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It is rapidly increasing now!? How to respond to Amazon's PSE listing regulations Tora-no-Maki

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Hello. It is a hori of the manager.

In May of this year, a customer who conducted a PSE test of a mobile battery on behalf of our company and submitted a business notification to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry wrote about amazon's PSE product listing regulations.

I can't list PSE mobile batteries on Amazon!? Thorough capture of the points to be reviewed from actual examples

Basically, if you think it's a rare case, since this month (August 2021), there have been two consultations in a row, and I feel that Amazon is becoming quite strict about selling PSE products.

Apart from the overall trend, we consulted with us that we wanted to solve it as soon as possible as soon as possible, but we did not know what to do in the first place.

This time, I would like to write solutions and precautions from a series of backgrounds. In addition, there is a part that overlaps with the previous article, but I hope that you can read it again as a secret of amazon's pse listing regulations.

How I consulted insight WOKRS

I received a phone call outside of business hours from a customer who had acted on behalf of pse exams before.

"Amazon has contacted us to stop selling, and we're not violating it, but we want you to provide us with the necessary materials. For the time being, I sent pse business reports and inspection reports, but it seems that there are not enough documents. I don't know what to do."

After listening to the story, I understood the solution somehow because it was the same case as last time, but the number is still small, and I do not know Amazon's own standards in the first place,

"We cannot guarantee 100% recovery. Also, since we have a full advance payment system, we may not be able to relist, but is it still ok?"

When I heard that,

"I don't care, I understand how INSIGHT WORKS worked during the last PSE exam. If you have a win, bet on it. In addition, this product was our selling point, and it was just before Amazon asked us to increase the number of products. There may be a misplaced system in your department, but in any case, relisting Amazon is a top proposition."

It was that.

I sent you an invoice immediately after the call was over, and I was immediately informed of the payment, so I was able to get started immediately.

While interweaving the previous article, I would like to write about why the selling regulations are increasing on Amazon and how to solve it.

Why isn't I allowed to sell on Amazon?

In recent years, Amazon has been tightening regulations in a social situation where uncertified products such as PSE, PSC, and radio law, mainly Chinese operators, and counterfeit PSEs are overflowing in the e-commerce site market, and product accidents due to it are increasing.

However, the rules for restricting exhibiting are unique to Amazon, using the legal system of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

First, let's organize the state of Amazon.

Materials and information required to list on Amazon

Required information

Company name
Seller token / Vendor ID
E-mail address (registered with Amazon)
Phone number
・ List of ASINs applying for listing (or wishing to continue selling) and the name and factory name of the importer (manufacturer) for each ASIN
*Please submit the following documents for each ASIN. (Include asin in the file name of the document to be attached))

Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Act (PSE)
Electrical appliances and goods other than specified electrical appliances

1. Copy of electrical appliance and material manufacturing business notification form or electrical appliance and material import business notification form (this document must be stamped with the receipt seal of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and a classification table of the type must be listed);
2. Photograph of the rated nameplate (PSE mark, notification company name, rated voltage, etc. can be read in what is displayed on the main body)
3. When displaying a name (abbreviation) different from the name of the business notified to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry on the rated nameplate, it shall be the basis for receiving approval from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
4. Voluntary inspection records of all finished products (those found to be 100% inspection)
Citation: Selling Electrical Appliances at Amazon Seller Central_Amazon.co.jp

I've been working on certification in a variety of ways, and if I'm dealing with PSE products, all of them are all natural materials and information, but I knew that the key to Amazon's listing regulations was "4. Self-inspection records of all finished products".

What is the voluntary inspection required by PSE?

Pse is not the end once acquired, but it is obligatory to carry out inspection contents approved by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for each produced product and keep the contents as a report.

For an overview of voluntary inspections, please click here.

Citation: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry_Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Act_Flow of Notifications and Procedures_Voluntary Inspection

This time, we consulted with you, other than PSE specified electrical appliances and supplies, it corresponds to "Other".
"Appearance", "Insulation resistance", and "Energization inspection" are described as inspection items. The red line.

Visual inspection
It's literally a confirmation that the product looks as prescribed.

Insulation strength
Simply put, by touching and using the product, it is an inspection whether the user is electrocuted, whether it is a power structure as prescribed, or whether it is an external product.

Energization inspection
It is an inspection of whether it works using electricity.

After performing these inspections and inspections, the business operator is obligated to confirm that the product is shipped and sold. However, inspections are usually not performed by the importer himself, but are generally performed by the production plant.

As a reason, equipment is also required for inspection. Most import and sales operators do not have such equipment, so it would be appropriate for the factory to do it considering efficiency. And importers only need to keep a record of the voluntary inspections conducted by the factory.


Voluntary inspection reports are format-free and do not require 100% recording

This is the question of interpretation.

You need a full number of inspections (records), but you don't need a full number of self-inspection reports.

I have received a response from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

For example, when producing and importing 500 products, it is not practical to store 500 reports, so it is necessary to aggregate the report into one sheet and store it by the importer, and the inspection data itself (for a total number of minutes) should be stored in the factory.

So, I think that the interpretation of "4. voluntary inspection record of all finished products" required by Amazon is a little different. I think this is Amazon's own rules.

However, there was also a response that I was convinced if I explained to Amazon about this area.

[Must-see! ] ● ● ● of the self-inspection report and the actual contents is not possible

Customers who have submitted all the materials requested by Amazon have received a response from Amazon.

We cannot accept exhibits due to deficiencies in the contents of the voluntary inspection report. In addition, the reason for the deficiency cannot be told in safety management.

It was a one-point putting. This is the same as last time.

When I was a last customer, I didn't know how to do it, but once I did it, I thought I'd reproduce the same thing.

If you review the points,

Typically, the voluntary inspection report kept by the importer is a summary table of the whole, and the contents of individual inspections are not recorded.

Amazon may want to make sure that the contents (text) of the self-inspection report are really correct.

From the above, we instructed the production plant to tell them what needs to be done in the PSE voluntary inspection in Japan, and to send a photograph (individual report) when the inspection was performed.

This time, there were Nikkei who served as a bridge between the factory and the factory in China, and all of them were in contact with them. To be honest, if there is no such person, I think that it may be difficult to direct directly to the factory.

Submit the finished materials to the customer and reapply to Amazon on the same day. After that, I was allowed to exhibit safely about 3 business days.

I was very happy to receive a call from a customer.

It worked well several times in conjunction with the last time, so I think it's probably okay in this way. Of course, there will be other ways, so I hope you can remember it as one way.


Amazon's response is not 100% correct

As I wrote last time, basically, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry does not require the linkage of the voluntary inspection report and the inspection contents. It is an Amazon rule to the last.

On the other hand, when we exhibited electric drills (other than PSE specified electrical appliances) before, we were asked to submit MSDS (Safety Data Sheet) for products in addition to various PSE certificates for the attached lithium-ion livestock batteries.

In that case, the submission of the voluntary inspection report was not requested.

To be clear, neither the voluntary inspection report nor MSDS are essential materials at the time of sale. This area is also decided by the soles of the sales mall, and it is also true that as long as you sell there, you have to follow the rules.

However, frankly, as I mentioned earlier, the person in charge on the mall (Amazon) side is not understood, and for the time being, it only demands to the seller as prescribed, so let's make sure that the seller side is theoretically armed and not swayed by the other party.

Otherwise, only time passes and you miss out on sales opportunities.

I think it's just right to remember and use down the law (rules). At the very least, I hope you will learn the rules related to authentication well on this site and use them in various ways for your business.

If your PSE product on Amazon has become restricted, please feel free to contact us for advice on resuming your listing.

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