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Requests for radio lawful certification for wireless and wireless devices such as advanced ICT equipment and drones increased rapidly, and why we are chosen as an agency (Part 2)

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Hello. It is a hori of the manager.

In the previous article, many of the leading radio devices of the times have appeared, and the speed of their radio law certification is required. I also explained that we have an environment in place to respond to this.

Requests for radio lawful certification for wireless and wireless devices such as advanced ICT equipment and drones increased rapidly, and why we are chosen as an agency (Part 1)

This time I will tell you the second part.

Number of days required for radio law certification (fully preserved version)

Why does authentication not start easily?

After receiving the contract, the customer will always ask you to finish the authentication as soon as possible, but to be honest, the authentication itself only executes the prescribed contents. So, as long as you step on the necessary arrangements, it is basically not early and late.

So, the reason why authentication is slow or doesn't start easily is because I don't have the necessary documents and samples, as I've written several times.

In addition, there is a major premise that the arrangement of documents and samples (request for submission to the factory) is basically the work of the client, and it is the same regardless of the size of the inspection organization in Japan and overseas.

So, whether or not we can start certification immediately depends on the progress of the factory discussion with the client.

However, as a terrible pattern, if you pay the inspection agency or certification agency first because you hurry up the inspection, and then try to request the factory, the factory will not respond easily, and certification will not start even after how long it passes.

In addition, the worst thing I heard from the customer was the case that I paid the cost to a certification agency in China, but "I am a substitute for authentication practice, and I am not involved in any coordination with the factory", and did not negotiate anything with the factory and did not refund it.

Our company does not change the premise that cooperation installation to the factory is the work of the requester, but it is still possible to contact the factory, and the test sample preparation instruction, which is the best know-how, corresponds to our business scope.

I think that there are few agents who can do this to a Chinese factory with a Japanese contractor as a client. In addition, it is a premise that the factory cooperates to the last, but we would like to do it as quickly as possible and reduce the time until certification starts.

A photograph of a visit to a Chinese factory on the time of certification cooperation before (left photo is the president of the factory)
Basically, there is no need to visit the factory, but direct communication (dialogue) with the factory is important.


The real period of each process of radio law certification

How long does radio law certification take? Asked really well, each testing institution has written little clearly.

As I have told you many times why, the period required for a series of radio law certifications is not so long, and most of them are only coordination with production plants. are.

Since coordination with the factory is actually a story that cannot be controlled by a testing laboratory, if the certification period is not realized if it is not realized too clearly, there is a possibility that it will be a complaint later, so in most cases it is not mentioned that there is such uncertainty.

Then, the requester falls into the situation that the authentication period which was clear becomes incomprehensible rather. In the end, I personally feel that such attitudes of testing institutions create an image that certification is difficult.

We affirm that
(1) Net radio law test period: About 2 weeks (2) Lead time until the certificate is issued (confirmation of technical documents, etc.): About 2 weeks
is a general schedule.

However, this is only the time when the test sample and a series of technical documents are submitted.

The most time-consuming time to authenticate is preparation of materials in the (0) process before (1). As I have told you many times, this depends on the cooperation of the factory, so it may respond in just one week, and on the other hand, there is a possibility that it will not respond easily even if it takes 2 to 3 months.

Even though certification is time-consuming, it's often the time the factory is preparing the materials, and the certification business is often not doing anything.

Basically, it is best to talk with the client at the factory, but as our business scope, we will negotiate with such a factory to some extent, and in some cases, it is possible to hold an online meeting with the client.

By doing so, I was unable to communicate with the client somewhere, and the degree of cooperation changed at once because I understood that the factory that was slowing down the response thinking that certification was suspicious was a necessary process to conduct a straight business.

In any case, once you have technical materials, samples, and other materials, the net certification period itself will not be much different. Please do your best to build a good relationship with the factory in order to complete certification quickly.

Of course, we will provide as much support as possible, so please consult us in advance about such points. One of our strengths is that we can consult with you in this regard.

Why is it difficult to issue a certificate when I have been informed that the exam is over?

