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The most important story in product sales, which is given to those who want to work side by side in the Chinese import business and want to start an independent business someday

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Hello. It is a hori of the manager.

This time, I would like to write about the Chinese import business, not the certification business.

We seem to be the main company in the certification business, but in fact we were originally a Chinese import business company, and we continue to sell products imported from China. Many of them are not related to licensed certifications such as PSE, PSC, and radio law.

More recently, some sold 300 pieces a day during the coronavirus state of emergency, and some sold 600 in a month during the Christmas season.

About seven years ago, I really started the Chinese import business as a side job from 0, gradually increased my business performance, and eventually achieved independent entrepreneurship with a technology in conjunction with the certification business.

I'm going to know roughly the main location of the Chinese import business.

In the past, there were not many people importing China, but now I feel that the number is increasing steadily. Of course, there is no problem in itself, but what is worrisome is that those who claim to be "I will teach you Chinese imports" are also disturbed.

There is no obstacle for me to increase the number of people who call myself consulting, but the contents written on the page of student recruitment are only very untrue from the viewpoint of experienced people.

There is also an aspect that I am worried about just eating chicks for people who are considering starting a Chinese import (goods sales) business from now on.

In fact, we did not have a continuous consulting student importing from China, but one day suddenly I was contacted by a young person who wanted to learn, and when I explained various things about the Chinese import business, I was told that it was only the first story I would hear.

I thought that if I could not understand this part, the "Chinese import (goods sales)" business would not work, but in fact I realized that there are few consultants who teach such things.

To tell a negative story, there is a high possibility that people who are going to start a Chinese import business will be shunned.

I'm probably trying to keep the person who contacted me with that hand so that I don't miss it, but my view is that if I don't understand this part, it won't last long after all.

The preface has become longer, but I would like to proceed to the text while organizing each content.

That said, whether you import China or whatever, consulting is necessary if you want to start a business

First, I wrote a way that denied the existence of consulting, but I think that learning about consulting teachers in any form of business is essential for business success.

As a reason

It will teach you the know-how to make the business go well.

We are in an era where you can gain most knowledge and know-how if you read books or research the Internet by yourself, but what you can't misunderstand here is not to examine the know-how in business, but to practice it using it.

There are many people who are satisfied just by examining, and there are people who spend time researching and do not advance forever, so it is important to pay money and start quickly.

I think that you can understand the image that learning from a teacher is much faster than doing it by yourself even if you do an instrument, for example.

As long as I paid, I try to do my best to get the original.

This may be a mental theory, but it may not cost money to examine it yourself, but on the other hand there is nothing to lose (although you have actually lost the most important "time"), so the engine often does not take until long.

On the other hand, it is also true that by paying consulting monthly, they begin to act actively to learn and practice to get the source.

There are people who pay only to pay once in a while and do nothing, but such a person is out of the question. I don't realize I'm throwing my money away.

Objectively points out your shortcomings and points that didn't work.

Because there is this, I learn to consult, but while many people think that people pay people to learn for lessons, hobbies, studies, etc., for some reason, there are many people who try to proceed on their own when it comes to business, so that is also a mystery.

In particular, if you try everything to sell the products you choose in goods, etc., it will be insufficient time and money, so the existence of consultants who sift to some extent is important.

It gives us an important environment to keep our business going.

It is an age when how to do and advance the Chinese import business is on the net and books as much as possible. At worst, even if you can do it yourself on your own, it is worth learning from consultants that it gives you an "environment" that is as important or even more important.

For example, it is common for the consulting to greatly accelerate your business by introducing you to your network and the business partners you use.

I have also started a business with other consulting students as my master, and I have had my business helped by asking my business partners. Getting this kind of environment is also very important in business, and it's something that you can't get for free.

Rather, it may be better not to learn if you do not seem to have such an environment.

A real experience unique to the person is more important than the know-how overflowing in the streets

As I wrote in the previous section, most know-how about China import business is on books and the internet, so consulting writing itself thankfully will not have much experience.

In short, I feel that the quality is quite bad if I say it because it tries to take money from the person only by lysming a little. Well, it is easier to get tens of thousands of yen for a single consultation fee than to sell some of the profit of several hundred yen each.

I think that this is useless immediately because such a person does not have much know-how, and only talks about what is written in the book.

In addition, business is a living thing, and it is all about suddenly being hit by a situation that you never imagined. In such a case, the key is whether you have a real experience story that is not on the book or net, such as how to be able to proceed safely and how to make OEM products that sell.

For example, I am full of real experiences about the authentication business on this site, but it is not a story of the usual law, such an experience is supposed to create customer sympathy and trust and get work.

Please be aware of these points when choosing a consultation.

I think that "I didn't have any money, but if I tried hard, I started selling" is usually a lie.

From here, I will approach the content I would like to tell you the most in this story, but I have been looking at the profile column of some import business consultants so far, but everyone is uniformly,

It was a tough day without money, but somehow Chinese imports started to get off the ground.
So you should be able to do it, let's do our best together

It had become a scenario of the solicitation such as.
Even if you don't have money, you'll be able to do something about it and expand the scope of the recruitment.
But I personally think this is a lie.

Is it a bright red lie about the track record of the goods sales, or did you originally have money as such?

Either way.
As I will write in detail in the next section, there is no doubt that the Chinese import (goods sales) business can be started with relatively small capital compared to other real store businesses.

