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I want to do PSE certification at the Chinese factory I found in Alibaba, but if you are worried about whether you can make samples properly, you can do certification agency know-how from pre-production advice

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Hello. It is a hori of the manager.

The same can be said not only in PSE, but also in PSC and radio law, but there are many customers who want to authenticate electrical appliances and equipment found in Alibaba etc. It means that each certification for off-the-shelf products is performed, but basically I think it is common.

Recently, however, there has been an increasing number of patterns in which products have never thought of Japanese specifications (PSE) for Europe, and that detailed specifications for passing PSE as electrical appliances have not been established because they are innovative products.

Some customers have secured a certain amount of capital and sales channels in Japan and can purchase a reasonable quantity, and then the factory is eager to cooperate and take PSE measures, but I do not know what is necessary to pass PSE in the first place.

If it is a ready-made product, it may be possible to outsource it to an appropriate Chinese inspection organization and obtain an appropriate inspection report and finish it, but from the development and design stage, you do not know what to do and you are exactly a problem.

At that time, we will ask a agency company like our company that enters from development and design.

In the future, the demand for PSE testing of products made by instructing the factory from the specification (development and design) stage to some extent, not just ready-made products, will increase. I would like to tell them what should be careful about.

How you asked us ~ Japanese inspection agencies do not consult about development –

The customer was considering importing innovative products from the Chinese factory with a Japanese partner store with a sales channel, although the specific product contents were hidden. It is said that the factory will actively cooperate, but it is a state that it is not known what to use for the outer material of the product.

As one of the inspection standards of PSE in Japan, it will be important not only the structure inside the machine but also what kind of material is used for the outer shell (surface).

The factory also made various proposals, but the client also does not know anything about PSE, so I can not make a judgment. On the other hand, even if you make a sample, you will purchase a large amount of materials in anticipation of lot production, so if the indicated material does not meet PSE standards, it will be a big loss.

In addition, when I contacted a Japanese inspection organization such as JET (Necessities Safety and Environment Research Institute) to confirm the estimate of the PSE test for the time being, I paid the gate prepayment, saying that "It is not possible to judge without specifications". However, as mentioned above, the client cannot give instructions to the factory, so specifications cannot be made.

In the midst of the dignified tour, we were asked to consult with us.


Do I need to do this exam with JET in the first place?

In listening to the story, I felt that it was necessary to give advice to the factory from the development part of the product, and that it would be more efficient to test at an inspection agency in China if the factory was in China.

Advice from development

Our engineers are familiar with PSE, but that means we know that we can perform tests and how we develop our products to pass pse.

You can see what kind of external material you consulted from the client should be used. In addition, since the judgment of the material is also taken into account from the machine internal structure, there is no way to make a mistake.

When I told such a story, the face of the client came to clear up. You must have felt that you had a path to pass the PSE exam. One of our strengths is that we can give advice from such a stage.

Products entering from development are easier for Chinese inspection agencies to be flexible.

When the client spoke with JET, he said, "Even if you test with JET with all the specifications, you will not pass it at once".

Honestly, it's also true that there's a point.

Products produced by factories that do not know PSE very well are likely to have deficiencies in some places, and it is a common story to improve the failure part while testing.

However, the problem is that in the case of JET, if there is one failure, the test is terminated there, and it does not correspond until the next sample comes out, and it is very inefficient in time.

On the other hand, at a Chinese inspection organization that conducts tests via our company, if multiple samples are issued, the failed part will be corrected to the factory, and the test will proceed from the place where it can be done with the current sample. In addition, as a stance, it is characterized by the effect of flexibility because it focuses on how to end it.

The client explained that it is better not to jet the first test, not only the story of the material that is the main subject of the consultation, but also the EMI test as a representative, and I am able to leave it all to us.

Create a sample by calculating backwards from the inspection item

The photograph shows the online meeting of the client, the China factory, and our company.

On this spot, we will tell you what kind of inspection items are in the PSE test, such as the measures and precautions, so the factory only has to make a sample according to the instructions. It is a factory of a suitable scale, so once you know how to do it, all you have to do is work quietly.

In addition, I will go to check the product specifications of parts that are not directly related to PSE, but I think that it is really cheap because it is a general test agency fee including this advice.

If you were worried about what to do with the specifications as it is, you could not do a PSE test even after how long, and of course, the business would have been out.

However, this is not just a problem for this person, but it can happen if the factory lacks PSE experience in the first place, such as new electrical appliances and supplies that have been OEM to some extent. As the number of product sales players increases, it will be impossible to avoid this place in order to be one step ahead of others in the future.

On the other hand, in addition to technical problems in order to pull out, speed is also an important factor, so it is wasting time to worry about "What should I do to pass the PSE exam?" is wasted, and finding a solution early becomes a necessary skill as a business.

Let's go on and on with the immediate decision.


If you start from the development stage, throwing a round to a Chinese inspection organization is NG! ?

It may contradict the story that "Chinese inspection agencies are flexible", but again, it is a story based on the premise that we are going through our agency practitioners.

As I mentioned at the beginning, it may be a cheap test fee if you entrust it to an appropriate Chinese inspection organization via a Chinese factory, but it is a suitable inspection report that does not understand Pse in Japan, so it is better to think that there is no correctness at all.

If it is an OEM product that is difficult to judge in various ways, it is even more. Of course, it is still possible to report business to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, but it is easy for new products (newly introduced products) to be subject to trial test by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, so let's recognize that it is a very risky story.

I think that it is one of the business operators' jobs to learn such backgrounds as knowledge and to judge what kind of correspondence to take after arming the theory.

The more complicated electrical appliances, the more dangerous the PSE test is required, so if you do not want to pay by all means, you may want to quit the business in the first place. I think that's the best option for end-user safety.

Complex PSE certification is another barrier to entry

I will conclude with the usual position talk.

In addition to PSE, testing certification in psc and radio law is a major barrier to entry. Basically, those that have not been authenticated are illegal, so users and dealers will turn away.

Under such a situation, there are more and more companies that perform certification and certification (illegal) for businesses that have products that they really want to sell, but there will be few businesses that can take and take arrangements to perform PSE certification from the development stage.

Once we take the market, there is a high possibility that we will continue to be on our own for a while. If you are looking to create another difficult barrier to entry, please consult us.

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