It takes 1-2 weeks for the certificate to be issued after the radio law test (sample test) is informed that it has been completed. There is no same-day issue.

In short, we will reconfirm the materials submitted after the examination. In this context, for example, if there is a detailed confirmation of the contents of materials such as BOM tables (product parts list), it is common for testing institutions to ask factory questions.

If you submit the materials, it is not the end, and even after submitting them, the inspection agency will check the contents and integrity in detail. Keep this in mind.

After the inspection agency asks a question, the factory should reply immediately, but if you are put to bed for 2 to 3 days after contacting you, your work will eventually stop working. When it comes to foreign countries, no one can confirm that, and these risks are attached.

We also encourage our clients to keep in touch with the factory from time to time, but daily interactions come alive in these places.

On the other hand, there were several times when the certificate was not issued even though the sample test was completed due to a document error on the factory side.

For example, since the block diagram submitted by the factory was in Chinese notation, if you ask for submission in English notation, there is a discrepancy in the content itself rather than the translation, which is correct? When I asked him, the factory was lost, his reply was delayed, and his schedule was delayed for three to four days.

In addition, if you look closely at the submitted ISO 9000 documents, just before the expiration date, inspection institutions are not allowed with this document, so we have hurriedly prepared alternative documents.

Even if you say certification in a word, if you understand that not only product tests but also such document work exists, you will be able to predict when authentication will end.

Insight WORKS certification costs that are not cheap but never expensive if you deal with overseas factories

To be honest, if you want to authenticate at a factory in Japan, you may want to use a Japanese inspection agency as it is, and the factory can also speak Japanese, so maybe a substitute company is unnecessary.

There is nothing to say about the company, but if you use a Japanese inspection agency at a Japanese factory, our agency fee may be high. In that case, please proceed with authentication independently.

However, if the other party is an overseas (China) factory, you should always use an agency unless you speak the local language and have 100% know-how on radio law certification. Right. It seems to be a position talk, but I can affirm it for the reasons I have described so far.

As for the estimate of the inspection, it is on a case-by-case basis, and if you write here, other companies in the same industry will put some kind of search, so I keep it private, but basically I think that it is a reasonable price that is not cheap but not high.

Once, a customer who had been making a phase estimate at a famous inspection organization in Japan told me the cost of the inspection, but it was almost the same. Of course, please be aware that there will be a cost for our agency. I hope you will give me a chance.

However, I would like you to be careful, any inspection organization writes a fairly cheap amount on the homepage, but from the same industry it can never be done with that amount.

Keep it look cheap, and it is often a reasonable amount of money after all with options (that must be attached absolutely), so please actually contact us without judging only by the screen of the homepage.

Of course, if you can ask us straight without a phase estimate, that's welcome lol!


【Bonus】Another strength of insight works, a certification agency: PSE and PSC can also be supported

In recent radio law devices, the number of devices with high power capacity is increasing, and the number of those that use AC adapters and mobile batteries to supply power is increasing.

One problem is that AC adapters and mobile batteries conflict with the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Act (PSE). It is considerably serious if it is possible to think about PSE further though the head seems to be full only by the electric wave.

In addition, most radio law inspection agencies and radio law agency companies do not know even PSE. Then, the business operator has to look for the company of the radio law separately and the company of PSE, so it takes time and effort, and the cost will be paid separately, so the fee will be high.

We are good at PSE and PSC as well as radio law, so we can present all necessary certifications for one product across categories, and it is possible to consult with all.

In addition, for example, when two certifications are required by the Radio Law and PSE, it is difficult to discount the test cost, but it is also possible to discount the agency fee, so it does not take more time and cost than to ask two or more companies for each certification. In such a way, we will support the smooth authentication of our customers.

These are the reference points when you ask us for radio law certification.
It will be quite long together with the last time, and it will be difficult to understand everything at once.
However, if you are performing radio law certification based on such assumptions, I think that you can put it in the corner of your head, and if you are considering radio law certification even a little, please feel free to contact us first.



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