However, considering monthly running costs such as consulting fees, it is common for a ton of income and expenditure or deficits to continue for a while.

Of course, there is no possibility that the selected product will suddenly explode and become profitable from the first month, but that is really a handful of stories, and it is a repetition of trial and error how to make a profit because it sells a little at first, but there is no profit.

For example, you'll also incur monthly Amazon usage fees to continue selling on Amazon. Also, of course, funds are necessary to make purchases. In short, if there is not a certain amount of money, the goods sales itself cannot be continued, so in order to clear this, a fixed monthly income (salary) is necessary for the time being.

I'm going to skip this place and judge that "I was able to succeed even if I didn't have money" is a story that Tsuji is not suitable from the point of view of experienced people.

How to make the most important ○○ in the Chinese import (goods sales) business

As the most important point this time, the most important thing to continue selling goods is how to make "money".

In this regard, the way to make money is how to earn income regularly and reduce daily expenditures in order to continue business, apart from selling products and increasing sales.

If you can't do that, you won't be able to live in the first place, and in the end, you won't be able to continue doing business. I have seen many people who stopped for such reasons before the condition of the goods sales.

Under such a reason, the way to earn income on a regular basis is to continue the current work firmly, and among them, by being given a new job by achieving results properly, it will become a presence that must be in the workplace.

This is needless to say, but there are many people who are mistaken that working hard for a side job despises the main business, but in fact, working hard for a side job means that the main business will do its best more than ever.

As a result of working hard to do a side job, it is the end of the year that the main business becomes neglected and the target of salary reduction etc. is.

On the other hand, as a way to reduce daily spending, in a simple place, (1) change the mobile phone from a carrier to a cheap SIM, (2) do not go to a workplace drinking party, (3) reduce eating out, (4) uniqlo clothes, (5) barbers to QB house, etc.

I won't explain it one by one, but there are many things out there that pay for it and consume even more time. Of course, if you live normally, those times can be fun, but if you are going to do your best in your business from now on, I think it is wise to take a rest even temporarily.

I personally think that consulting that does not teach me such a thing can not be trusted very much.

On the other hand, in order to expand business, it is always necessary to have some funds, and as a preparation, it is necessary to prepare for the establishment of a system of sole proprietors and corporations as soon as possible.

Can you teach such a thing?

I think that is important whether we can talk about "how to make money", which is the most important thing in business, not just selling by selling goods.

How to tell the truth, how to tell a similar non-consultation telling a lie

It is subjectivity of the individual to the last, but I will tell you how to distinguish between consulting who is telling the truth = worth learning and similar non-consulting that it is better not to tell a lie = not learn.

I do not say that I am 100% correct, but if you think that you should learn Chinese import (goods sales), I think that you can refer to it.

a person who is producing results

This is a natural story, but it is not worth learning about selling goods for people who do not sell or have never sold, along with not wanting to hear how to diet from fat people.

However, I think it is difficult to determine from the outside whether it is really selling. In that case, I think that it is best to read the contents that they usually send on SNS etc.

People who send out information about goods sales and business on a daily basis will be able to trust it. On the other hand, people who do not transmit at all, who are doing narcissistic transmission unrelated to product sales may not be able to trust much.

Also, I think that the people who are recruiting students on the landing page are also subtle.

If you are producing results in goods sales and business, your main business is busy, so the business is turning even if you do not bother to recruit. Trying to recruit until you create a landing page is proof that the overall business is so difficult.

Those who have clear business growth goals

People who have such clear business goals, whether they want to make 10 billion yen a year, create 100 real stores, or ultimately travel around the world by exporting overseas, genuinely enjoy business.

If you want to learn, it is better to ask such a positive person to teach. Such people basically do not wind up from students, and they are based on giving to people, so they will be able to absorb various things.

On the other hand, people who say abstract things such as "dream of contributing to society" are not personally very reliable.

Such jarring words are likely to take your heart away for a moment, but a vague goal is a common means of winding people, and on the contrary, if there is no belief that it is a clear goal, people will immediately return their palms.

My view is that I have been doing business so far to take care of our customers (students) because of my goals.

Those who can firmly say the negative elements

If you are looking for consulting students, it may be natural to say from various angles that positive factors, that is, product sales are profitable.

Certainly, there is no doubt that if you take the time to do it properly, you will be able to make money, and since you do business on the front line even though it is small, your business skills will improve greatly, and you will eventually be able to start an independent business.

I myself have followed that path, so I think there are some parts that I can tell from that experience.

On the other hand, however, there was still a deficit as a process of getting there, and sometimes it was necessary to work until the time for drinking parties and people interacted, and I wondered if there was really a result of continuing this.

Even so, I can't say the real pleasure of the business I lead, and the sense of accomplishment that I have got a life where I can use my time the way I like is irreplaceable.

In order to gain something positive, there is always a negative, so if you are not a person who can properly convey it, I think that you still lack credibility.

In particular, people who are "absolutely profitable" can be asserted that they should never trust it.

If you write a private view of consulting selection of The Chinese import (goods sales) business like this, it seems to recommend yourself in a roundabout way, but I also have such a feeling while laughing, but on the other hand, if you want to aspire to business by yourself, I also want you to start with the correct information.

I would be happy if this story will be helpful to everyone, and I would like to post information on the Chinese import business on this site in the future.

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