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【Extra】 "Recruitment of agents for certification agency" Knowledge necessary for certification and know-how that can actually perform certification agency to you

Hello. It is a hori of the manager.
This time, we are pleased to announce our new project.

Why don't you start a side business with a certification agency model that makes a profit of 100,000 yen or more with a single order?

Starting with a certification agency business from a complete amateur, he succeeded in receiving orders for projects totaling 1.5 million yen, profits of 300,000 yen, and totaling 800,000 yen (profit 150,000 yen) in just about one month. After that,

☑ Total profit 650,000 yen, profit 200,000 yen ☑ consultation alone profit 100,000 yen ☑ total 300,000 yen, profit 150,000 yen ☑ total 700,000 yen, profit 100,000 yen ☑ total 600,000 yen, profit 200,000 yen total 1,200,000 yen ☑, profit 300,000 yen ☑ total 2,300,000 yen, profit 400,000 yen

And so on, a business that is still constantly profitable.
The best selling of our model is the accumulation of knowledge about certification acquisition, the know-how of customer response methods obtained by handling hundreds of consultations at the forefront of the certification business, and overwhelming human resources that can actually perform certification agency.

The know-how of certification agency is built, and the initial investment is almost unnecessary.

Potential of certification agency business

As those of you who are viewing this media, in Japan, it is necessary to obtain licenses such as the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Act (PSE), consumer product safety law (PSC) for products dealing with dangerous goods such as lasers, lighters, helmets, and radio wave laws (technical suitability) for products that handle electric power.

If you do this, as an illegal goods seller, you will receive imprisonment and penalties, but you will also lose social credibility.

For companies that sell electrical products, it is a corporate proposition that cannot be removed to grant licenses such as PSE, PSC, radio law, etc.

However, these licensing laws are maniac and information is not consolidated together, so it is not understood that it is not in charge of certification of some certification bodies and major companies.

In addition, even if we had gained knowledge about license and authorization certification, it was almost impossible to perform actual authentication practice unless we were a professional engineer, so no one could get into this area. In fact, there are companies that advertise only knowledge, but at the end of the day, even knowledge is not possible, but nothing can be done.

On the other hand, it is not only major companies that want to grant licenses, but also small and medium-sized companies, and recently, foreign companies such as China are producing products that want to license and license.

In the first place, it is difficult to grasp the law in Japan, but what should we do if there are production plants overseas such as China? There are many customers who are at such a loss.

The greatest strength of our certification agency business is that we can negotiate with overseas factories and inspection institutions in China and other countries in native Chinese or fairly fluent English without language barriers. are.

I've never seen a certification agency that can do this anywhere else.

Under such a situation, our customers are operated by individuals to companies listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

This time, we took the plunge and made it public, but in fact, we started a certification agency business about two and a half years ago. Until then, I had no particular experience with certification agency.


Why was INSIGHT WORKS possible?

Before we started our certification agency business, we once authenticated wireless laser pointers (PSC and radio law).

There is a Chinese certification agency technician I met at that time. When I finished one job with him, I decided to do business with him. He can speak Japanese, but he is at a tough level to operate in Japan himself. Basically, until then, we had contracted fixed certification from medium-sized companies and older companies.

He himself has been engaged in certification business around the world, including Japan, and chinese engineers said that he wanted to expand his business in Japan more.

On the other hand, we had experience of certification once, and since we are former JETRO staff members, we were good at collecting information on laws such as permits and permits, and we knew how to interact with officials such as the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

After that, when I got necessary information about authentication from Chinese engineers and put them together one by one, inquiries flooded in.

In fact, anyone can start a business if they have the know-how in place

In fact, you don't need any qualifications to start an authentication agency business. It is sufficient to have the minimum communication skills to respond to customer consultations.

If there is a consultation from the customer, we will have a meeting with the Chinese engineer mentioned above, determine the estimated amount, and if we can agree with the customer, we will only shake the project to the Chinese engineer and watch the process afterwards.

