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The story that financing, financing, self-funding, and money collection are the work of management

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Hello. It is a hori of the manager.

In the principle of management, we teach the exact opposite of the idea of management resources such as people, goods, and money. Especially, the homo, the thing, and Kane do not apply fundamentally in the small and medium-sized enterprise.

To put it very simply, people, things, and money are the management logic that good and excellent people gather, they produce good products, and eventually generate money, so first of all, seek good people.

It is said that the late Konosuke Matsushita, the god of management, explained this logic, but I think it applies to companies that are already major. That is why many talented people are gathering from all over the country, and we will further grow them through high-quality work and training.

In addition, they will develop innovative products and develop operations that support them, creating further profits .

The small and medium-sized enterprise manager who caused the illusion to this tries to say the homo, the thing, and Kane and request the same thing to my employee. However, small and medium-sized enterprises do not gather good human resources in the first place. The employment is not paid money, the salary is low, and the work is the one that it is fixed most.

In addition, the company does not have a structured work, so employees do not grow easily. There is a current situation where the president accumulates with "human education" and uses employees in "in-house cleaning".

If cleaning improves your work skills, you won't have a hard time. Because they do that, small and medium-sized enterprises will never grow.

In the principle of management, we repeat that the ideal form of small and medium-sized enterprises is not people, things, and money, but money, people, and things.

This time I would like to write about that point.

Misconceptions of people, things, and money, the truth of money, people, and things

Many of the jobs that small and medium-sized enterprises and people who have just started are suddenly creating the management philosophy of the company, creating a website at a stage where products and content are not substantial just to show themselves (the company) well, and participation in exchange meetings even though there is no particular thing to sell.

We will try to do only things that do not directly address sales and profits. By the way, in the principle of management, the company does not sell a billion, but the company does not make a management philosophy! It scolds it. Of course, we do not have a management philosophy. Still, inquiries are getting more and more.

In short, even though the product is not able to be done well, it does only to spend money suddenly.

On the other hand, I believe that if there are no excellent people who do not grow my business, that is, if there are excellent people, the business will grow, and I start to think only about strange things to see people who seem to be excellent and work without paying money.

Even if you do such a thing, you will not gather talented people, and there may be things that will help you temporarily, but it will not be a favorite measure to fundamentally grow the company.

In the principle of management, an excellent person has a large sum of money, and the person does not gather because there is no Kane in my company first of all, and the composition of the person, the thing, and Kane is broken at that time. First of all, it is taught that the work that the manager should do is from kane making and kane collection.

We use a lot of money to gather excellent people and make good things.
Therefore, it is Kane, the person, and it is a thing.

However, as long as it is not a big financial asset, there are few people who have money from the beginning, and in order to collect money, it is said that the first job of the manager is to grow your business steadily because it is small and good, to win the trust around you just to collect money, and to find a big business that requires a lot of money.

Kane making is the job of the manager

Other jobs can be done no matter who does it, and if all the managers have to do it, the company will be punctured in no time.

However, only kane making is manager's work.

The president is the only one who can tell you the significance of his business, the impact it has on society, and how much potential his business has, with a sparkly eye. It doesn't swing to other people, and if you shake it, there's no point in management.

When it comes to making money in Japan, there is an image that managers who have fallen into financial difficulties go around banks for money measures or ask for loans to reverse one shot.

However, in the first place, money making and money collection are planned to conduct promising business, and I feel that the image of management has been messed up by TELEVISION.

By the way, in a big hit financial drama, there was a story that the hero's father was refused a loan by a bank (megabank) and committed suicide, holding a grudge against the person in charge at that time.

However, because the father was the president of the town factory, if the loan was applied for, it is a regional shinkin bank or it is often a local bank level. If you make a mistake, you won't ask a megabank. Rather, if it is a megabank, it is natural to refuse. I think you need to know the right thing about that area.

The most important of these is kane-making and money collection, although the president's work is of course diverse.

Business grows only when there is money. No matter how much management philosophy is advocated without money, the company will not grow, and no matter how attractive it is, the company will not grow. However, I think that kane gathers if it is attractive.

Managers and presidents who escape from this reality or work without knowing it forever may want to step out of the field of business.

Because the president's original work has been abandoned.

In the first place, money is necessary to do the business you want to do

Then, it is not so whether it is necessary to collect money in the dark cloud, and first of all, what kind of business I want to do and how much it is necessary for it is "management composition" to do the plan I will tell you in the principles of management.

However, there is no way that such a "management composition" can be created immediately, and as soon as we try various things and explore the direction while continuing the business we are doing now, we will continue to do something new and steadily while continuing as a food support with the intention of stopping the current business eventually.

In fact, it is possible to live without a lot of money. So, from a business point of view, collecting (borrowing) money because you want to live a good life is a funny story, and what requires big money is whether there is a business that you want to start that much.

In that sense, it is contradictory that the father who committed suicide of the previous drama committed suicide because the loan of the business fund was refused, and if that is the business, it will not do the business, and there is another option as soon as the company is folded.

Anyway, the purpose of collecting Kane is to do the business which wants to do as a main premise anyway. Let's find the business you want to do and estimate how much you need for it. There are various methods of trial calculation such as test marketing, but this time I will not discount it.

There are many ways to collect money.

The most orthodox method is bank borrowing (loans, financing).

