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Examples of our company that were delayed and cut off from the plan, such as THE PSE mark, PSC, radio law (technically appropriate), etc.

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Hello. It is a hori of the manager.

In the previous article, the root cause of the delay in certification was in the production plant, and in addition, I told the client who did not have the cooperation of the factory firmly, and that there is a part of the cause.

Who is the fault with the delay in authentication, such as the PSE mark, PSC, radio law (technical suitability), etc.? I will explain from our case study

Since we can talk with the Chinese factory and native speakers, it is certain that certification can proceed fairly smoothly even if we think only about that point, but it is also premised that the factory is cooperative in certification.

If the factory has no intention of certification at all, it is a problem before the language can be understood to turn it around.

In addition, if authentication is delayed, a time lag will occur for several months, or on a one-year basis if you are poor.

In addition, there are document errors, busyness, simple judgment mistakes, etc. of inspection institutions, but in fact it is about an error of several days, so if you are a business operator who does not accept such an acceptable range, I feel that the act of authentication itself does not fit.

Also, if you have a sales plan that packs a lot of schedules for products that require certification, it may go crazy. If you are in a hurry, make sure you are 100% prepared to get the cooperation of the factory.

In other words, you may get the impression that we, as a certification agency, have not done anything, but our core job is to explain the technical documents and samples necessary for certification to the factory and proceed with certification together.

So basically, requesting cooperation from the factory will be out of our business.

Of course, even so, I contact the factory so that it cooperates as much as possible, come up with a plan that can proceed smoothly, contact the client one after another and have the factory push if necessary.

It seems to be self-praise and I'm sorry, but in fact it is a fairly epoch-making service just to play this part, and it is also true that there is no comparison target easily because it is a niche business. If you are interested, please check the conflict by all means.

However, as with japan's developed services, if you get used to the fact that products arrive at a fixed date and time without doing anything afterwards, you will often not understand that it will not be 0→100.

In light of such a situation, this time, the certification itself was finally over, but I would like to introduce our example that the client expired because it was late from the original schedule and finally became a fight farewell.

I would like you to sympathize with us with this content, and I would like you to listen to our excuses, and I would like you to refer to what kind of precautions there are about performing certification as a case study.

Initially, we planned a certification period of about 6 weeks.

We received a consultation from Mr. A, a young executive in charge of a venture company, who wanted to perform radio law certification for products used and sold in business.

The production plant is a Chinese factory as usual, but Mr. A was quite fluent in Chinese, and he actively requested the factory to disclose technical materials.

It was the first radio law certification, and I do not know whether the factory has its ability and ability, so if it seems that it is impossible to submit materials on the way, it seems that I was thinking about stopping certification as it is.

As for our company, it is difficult to cancel on the way, so the first part was proceeding with the feeling of dating, but apparently the factory seems to have experience in radio law certification, and he cooperated in submitting documents.

In addition, for documents that the factory could not understand, we found and provided documents that seemed to be sample documents here on the Internet.

As we managed to prepare the documents, we decided to make a formal contract with Mr. A (company) because the rest was only samples.

At that time, Mr. A asked me about the certification period, so if there was nothing, there was a chinese consecutive holiday a little earlier, so I told him that I wanted to finish by then.

As I wrote in the previous article, if there was nothing like this, it would be a big point in the future.

When the technical documentation starts to be well aligned and the exams have started、、、

And, the sample was submitted from the factory to the inspection organization because it was a test sample for the radio law authorization finally fully.

Up to this point, the client, Mr. A, and of course, we thought that certification would proceed smoothly.

However, when it starts, it fails immediately! Contact of.

As expected, I do not put my hair in the place where I am surprised, and the contact enters like a mountain from Mr. A.

Why? Why? Why? What's going to happen in the future?

While the sales schedule of the product was decided, it must have been a fact that mr. A was not accepted.

At such times, as a certification agency, it is necessary to calmly check the facts while staying close to the customer's position. And when I heard the opinion of the inspection agency via the engineer, it was actually a simple story, and the factory sent the sample for Europe to the inspection organization.

Since the bandwidth (frequency) used is different between Japan and Europe, then it is not possible to even test Japanese radio law certification. I immediately asked you to create a sample with a different frequency.

Mr. A who learned this fact,
"The inspection agency and agency (Technical Department in Shanghai) did not ask us to prepare a sample of Japanese radio law, that's the fault," he begins to say.

On the other hand, the opinion of the partner (engineer) is that
"Since we are going to test the Japanese radio law, it is natural to prepare samples for Japan, but rather, it is because the client is not able to communicate firmly with the factory about this business," he counters.

At this stage, I felt that it was not a good way for both parties to struggle outside of certification practice, so I decided to have the factory rush to recreate the sample in everything, telling them that the important thing is to cooperate with each other.

As a matter of fact, in my personal opinion, I understand both, but perhaps, at this stage the factory was not very comfortable and had the impression that it was troublesome to submit samples.

The factory seemed to be quite busy, and I put out documents, but I think that there was an atmosphere of an afterthorning of samples.

At that stage, even if you say that you should prepare a sample for Japan, your waist seems to be heavy, so I feel that the decision of the inspection agency to send the sample for the time being was a judgment that was not wrong in the long running.

As a result, there is an ochi that it was a sample for Europe, but I feel that the decision of the inspection institution was correct in the sense that the authentication was first moved, and I feel that it was destined to fail the sample once in any case.

Of course, I don't think it's a build-up for Mr. A, but it is also a reality that there are parts that can not be controlled only by the gap and timing of such factories.

