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The secret to the success of China import and other import business! 13 magics to make friends with native speakers of the country (1)

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Hello. It is a hori of the manager.

As I've written a little bit before, I'd like to dig a little deeper into the secrets of successful import business.
Quote: Whether you are a company or an individual, we recommend the Chinese import business as a side job. Let's start by looking for a local partner.

The answer to the secret is to "get along well with the native speakers of the country", as already in the title. That's it. Of course, there are many others, but this is essential.

Basically, if you can only speak Japanese but want to do an import business, you will be looking for either a foreign partner who can speak Japanese or a Japanese living there.

My personal point is that it is best to work while separating both foreigners (local native speakers) and Japanese.

However, in this article, we will proceed with the basic way of working with foreigners.

Even foreigners tend to work with Japanese common sense as a front if they can respond in Japanese.

In addition, there are many people who behave greatly because they are the orderers of work.

In particular, if you are doing a side job, are you being told by your boss variously in the work of the company?

Just as I'm told, there are many ways to work to impose unreasonable challenges on people overseas.

It is human being over there. Even though he smiles ostensibly to those who have a great attitude, there is often a fierce repulsion in his heart.

If you think that's the way of doing so by your overseas business partners, the import business will definitely not work.

The biggest common denominator of people whose import business is sluggish is that they are not able to communicate well with local native speakers.

I can affirm this. On the other hand, people who are doing well have a good relationship with local native speakers even if they can only speak Japanese.

What is the difference?

It's nothing to say about myself, but I think I'm a person who has a good deal with Chinese people.

I've even been told by a couple of older Chinese business partners that they think like sons.

Local native speakers absolutely hold local business opportunities.

I never say I try to get along to get along to get a business opportunity, but at least if we don't get along, we won't be able to get around.

After all, being able to communicate locally in native language is an asset that can not be replaced by anything.

In addition, business is more enjoyable if you simply get along well.

Based on these, I will write how to deal with local native speakers.

Let's deal with people who can speak Japanese as a major premise

I'm trying to deal with native speakers, but if I can't understand the language fundamentally, the story won't progress. So, let's find someone who can speak Japanese as a major premise.

In that sense, at first, there is no problem even local Japanese, but it is necessary to look for native speakers who can speak Japanese at the same time.

There are some companies that can speak Japanese somewhat, but if you start to endure and go out with each other at first, there is a high possibility that you will be troubled by communication problems later.

In fact, I hear voices from customers who say, "Japanese is more suspicious, but I think they do well, but there are places where I have not been able to convey it by all means."

That might be enough for the earliest simple work, but as your business grows and becomes more complex, that can be a bottleneck.

It is mysterious, and the language ability does not improve naturally, and it remains as it is until when if it does not study consciously.

I have been dating local foreigners who can speak Japanese for many years, but my Japanese language ability remains at that time.

Of course, being able to speak is amazing, but if you do it, it will not change or evolve sooner or later. I think it is better to be aware of that area from the beginning.

Few foreigners who can speak Japanese have studied Japanese since they became busy working adults, such as when they were students.

In addition, advanced human resources who continue to study constantly after becoming members of society are executives of large companies without small Japanese business.

Let's be aware of this. However, there are many people overseas, so if you sit down a little and look for them, I'm sure you will find a good person.

Anyway, I'll praise you.

It is a matter of course, but I would be happy if I could be praised as a human being. Especially if foreigners praise your work, it is even more. It's important to satisfy your partner's self-approval needs.

Without thinking about praising difficultly, if there is a job that you have been done, I will express my gratitude, that's all.

"I understand (above)" and so on, and it does not end in clerical work, "Thank you! As expected," "It was saved!" and so on, and if you express it a little like an oper, you will often feel good over there.

It is also recommended to use emojis and stamps a lot.
In any case, it is very important to have them work well.

Never get angry

On the other hand, the most important thing to do is to get angry.

Some people still tend to look down at people from China and other Asian countries, and some relentlessly abuse Chinese partners when they make mistakes.

From the top, the person in question misunderstands that it is better to make it strict and lead to growth, but basically the other side does not want such a thing.

I'm just working with my skills in Japanese, so I can't help but get a great attitude.

In some cases, japanese people who actually had such an arrogant attitude were banned from the other party and the Chinese business stopped. It's just your own business.

Connecting opponents' mistakes to productive activities

I myself was working with a Chinese person in charge, and no matter how many times I made a mistake, there were omissions in the inspections I had asked for, and there were many times when the estimate was wrong.

In addition, there are often delivering terrible defective products with chinese factories.

I still decide that I will never get angry.

When there is a report, blood pressure may rise considerably, but in that case, first take a deep breath.

