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I can't list PSE mobile batteries on Amazon!? Thorough capture of the points to be reviewed from actual examples

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Hello. It is a hori of the manager.

One of the reasons why we receive customer support as a certification agency is that we can also respond to consultations about sales after certification. We ourselves originally mainly used e-commerce sales, and we continue to sell e-commerce.

Based on such experience, we can give you various advice on how to respond at e-commerce malls such as Amazon, especially the handling of certified products.

Up to now, due to the influence of illegal goods revolt by Chinese sellers, ec mall companies are becoming very strict regulations on the sale of PSE, PSC, and radio law related products.

While regulations are increasing at each company, the person in charge hardly understands the system of certification, and even if all the necessary documents etc. are prepared in accordance with each legal system, it is difficult to obtain permission to exhibit, and when I asked the reason, there were many cases where the person in charge did not understand.

I am too sad if I can not exhibit essentially even though I put out a high authentication cost with great care and the certification ended safely.

Based on our examples, I would like to focus on the points subject to exhibition restrictions and how to solve them, focusing on the mobile batteries (power banks) of PSE (Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Act) other than specified electrical appliances and supplies, which have recently become a hot topic.

Background to mobile batteries becoming PSE-regulated

Quote the previous article.

7 basic knowledge of acquiring the PSE mark for businesses who want to handle mobile batteries!


In recent years, the need and importance of mobile batteries (storage batteries) that use lithium-ion livestock batteries as charging tools for smartphones and PCs and power supply tools for disasters are rapidly increasing.

In the so-called "smart society", mobile batteries are an indispensable tool, and as demand increases, so does the supply (distributors).

However, on the other hand, in February 2019, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) targeted mobile batteries using lithium-ion batteries to PSE due to a series of battery fire accidents.

In other words, mobile batteries that are not secured for safety (not PSE certified) have been completely illegal.

It is a little old data, but it is the number of accidents due to mobile battery.

Citation: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry website "Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Act_Mobile Battery_1.Overview"


There is a lot of mobile batteries without PSE certification in the EC mall

Even if there are so many mobile battery fire accidents and pse certification became a hot topic that it became mandatory, I am surprised that there are many businesses that continue to sell without certification, and I can not help but lean on the response of the EC mall side that allows such people to exhibit.

Even if you suddenly sell mobile batteries, you will be able to sell them, but they are overflowing with businesses that do not have knowledge related to PSE, and there are rampant misunderstandings that you only have to interpret the legal system as convenient for them and display the PSE mark without any inspection.

PSE testing at China plant is roughly wrong
In response to these circumstances in Japan, there are more and more cases of preparing PSE certificates and reports at our Factories in China.

Japanese operators were told that they had obtained a PSE when purchasing a mobile battery from a Chinese factory, but there was no request to confirm the contents.

If you look at the contents of the test report, there are usually deficiencies in the content, such as insufficient default test content or 28 days of endurance testing.

Unfortunately, under the provisions of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry does not specifically confirm the contents of the report, and if only necessary documents are issued, you can apply as a PSE business operator. And, it becomes an on-site investigation to the entrepreneur only if there is a product accident.

It is a government-like idea that it will work if there is a problem, but under such circumstances, it is certain that counterfeit PSEs by China are rampant.

Learn more.

Is it really okay for mobile battery operators to trust the PSE certificate of the China factory? We will tell you information on the front line


Why isn't I allowed to sell on Amazon?

Amid the above social situations, Amazon is also tightening regulations. However, the rules for restricting exhibiting are unique to Amazon, using the legal system of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

First, let's organize the state of Amazon.

