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【Certification Q&A(1)】 Answer questions such as how to start and cost authentication such as PSE, PSC, radio lawful work

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Hello. It is a hori of the manager.

This time, I will write in response to the authentication question.
We have written some of them on our website, but we would like to deepen the understanding of our readers with more specific answers.

We have been explaining unisiderically from our company so far, but I think that certification will be familiar to you if you explain based on the direct questions of customers.

In the future, we plan to launch the voices of customers who actually use our service in a dialogue format.

Let's take a look at your questions and answers.

I don't know what to start with in the first place.

Basically, we know all the necessary processes. Rest assured that we will explain everything you need to do here.

In addition, the contents of the examination will also change depending on the product that is considering certification, such as PSE, PSC, radio lawfulness, etc., so it may be this site first, so I think that you can check in advance what kind of process occurs for authentication.

Specifically, I would like to express the following views on what should be started.

Know which products and which certifications you want to perform

In the past, there have been many people who have been unsure what kind of certification they want to do in the first place.

For example, the product emits radio waves, so it may fall under the Radio Law, but I do not know if it is really so, so I will not stop consulting to confirm.

Basically, you can understand this story by checking with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and the Telecommunications Bureau of the jurisdiction.

Some people confirmed our company like a search site, but basically we don't answer those questions. In addition, such people are listed, so we will not answer future communication.

Please check for yourself what you can examine.

In addition, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry can respond to PSE and PSC kindly, so please ask a question there (bureaucrats are very excellent).

Plan how much you will import and sell the product if possible.

This is a story that leads to the next paragraph, but how much quantity will be ordered when the certification is completed, which is always necessary when approaching the factory for certification cooperation?

Simple story, if you will purchase about 3,000 pieces after cooperating with certification, I think the factory will be happy to cooperate, but for the time being, I think that it can be understood that the tension will decrease in the factory if it is about 100 pieces.

To communicate the exact number of purchases, a certain amount of purchase planning is required for certification.

Install certification cooperation at production plants

If you can install certification cooperation at the factory after planning the number of purchases, the most talked about will be smooth, so please consider the details of the certification process concretely at such a stage.

Secure distribution resources in China

Of course, after certification, it will be a story of selling goods with the factory. It is good if the factory is accustomed to transportation to Japan, but if it is difficult, it is necessary to keep the carrier separately. We can also arrange the carrier (distribution resources).

What is the overall flow of application?

It is different for each project, but as a general flow.
Factory selection (arranged by the requester) → application to the inspection organization→ the necessary documents and samples are sent to the inspection organization→ inspection → certificate issuance will be issued.

The test period is about 6 to 8 weeks. It varies depending on the inspection contents.

However, since it is only an inspection period, the time when the factory prepares documents and samples is different. If you have the factory prepare it quickly, the inspection will be shortened, but in some cases, the inspection may not be able to start because there are no necessary materials at any time.

For this reason, the cooperation of the factory is indispensable.

In addition, if you are in a hurry, the inspection period may be shortened by paying an additional cost depending on the product to be inspected. If you are interested, please contact us.

I don't know how much it costs.

As of March 2020, the company's agency fee (initial cost) is 200,000 yen (excluding tax) per case. (*Subject to change)

Certification itself does not have the same amount, so it is necessary to make an estimate each time for actual expenses such as paying inspection institutions, etc. and related inspection laboratories.

However, it may be possible to give a rough estimate based on the rule of thumb so far.

In order to do so, please send us product information (website, specifications, etc.) first. Please note that the answer is impossible in that case though there is a person who sends only the type of product and asks the quotation amount.

We will quote the max amount first, so there is basically no additional cost from there. However, we will inform you in advance if actual expenses are incurred as necessary.

In addition, the factory may request the cost of sample preparation, but we will not touch it, so you will have discussions with the applicant at the factory.

The scenery of shinkansen station to Yoshitori, China. Chinese-only world.

Is the actual cost paid to the inspection organization etc. uniform?

It is different for each product. For example, even if it is the same PSE product, the power outlet extends from the product body (commonly known as round PSE) and the AC adapter (commonly known as Diamond PSI) are different, and the mobile battery is different. In addition, the cost of products connected to the app will change.

The mobile battery also changes depending on the battery capacity.

In addition, pse specified electrical appliances and PSC inspection require production plant inspection, and in addition to sample inspection, there is work to dispatch people during the inspection period to the factory, and related costs are also required separately.

On the other hand, in radio law products, the cost will change for those that transmit from one direction (for example, normal wireless products) and those that transmit and receive in both directions (for example, those that use the main unit and USB, such as wireless presenters).

If both radio law and PSE are required for one product, is the agency fee 200,000 yen (excluding tax)?

This is a question to our own. The Company's agency fee (initial cost) is incurred for each case.

The Radio Law, PSE, PSC, etc. all require completely different inspections, and arrangements for inspection organizations are all different.

Therefore, the agency fee will be paid for each inspection. In addition, pse etc. may be subject to multiple separate inspections such as "specified electrical appliances" and "other than specified electrical appliances" in one product.

In that case, you will be required to pay the agency fee individually.

Either way, we'll tell you all the amounts you need in your initial quote. Basically, there is no additional cost during the project, so please be assured.

There is a product that has a wireless function and powers power with a power outlet, is it okay to inspect only by either the Radio Law or PSE?

Even one product requires multiple inspections if necessary. Since certification is expensive, there are many people who want to finish it at a low cost even a little, but there still requires multiple inspections there.

For example, as in the heading, wireless functions and power supply functions are divided into wireless (Radio Law: Jurisdiction of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications) and power supply (PSE: jurisdiction of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry).

In this case, since the jurisdiction ministries and agencies are different, the procedure itself is completely different, and it is not possible to respond collectively.

Of course, even if the PSE has the same jurisdiction of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, if the content is different, each inspection is necessary.

Among the customers so far, there was a request to apply for the Radio Law for wireless products, and when I examined it, there were cases where PSE was also necessary because there was a charging function.

You may think that it has become an "addition", but this is all you can't help it.

Instead of "adding", you will recognize that you have correctly understood the authentication that was originally required. When looking at the market, there are many cases where if you sell with confidence because you have certified the Radio Law, you will be subject to pse deficiency.

When certifying, it is important to make the necessary applications thoroughly without excess or deficiency. We check all required applications in advance with 100% accuracy.

In the past, a customer who had made a phase estimate at another inspection organization (Company A) said that our company was rip-off because there was an estimate that was not included in Company A, but it is a result of our company making the right decision, so it is not a rip-off at all.

I once told you that if you proceed as it is, it will eventually be illegal, but I will leave the judgment to you.

On the other hand, Company A has requested unnecessary inspections and has received consultation from customers again. I have also explained that the inspection contents are unnecessary while referring to the website of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

As an inspection agency, if you feel that you want to get as much as possible, you may try to add unnecessary inspections, so be careful.

The MINISTRY of Economy, TRADE and INDUSTRY website says that it is mandatory to keep inspection records after PSE or PSC certification, can you support it as well?

We will support you. The record report itself is free of form on the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry website, and we have a format that we have been using for many years, so we will provide it.

There are many formats that are already in use in factories. It is not necessarily necessary to match our format. We check the format of the factory and propose more optimal products.

In addition, the veteran staff will explain how to fill out to the person in charge of the factory. We can also advise chinese factories, and in the case of English-speaking countries, we can also do it in English.

This support fee is included in the "actual cost to pay to the inspection organization etc. + adjustment fee" paid first, so it is a service provided to all customers who apply.

Next time, I will write the second authentication Q&A.

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