To deal with it after regaining your composure is to think about how to turn this situation around and give instructions.

If you make many mistakes, take the time to check whether you are asking for difficult things in the first place, and why the inspection leaks out, assuming that the estimate is wrong.

It is much easier to think that the cause of the other party's mistake is all in you.

People who can't achieve results ask the other party for the cause of these mistakes. He's the customer who's paying.

The consumer mind cannot be thrown away indefinitely. I am certainly a customer who pays money, but as a major premise, I am a person who does business.

If it is money that you are paying, the level of the other party is also appropriate, so if you do not think about it naturally due to mistakes, it will not work.

If you can pay money like a major company, it may be good to respond like that, but at the small and medium-sized enterprise level, mistakes over there will be natural things, and you will need to feel like covering the rest yourself.

When we first discuss defective products in production plants, we sometimes say that they are not defective.

There have been many times when I have argued that japanese senses are defective, but from the Chinese sense, it is not a defect but a range of errors.

Some people thought that it would be natural to break somewhat, so in that case, it was good to send a new one.

Of course, if it does not fit with such a person, it is necessary to change the factory, but in China, most people with such recognition.

In any case, if the Japanese sense judges that this will not sell in the Japanese market, we will create quality regulations with the factory side.

Unexpectedly, if you make a firm arrangement, you will often protect it.
Do you feel like you want standards as a factory?

It is the existence of the partner to take care of the factory in this way. Our partners are also willing to tell you a lot about the factory deadline.

At such times, japanese interpreters often support me from a Japanese standpoint, and I sometimes find it hard in the factory.

Then, it is assumed that the relation with the factory collapses this time. In fact, we've also experienced that.

In order to continue to do business, it is very important to determine who tells the factory what and how.

In that sense, it is impossible as a business to get angry immediately just because you made a mistake once. The level is low.

After all, it is your business, so you have to think about what is necessary to proceed with it.

It is never great because it is a customer (client), and Chinese people who cooperate with their own business are required to take leadership and always move forward with business together.

If you are a sensible Chinese person, you will surely be actively cooperating with that attitude.

Also, the Japanese are the same, but basically Chinese people have a very high pride. Needless to say, let's take that point in mind and respond.

Again, never get angry. If there is something, let's think about a solution each time.

Japanese common sense doesn't work.

What you need to understand in the first place is that the common sense of Japan (company) does not understand.

I work with Japanese people over there, so some things come according to the Japanese people, and I tend to misunderstand them because they speak Japanese, but basically it is a different race.

There is absolutely no breathing of Awa.

Especially because I work across the sea, the actions over there are common sense of the country, and the common sense of the person. This doesn't necessarily have to follow suit, but first let's recognize the difference.

When I ask the person in charge the situation because I do not do what I asked indefinitely, there is also a rough answer "I was able to do it today!". This is typical of what I've been able to do for a long time, but I just didn't do it.

In addition, there was no answer to what I had asked once, so when I asked, there was often a reply that "I thought it was not important because I was told only once, and I put it off".

It is easy to think that Japanese people think that once they are transmitted to the other person, and conversely, it is rude to say it many times.

The difference of common sense appears here.

The discussion of which is better doesn't make much sense, and the important thing is to understand that there are such differences.

On top of this, it is the business's job to arrange so that they can proceed with business well while matching opinions with the people who will become partners.

Give instructions as specific as possible

We also make OEM products, so we still have to clearly provide instructions. It may be natural for people who have been involved in such work for a long time, but I often hear that it is difficult to practice.

There is somehow an image of the product that I want to make, but there are many people who want you to draw it after because you can not verbalize it well, but that is impossible.

It is made by analogy on the partner side, and if it is different from the image of the orderer, the responsibility will be on the partner side, so we will never respond to such unreasonableness. Of course.

Also, there are people who are troublesome to give instructions, but this is out of the question. It may be better not to do business in the first place.

There are various things such as the ability to verbalize it within yourself, the ability to express it as a word, the mind that spares no effort, and sometimes the ability to illustrate using PowerPoint etc.

These are essential skills for doing business overseas, so please do your best to improve it.

This instruction is ambiguous only for people of all ages and genders who are not doing well. In short, it's all your responsibility to go wrong.

In addition, the other party is a foreigner even though he understands Japanese somewhat.

It's arrogant that you're paying for it but you don't understand what you want to do, and that money is the minimum cost to do business abroad, and if you want to do well from there, you'll need to make more efforts.

Japanese people who are dealing with the other party also dislike Japanese people with vague instructions, so it becomes more and more difficult to work. Please give instructions one by one while taking into account such things.

One of the secrets of getting along is to give instructions so that even Chinese and foreigners can understand properly.

It's getting longer, so I'll write the next one.

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