Samples are lagging behind due to consecutive holidays in China and busy factories

By the time the reason for the sample failure began to be known, the whole of China started to enter the rest mode, and of course the factory was closed, so there was a notification that the sample re-creation would be closed.

Mr. A has become the worst situation, so I have frequently sent e-mails with content that hints at this responsibility again and again, and I was asked many times about the flow after the test whether I wanted to do anything even a little.

However, to be honest, regarding radio law certification (by overseas inspection organizations), the certification body applies directly to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications in Japan, so the requester (applicant) does not actually do it himself. I have received the data of the certificate.

I have explained so, but I have been asked that I have never been told by any customer so far, such as wanting myself to put it in cc in an email when the certification body applies to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

I refused because it was impossible in business, but I do not know whether it was Mr. A's original character or whether I felt that I felt that I would not feel sorry if I did something because the inspection was behind schedule at first, but it is also true that the engineer side was beginning to be a little easier on many offers.

The part that the first sample failed is large, but I feel that I can not convince it with my heart no matter how much I explain it with my head. Of course, if I were in Mr. A's position, I might have certainly thought so.

However, in any case, the reality continued to be unavoidable.

Inspection itself is delayed due to delays in communication between inspection agencies and factories

It was said that the sample was submitted about one week after the holiday, but after all, the factory finally submitted the sample about three weeks later.

As Mr. A, it would have been frustrating, but as expected, there was little contact because there was no help while the factory was creating the sample.

Finally, the test resumed. If you thought that this is okay, I failed again.

Naturally, there were a series of e-mails and phone calls from Mr. A like arrows, and I thought that there was something wrong with the inspection agency.

Mr. A said that inspection institutions provide useless materials, but it is a major premise not to do useless work because inspection institutions also have a lot of work.

When I asked him, the factory that was sentenced to failure insisted on their legitimacy, so it seems that they wanted us to show us the material that would be the basis for confirmation. It is natural to review the material to see the validity of the claim.

Emotions were ahead of the theory around here.

Even so, when we checked the machine performance before inspection, it was found that the product was divided into two types, ○○ frequency in type α, △△ frequency in type β, and the product is a type β, the inspection engine thinks that it is α type, and the recognition of the required frequency was different.

As a result, I went around and passed the exam.

Mr. A claimed that he was happy to pass the examination but lost for a week due to a mistake in judging by the inspection institution,

On the other hand, from partners (engineers), the week of certification is only acceptable, and the client and factory did not grasp the difference between αβ in the first place, and it became a parallel line again that it should be approached after conveying the difference between αβ.

To be honest, I myself didn't know about the two types of products until just before the second test, so I felt some of them were faulty. However, in any case, the examination was completed safely, and all that was left was work such as document arrangement.

Because there were various problems, if the inspection agency also carefully checked, it is said that it is also a delay.

As an inspection organization, this time there were various events, and it took nearly twice as many days as usual to issue the certificate because it was not possible to part with it easily by all means.

I understand the response of inspection institutions, but in this regard, I myself, I felt that it was the biggest problem, the lack of time control awareness that it will take a little more time on the day I say that I will issue a certificate.

I think that it only has to do it as soon as possible because the guest is scatteredly done, but there might be still a difference of the sense of the Japanese and Chinese.

However, if you say that it is pointed out that it is racism, I wonder if it is unavoidable because this area is the work of Chinese people. Japanese people, for better or worse, are very serious about this kind of thing, and I feel that there is not much sense of delaying the deadline.

In any case, it is my role to receive complaints from Mr. A, but somehow I was finally able to issue a certificate of certification.


Finally, it was said that I wanted to hold a reflection meeting, and if I told you this request, I was cut off and finished

When sending the data of the certificate (in the case of overseas inspection organization, the certificate is only pdf issued) to Mr. A, it is true that we really had many exchanges, even though there were twists and turns, so I asked if you could have our review.

Mr. A seems to be thinking about the next project, and he wants to hold a kind of reflection meeting for this project.

In other words, if you go out with the reflection association, you will also review it.

To be honest, as a critical story, it was my opinion that it was all about "factory correspondence", and I explained that, so I didn't discuss anything more with Mr. A.

However, Mr. A seemed to have a desire and tenacity to make us feel responsible.

In any case, I felt that there was no post-rot in each other when we talked tightly at the end, and I agreed to go out with the reflection meeting.

However, as the day approached, I wanted you to make materials for the reflection meeting, I was asked to secure time for an hour, so if you reply that you will go out if you do not make materials for only 30 minutes,

"I can't do that with the next improvement in the content, so I don't review it and I don't have the next job," it ended with an email.

For me, it was originally a reluctant reflection meeting, so there was no problem, and the truth is that the staff here also felt that it was not compatible with Mr. A and was at ease, so I did not need the next job.

I mean, I was told that there was an additional charge due to the prolonged examination this time, but there is no feeling that it has been passed through, it is a frank impression lol.

This concludes this story.

As I mentioned at the beginning, this content is not a thing to defend our company, much less a thing to blame the client. After all, it is not difficult to imagine that the hardships of the initially planned authentication were delayed.

However, I think it is very important to understand the overall flow in doing business.

Some of you may have read this story and reconsider your consultations and requests to our company, while others may understand the points of the authentication business that are difficult to see because of such experience, and some people may be rather easy to consult because they know how to recover in the event.

We will leave that decision to you, but we would like to visualize the authentication business as much as possible, and we believe that this will lead to the challenge of as many authentication businesses as possible.

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