency (consulting) business.

Many of our customers are new to Chinese business itself, so our experiences with Chinese business are also very useful when consulting. In addition, information coming in from customers may be advantageous for selling goods.

In addition, there are (3) who are doing store business (business) and consulting business unrelated to The Chinese business from the beginning, and make goods related goods in China and sell it among them.

There are various ways to do it, but in any case, when selling goods, try to choose one that seems to generate profit at the highest unit price as much as possible.

If you go to a truly advanced management area, it is recommended that you lower your purchase and make a profit by dropping a large amount of products that are lower than the market price, but it is truly impossible for beginners.

Rather than trying to master such a place first, let's first find products and businesses that can easily make a profit on a management scale of about oneself. It may take some time, but the risk is less, so you're more certain.

Let's hold a strange romance even if you make a mistake and do not sell cheaply on the line at the last minute whether you make a profit. If you do that, beginners and small businesses will disappear in no time.


After all, can't you start selling goods without money?

Sure, you don't need that much money at the start, but you definitely need money to make your business bigger.

You may not be a self-proclaimed consultant who can explain this.

Some people say that if you start with a small amount of money and then steadily accumulate (a small amount) of profits, you will also save funds, but you can think that it is a 100% lie.

As mentioned above, especially beginners, money is generated other than the goods sales activities themselves. For example, this applies to the cost of the consulting teacher. The cost of about 30,000 to 50,000 yen a month is quite a burden from those who have not sold up.

Even if there is some profit in the goods sales, it is a feature of this world that it disappears in no time with such related expenses.

So how can we secure some funds?

You have money ready from the beginning.

This can be self-funded, or money borrowed from parents or others.
Money other than directly used in daily goods sales is pooled in the bank account as "business funds". And when the business performance of goods sales actually accumulates, if you go to the Policy Finance Corporation etc. with the passbook (which does not spend money), you can withdraw the loan at a considerable rate.

We will use that money to accelerate the development of our business. Banks cannot provide loans to business owners who have no business experience or have no own funds.

Conversely, banks want to lend money to business owners who have a track record of doing business and have (some) self-funding, even in side jobs.

With this knowledge in your business, you can get the money. What's really important is that I still want to do business! It is your own enthusiasm.


The consultation fee is high, but do you need a teacher after all?

I think that it is a judgment of the entrepreneur how far it will be indebted to the teacher, but at least even if the tooth is clenched at first, it is likely to have to raise the cost of the consulting teacher and ask for the teaching.

For example, whether the product of your choice can be sold. If you don't know anything and try each one, it will take time and money.

In addition, there are many cases where they introduce the environment necessary for selling the things that the teacher has and friends. In particular, there are rare companions who aspire to the same path, but it is quite difficult to build such a relationship by yourself.

And the presence of friends is indispensable for continuing and developing product sales. I think it's really hard at first to meet such people, but first of all, I think you should learn about the teacher for a while.

Under such a thing, if you come to gain some results, friends, and confidence, I think it is better to stand alone.

Next time, I will tell you the "idea of product sales success" to continue selling goods steadily without serious injury.

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