Materials and information required to list on Amazon

Required information

Company name
Seller token / Vendor ID
E-mail address (registered with Amazon)
Phone number
・ List of ASINs applying for listing (or wishing to continue selling) and the name and factory name of the importer (manufacturer) for each ASIN
*Please submit the following documents for each ASIN. (Include asin in the file name of the document to be attached))

Electrical Appliances and Materials Other Than Specified Electrical Appliances and Appliances (PSE)
1. Copy of electrical appliance and material manufacturing business notification form or electrical appliance and material import business notification form (this document must be stamped with the receipt seal of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and a classification table of the type must be listed);

2. Photograph of the rated nameplate (PSE mark, notification company name, rated voltage, etc. can be read in what is displayed on the main body)

3. When displaying a name (abbreviation) different from the name of the business notified to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry on the rated nameplate, it shall be the basis for receiving approval from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

4. Voluntary inspection records of all finished products (those found to be 100% inspection)

Citation: Amazon Seller Central_Mobile Battery/Power Bank

If you have worked in various certifications and deal with PSE products, all of them are all natural materials and information, but I think that the point of this story is the interpretation of "4. Voluntary inspection record of all finished products".

What is the voluntary inspection required by PSE?

Pse is not the end once acquired, but it is obligatory to carry out inspection contents approved by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for each produced product and keep the contents as a report.

For an overview of voluntary inspections, please click here.


Citation: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry_Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Act_Flow of Notifications and Procedures_Voluntary Inspection


Voluntary inspection reports are format-free and do not require 100% recording

Here is a confirmation of the interpretation, but the inspection (record) is required, but the self-inspection report is not required for a total number of minutes. I have received a response from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

For example, when producing and importing 500 products, it is not practical to store 500 reports, so it is necessary to aggregate the report into one sheet and store it by the importer, and the inspection data itself (for a total number of minutes) should be stored in the factory.

So, I think that the interpretation of "4. voluntary inspection record of all finished products" required by Amazon is a little different. I think this is Amazon's own rules.


[Must-see! ] ● ● ● of the self-inspection report and the actual contents is not possible

In the situation we have told you so far, we will tell you about our customer stories.

Customers who have submitted all of the materials requested by Amazon mentioned above, but amazon's response is

We cannot accept exhibits due to deficiencies in the contents of the voluntary inspection report. In addition, the reason for the deficiency cannot be told in safety management.

And one point tension.

If the deficiencies are clear, you can take as many measures as you want, but if you don't tell me why, you don't know what to do. In our meeting with the customer, we first asked them to check the contents of the voluntary inspection report to make sure there were no errors.

Then, there was a mistake in the description considerably, so I had you correct it and submit it again. If you think this would be okay, again,

We cannot accept exhibits due to deficiencies in the contents of the voluntary inspection report. In addition, the reason for the deficiency cannot be told in safety management.

And that.

While measures were difficult, Amazon came up with the idea that it wanted to confirm whether the contents (text) of the voluntary inspection report were really correct, and asked the production plant to order a photograph when the inspection was performed, and linked it with the report contents.

Then, Amazon has successfully approved the listing.

However, Amazon has not told you the reason for the rejection as well as the reason for permission, so I do not know the truth, but if you can not list mobile battery on Amazon, please refer to it.

Amazon's response is not 100% correct

One thing can be said is that basically, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry is not required to link the voluntary inspection report with the inspection contents. It is an Amazon rule to the last.

On the other hand, when we exhibited electric drills before, we were asked to submit MSDS (Safety Data Sheet) for products in addition to various PSE certificates for the attached lithium-ion livestock batteries. In that case, the submission of the voluntary inspection report was not requested.

This time, even with the same mobile battery, msds was not required to be submitted, and a voluntary inspection report was requested in detail.

To be clear, neither the voluntary inspection report nor MSDS are essential materials at the time of sale. This area is also decided by the soles of the sales mall, and it is also true that as long as you sell there, you have to follow the rules.

However, frankly, as I mentioned earlier, the person in charge on the mall (Amazon) side is not understood, and for the time being, it only demands to the seller as prescribed, so let's make sure that the seller side is theoretically armed and not swayed by the other party.

Otherwise, only time passes and you miss out on sales opportunities.

I think it's just right to remember and use down the law (rules). At the very least, I hope you will learn the rules related to authentication well on this site and use them in various ways for your business.

The e-mail magazine where you can learn the real authentication information that you grasped at the forefront of the authentication business is from the following. It is full of wisdom and tips to advance the certification business advantageously!

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