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Mobile battery is not only PSE authentication!? Five Ideas of SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

China Business Principles of authentication PSE
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Hello. It is a hori of the manager.

The PSP legislation for mobile batteries began in February 2019, and it seems that the awareness of compliance is finally increasing among distributors.

I wrote a little greatly, but since it becomes subject to laws and regulations on the day when there is something that was able to be sold normally until then, it may be unavoidable to worry about correspondence as a business operator.

Is mobile battery pse-based in the first place? If you like to see here first, I think that you can see it.
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry_FAQs on Mobile Batteries

While the secondary use (charging) of batteries became common and the use of lithium-ion batteries expanded, the number of battery ignition accidents increased rapidly, and the PSP legislation of mobile batteries was decided.

As for this background, "Seven basic knowledge of acquiring the PSE mark for businesses who want to handle mobile batteries!" See .

However, please be careful that PSE is licensed at the time of sale, while mobile battery is also treated as dangerous goods, so information on the production plant is required.

Something like that certificate is sds (safety data sheet).

Depending on the EC sales mall, this SDS is required to be presented before sale depending on the EC sales mall, or if you are sensitive to such a thing even a little, there are many people who do not purchase products unless sds is displayed.

This time, I would like to briefly explain what SDS is and how to display it.

What is SDS (Safety Data Sheet) in the first place?

Wikipedia explains:

A safety data sheet (Anzen Data Sheet, AB SDS) is a document for providing information on the properties and handling of chemical substances, etc. when transferring or providing products containing potentially harmful chemical substances to other businesses.

In order to properly use and manage chemical substances, etc., it is necessary to recognize the harmfulness and danger to the human body and the environment, and to handle them appropriately, but information is indispensable for that purpose. Companies that manufacture and import chemicals know the contents and are easy to obtain information, but those who receive, use, transport, and store it through transactions are difficult to obtain. For this reason, laws and regulations require chemical substances, etc. that may be harmful to be provided in a unified manner for the purpose of ensuring that information necessary for self-management can be conveyed.
Citation: Wikipedia_ Safety Datasheet

Simply put, in order to facilitate commercial transactions of potentially harmful chemical substances, SDS contains the name of the substance contained in the product and the information of the person responsible for producing the product (manufacturer).

For example, when Manufacturer A sells the target product to operator B, and B sells it to User C, sds may be required from C to B.

In such a case, B will obtain sds from A and transfer the information to C. Of course, C can be obtained directly from A, but then the role of B will be lost, so it is still necessary to grasp the movement of SDS firmly.

In the opening sentence, we used an easy-to-understand lithium-ion battery (mobile battery) in PSE-related products as an example, but also to quote Wikipedia,

In Japan, poisonous substances and deleterious substances designated by the Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Control Act and enforcement order (see List of Japanese poisons and Japanese deleterious substances). Products containing 1% or more (but specified Type 1 designated chemical substances 0.1% or more) of the Act on Understanding the Environmental Emissions of Specified Chemical Substances, etc. designated by the Industrial Safety and Health Act and Promoting Improvement of Management of Specified Chemical Substances (also known as the Chemical Substance Emission Control and Management Promotion Act, PRTR Act, and The Chemical Substances Control Act) it is mandatory to provide SDS in advance or at the same time when transferring or providing

It has become.
In addition, since this is a story of SDS in Japan, the target substance varies depending on each country.

Keep in mind that if you only use general life-level products in the merchandise business, you need to get SDS for mobile batteries.

What's going on?

The following contents are described in the Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS Z 7253:2012 "Method of transmitting hazard information of chemicals based on GHS – labels, display in workplaces, and safety data sheets").

1. Product and company information – product name, name, address and contact information of the business operator providing sds

2. Hazard summary – use GHS-enabled picture displays and alert words

3. Composition and ingredient information – name of designated chemical substance contained, type of specified chemical substance, content (effective digits 2 digits)

4.First aid measures

5.Measures in the event of a fire

6.Measures in the event of a leak

7.Precautions for handling and storage

8.Measures to prevent exposure and protect people

9. Physical and chemical properties

10. Stability and reactivity

11. Hazard Information

12.Environmental Impact Information

13.Precautions for disposal

14. Transportation Precautions

15. Applicable Laws and Regulations

16. Other information


Where do you store and disclose information?

The most orthodox is to upload data to your site or product site so that users can freely view and obtain it.

By the way, there is a mobile battery in the product that we also sell, and SDS is posted on our site, so if you are interested, please take a look.

The text is in English. Since it is a Japanese supplier, it does not necessarily need to be Japan, and if the production plant is China, the United States, etc., it may be prepared in the language of the country concerned.

However, I understand that japanese contractors are most kind to prepare Japanese, but I am sorry that I am not able to force Chinese factories to make materials in Japan.

INSIGHT WORKS's SDS for Mobile Batteries


This way of posting on the web is the easiest for end users to view, and that's the original role, but of course, it's a good idea to send a PDF or the like to the requested customer without uploading it to the site.

How do I get it?

For example, if you are a distributor, please contact the production plant (manufacturer).

Sds is a common global issue, so it should be owned by ordinary manufacturers, but there are many factories that do not know such things. If it is a factory that only sells a little in your own country, there might be such an idea, too.

By the way, regarding our mobile battery SDS mentioned above, after the first PSE inspection, I was asked when I tried to list it on Amazon, so I created it.

Mobile batteries are often remembered only as PSE required, but be careful about SDS as well.

When performing PSE certification for mobile batteries, it is better to choose a factory that provides SDS, but if you can not put SDS out after PSE authentication, please contact us, we will also support SDS creation.

On the other hand, if you are a general user, please check whether there is SDS on the company's website. But frankly, I don't think there are many situations where the general public needs SDS, but keep in mind that there are those things.

It is also true that there is a high possibility of a property damage accident if you purchase a product of a supplier that does not have such materials.

After all, it may be a little dangerous to make dangerous goods such as mobile batteries a judgment material only for the price because major manufacturers are chitinous in such places.


Frankly, do I need to get an SDS?

Basically, under the ministerial ordinance of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, it is mandatory to disclose the information of dangerous goods (presentation of SDS), so it is mandatory for distributors to obtain and disclose.

However, on a true basis, I do not know how far the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry will crack down on it because it does not disclose information.

If it is not displayed on the product like PSE, it is immediately out! It is easy to understand that, but I feel that it is unknown how much strict control will be done when the place to sell and the place to disclose information are different.

However, it doesn't cost much to create SDS, and there is no history of companies growing up doing mogging things, so if you want to grow your company, you should do what you need to do.

In addition, it is important to keep in mind that e-commerce malls such as Amazon are often forced to submit SDS in the middle recently.


To be honest, if you want to write widely in this area, such as the Chemical Tube Act, which is the basis law of SDS, and the safety label that is paired with SDS, there is a lot to write.

I will create a new page as soon as I add it to this page if necessary.

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