If you get used to it, you will understand the approximate amount of money without confirming it with an engineer, so the reply will be speedy, and the probability of full-fledged negotiations will increase steadily.

There is a difference that the progress after the deal order is heavy and light depending on the content, but even if it is not, you only need to make an interim report as appropriate without moving the authentication hand yourself.

Again, it is unclear whether there are other certification agency companies that can negotiate with overseas factories and inspection agencies, and there is no doubt that such a major barrier to entry.

Even amateurs can put out our signboard (name) regarding authentication and expand it, and you can ask us questions about questions, so you can start from ichi with confidence.

Why don't you have trouble with customers? I'm worried about negotiations in new business. . .

Certainly, you may feel that it is a little heavy to conclude a contract in units of hundreds of thousands or millions of yen without knowing anything.

If you are an agent, we will provide you with a format for contracts and quotations that we have made improvements to. To be honest, we have experienced having troubled with the sweetness of the contract, but since then we have made improvements every day so that there is no such thing.

In this seminar, we will show you this original contract and will provide you with data so that you can actually use it.

Using this contract, we sometimes transferred money in advance to a company listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Since you can get the funds first, the progress of the work after this will be very easy.

One of the disadvantages of the authentication business is that it often takes time. If you make it half a half gold, you will fall into a situation where you can not recover money easily, but if you explain the business contents using this contract, you can avoid such a situation.

Business where trust with customers is easy to be born and repeat

The authentication business inevitably has more interactions with customers. Because of the high level of expertise, as a customer, we often treat this as a partner who promotes business together.

If you can respond firmly here, you will be able to feel free to contact us about your business, and you will often receive repeat orders.

The environment where you can talk casually with such people, from presidents of hundreds of millions of yen to venture company presidents, is very valuable, and you can do business on an equal basis as a highly rare expert. That, above all, leads to the growth of my own business.


Will the competition increase by repeating the recruitment of the agency?

One of the strengths and weaknesses of our business is that there is only one company that performs certification agency practice as I mentioned.

What happens is, for example, if there are too many authentication cases, there is a concern that work will not be around. Of course, if there are about 10 people to recruit this time, we will be able to respond without problems, but we judge that it is more difficult than at present.

We do not plan to recruit new agents for at least the next year or so, and first of all, we would like to have a firm agreement with those who can apply this time, while also expanding the capacity of the Chinese side.

As a background to recruiting an agency this time, when I asked a customer who had been appointed by our company, "How did you discover our company?" and there were many responses that "It was not a hit easily and it was very difficult to get there."

In other words, while there is a lot of demand, we feel that our services have not penetrated society and have not grasped demand only by one company, and we would like to increase the number of people who provide the same service and expand our business widely.

However, I think that it is difficult to apply for expensive seminars suddenly.

First of all, we will hold a briefing session to answer the questions of participants and realistic backstory that was actually the interaction with the customer. If you are interested or you come to pin, I think that you can join us first.

Briefing session (free of charge) (both real and ZOOM available), September 18 (Sat) (1) 13:00-15:00, (2) 15:30-17:30, Sept. 25 (Sat) (3) 13:00-15:00, (4) 15:30-17:30 * The contents of each session are the same. *The venue is scheduled to be Minato-ku, Tokyo.


There is no special capital investment, and if you receive two or three orders, you will be able to get the original certification agency business.

In addition, there is a possibility that it is low cost when creating a new website because there are government subsidies (sustainability subsidies, etc.) currently available.
By the way, at the very beginning we made our own with Peraichi, but there were still many inquiries and profits of hundreds of thousands of yen. The production cost is free because it is made by yourself, and the running cost per month is about 2,000 yen.
By all means, why don't you earn solidly from a long-term perspective in the certification agency business, which has high barriers to entry and has few competitions when entering the market?

For details, please refer to the free briefing session recruitment page below.


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