There are various procedures for this, and first of all, you can use local shinkin banks, local banks, etc., and you can also use the Policy Finance Corporation. Also, when you go to a local shinkin bank, you will always go through the Guarantee Association.

Basically, you can't borrow to a megabank. The scale is too different. However, in the order of the borrowing procedure, there is also a way to go to a megabank first and refuse. That's an experience, isn't it?

On the other hand, nowadays, there is a way to raise funds without necessarily borrowing.

For example, there is a way to build attractive businesses and products through crowdfunding and raise funds widely. Another way to do this is to sell some of the business you were doing.

In any case, there are many ways to do it. I think that the collection method is good in any way that suits you.

Therefore, people who say that money does not gather simply have the impression that there is a lack of effort, lack of information, and lack of knowledge, and it is thought that business contents and products are not attractive at the first stage.

If there is a good product, money will naturally gather. This is what I always say in the principles of management, and it is my heartfelt experience.

And basically so far it's the job of one president. Of course, the presence of outsourced partners is necessary, but at least so far it is a range that can be moved only by the president's passion.

In modern terms, humans are not always employees.

It is not until the stage when the business grows to some extent, and Kane has gathered, and it begins to request the homo.

In the old way of thinking, "human" means hiring employees, but of course it is still good, but while the hourly wage is high due to labor shortages, it is my view that it is not necessary to hire them in these days when services can be outsourced at low cost.

In addition, when it comes to advancing business together, the advantage of small and medium-sized enterprises is a sense of speed, so if you hire employees and teach them about work from the beginning, the weapon of speed will be at risk. Therefore, there is also a way to form alliances with the presidents of companies you know and move forward with business quickly.

In order to form alliances with other companies in this way, we still need to have a certain scale (money) in our company.

If you don't bring money and people together, you can't make good things.

When there were no things, it sold as long as they made things. Moreover, Kane has gathered if the worker (homo) is employed by a cheap wage, the thing of moderate quality is made, and it sells it if the extreme theory is said because the worker was able to be employed by the low wage in old times.

However, in the present age when the thing saturates, it is not possible to sell it with the thing of the extent of the ordinary. Everyone has it.

In modern business, I think it is necessary to bring money and people together.

However, the term "money" here does not mean that the highest quality materials are used, but a series of costs (money) required to find products that are accepted in the market from all over the world and put them into Japanese distribution.

And I think that it is a human to realize it, and it is a feeling of a team to say in modern terms.

Of course, there might be a desire to make money in the source of the action, and I also want to make money. However, there is a strong desire to do interesting things in another fundamental place and contribute to society with my own ideas.

After all, one president at first

Just in case, the president may think that all the work is safe because it is shaken to people.

However, at first, we start from a human point where there is no money, products, company structure and resources.
The president makes everything except Kane alone.

I'll tell you only that first.

A linear motor car driving through the city of Shanghai. I don't think the speed is a train running around town.
The photo at the beginning is also a linear motor car station.

Salaried workers are more stable if they are intended to be money.

If the business finally hits the jackpot, it will grab a lot of money that salaried workers can't get, but the process of going there is quite a long time. The process is fun, but it also continues in agony days when the result is not clear.

It is also financially unstable. The longer such a time, the more likely it is that you lose sight of your business purpose and become a business that is only for money.

Frankly, salaried workers are several times more stable if you think only about stability. It's great that your salary will come in.

However, if you still want to do something, if you are in the company as it is, in the future it is rather unstable, yearning for entrepreneurs, whatever the reason, but if you aspire to business, I think that you should take the right steps and be challenged.

However, do not be deceived by the homo, the thing, and Kane in particular, and value the management sense of Kane, the homo, and the thing.

It is more advantageous to use a funding consultant even if you pay a little cost

With regard to the procurement of kane, which is the theme of this time, it will be difficult to put it into practice by yourself alone. First of all, it will not be possible to make a trial calculation sheet to be submitted to financial institutions, and there is a decision within the bank regarding loans.

No matter how much the president makes a correct argument about how much he wants to provide a loan, there will be no loan unless the approval in the bank passes. In addition, some people may think of money = financing as a tax accountant, but they are basically experts in accounting work.

It's another job to pull the loan. Of course, I think some tax accountants are familiar with that area, but I have failed twice, at least asking a tax accountant for a loan.

When it comes to loans, it's ultimately faster to use a funding expert. In particular, the accuracy of the written statement for passing approvals in the bank is wonderful. Some respond at a cost not so different from a tax accountant. It is also possible to introduce from our company.

However, since it is a job for fundraising experts to lend, if you borrow too much, the fee will increase, and repayment will be difficult, so please make a firm decision about that area.

You should invest more and more, but let's refrain from wasting money after all.

If you manage correctly and leave results, the money will increase. To be honest, when I get an amount of money that I have never seen before in my office worker days, I think that the urge to use appears because I am a human being.

Of course, it is the result of your hard work, so I think that it should be freed.

However, what you have to be careful about is that unlike salaried workers, the money does not come in continuously. It disappears immediately when I use it.

It is also good to use it for entertainment expenses if it is a little, but I think it is constructive to use it for capital investment and investment to form alliances with excellent human resources. That will create more business.

If you think about it that way, at least for small businesses, I think that what is necessary for business is money. It all starts there.

I don't like talking about Kane in Japan, but it was a field that I couldn't avoid, so I wrote it. Even if there is an excellent homo, even if it authenticates, it is not possible to do without money.

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