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For businesses whose profit margins do not rise, BtoB is more simply profitable than B2C.

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Hello. It is a hori of the manager.

The other day, when I heard about the situation of the business from an acquaintance who is independent in the consulting business, it seemed that it was not going very well. There seems to be almost no work, and it begins to say that it wants to work part-time somewhere.

If you ask more, it seems that you are not doing business for corporations (B2B) only for individual (BtoC) consulting. In addition, the service contents are all small overall, and only the unit price seems not to be able to be taken. It was an impression that it would not be profitable simply by this.

Furthermore, when I asked why it is only developed for individuals, (1) originally, this business assumes things for individuals, (2) I think that I can not do it with corporate partners with my skills (I think), (3) individual customers are more comfortable, etc.

It seems to be a typical example that the way of thinking of business itself has become a mechanism that does not make a profit before the business model, but I think that the consulting business of the main business is not going well with this.

Business consulting is basically about making money and producing results, and just teaching them how to think and do things is like an advisor. Referring to the ideal way of consultants, I will leave it around here because it will divert from this subject, but if you want to make money, it is quicker to do B2B.

Sure, there are some hurdles higher than BtoC, but you should increase the service menu and do both BtoB and B2C.

Based on my experience, I will write about a business model that can balance B2B and B2C.

Clearing the psychological hurdle that BtoB cannot be the first step

In particular, many people who can start business as individuals probably start with a B2C business for individuals at first. Actually so did I. I think that the feeling that what I am dealing with will not be dealt with by the corporation B2B is also expressed.

In addition, there may be things that you simply do not know how to make contact with corporations.

In any case, there may not be many corporations that do business with individuals (business owners) who have just started business. Therefore, at first, I think it is important to improve your business skills by doing business for individuals, and to develop your business sense of doing business on your own.

On the other hand, if you say that it is not profitable, in terms of our experience, it is far more profitable to deal with a corporation. After all, companies have money, and depending on the proposal and content, they may order quite a big job. It also makes a profit and, above all, makes you grow yourself.

I myself was working as the president of the company while doing my main business, but when I started working with corporations, I was greatly trained and I remember the speed to independence was very fast.

As a process to increase the number of B2B jobs for corporations, first of all, I become the orderer and get used to working with external people, or register in places like Lancers and try to get used to receiving orders from corporations.

Also, if possible, it is also a good idea to actually establish a corporation. Whatever the size, I will be the president of the company at that time, so I will be quite courageic. If it is difficult to establish a corporation while doing your main business, please ask questions because there are various ways to do it.

Business development centered on product capabilities rather than individual skills

It may be unavoidable to do a consulting business, but when it comes to consulting for corporations, you tend to be trapped by the thought that you have to be skilled in a reasonable way. In addition, there are people who think that educational background, career, and work history are necessary for that purpose, and go to graduate school etc. forcibly and try to improve their educational background.

However, as I have told you several times in the principles of management, the basis of business is whether it is useful to our customers. It is a fall of the end at the time of dealing with the product and the content which cannot be bought without educational background and work experience.

In addition, the design of the business has fundamentally shifted that it is doing work only for individuals for that purpose.

In our company, as I say for ourselves, I have no academic or work experience myself, but I am confident in the content I am dealing with, and I sometimes ask directly from the president of hundreds of millions of yen.

It can be anything in the sales, consulting, or other creative industries, but rather than developing individual skills including educational and work history, let's first calmly and objectively analyze whether the business is really useful to customers and convert it into content.

Not all the people who are playing an active role are going to the University of Tokyo, but it means that business activities = customers need it, so let's reconsider the business contents first. If it is a business that is required by the other party, I think that it can respond without hesitation.

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Business model of earning unit price with BtoB and number in BtoC

From here on, the majority of people with stable business are doing both BtoB and B2C.

If you look at SNS, people who only work for BtoC are often doing B2B as well. I may not be able to say the work content of B2B due to confidentiality obligations, and if it is simply on SNS, it will be a topic to talk about B2C, and it will be popular.

It is premature to see that much and think about eating only BtoC. In addition, when I actually go to the person's seminar, there are many people who undertake corporate training such as 00 companies and △△△companies.

On the other hand, B2B's work is good at a unit price, but there are some unstable parts due to the small number of jobs and the sheer preparation, so there is also a business model that demonstrates the ability cultivated in B2B for B2C.

BtoC is also easy to do business because the unit price is low, the contract is quick, and the hand is good.

I think the combination of BtoB and B2C is the key to stabilizing your business.

Of course, there are many people who have established a business with only one or the other, but that is the way of thinking of the business operator or the content content. In any case, such a strategy is very important.

Let's do business normally.

When it comes to sales in Japan, I have a strong image of teleapo, visiting a company, and sometimes diving in, but it is okay not to do such a so-called salesman even if I say sales separately.

For example, if you have developed a new product or service, you can distribute press releases using PRTIMERS or the like. Since the distribution conditions are not related to the company or business scale, anyone can use it if you pay a cost of 30,000 yen once.

You can also use website services such as Peraici. You can rent a rental server yourself, create a page, and appeal for services at a running cost of at least 3,000 yen per month.

There is also a way to put out Google ads for this. By the way, we have received orders for a reasonable scale of projects simply by advertising about 10,000 yen per month on the page created with Perechee.

Since we were able to confirm the results of peraichi to some extent, we have launched our current corporate website, but then we have more inquiries than before.

In addition, there is a way to launch a popular crowdfunding method for new products recently.

We've done at least all of the above, and we've achieved some results in either.

In today's era, there are many tools to operate, so I think it is more difficult to narrow down to corporate or personal. The important thing is to make products and contents that customers want, whether the other party is a corporation or an individual.

So, the first person who came out will need living funds, but I have an impression that there will be many more things to do, not if you are working part-time, but you are not working after all. It's a dry story, though.

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BtoB is often easier to get out with.

In addition, it is only a complete preconception that individual customers are easier to get out with than corporate customers. If you say this, the story will end, but of course it depends on the person. There are customers who do not like individuals, and there are very good customers even in corporations.

Since corporations cannot be determined at the soles of the person in charge, it is also true that it takes time for work to receive orders, but there are cases where progress is quick because the authority of the person in charge is strong or there are also work under the direct control of the president.

In addition, since the other side also carries the company signboard as a work of the company, it is often possible to do comfortably because it observes business manners and responds sincerely. We have never negotiated price reductions. In addition, there are exchanges only by company e-mail, and there are many very smooth work.

We have undertaken hundreds of thousands of jobs by e-mail alone.

On the other hand, in the individual, there is no such thing to carry, so the place of the person may come out considerably. They don't keep their promises, they're strangely ha they've halied, or the wording is messy. Of course, there are many people who do not, but I think that there are many individuals who are more like that when compared between individuals and corporations.

So, I think that it is easy to associate because it is an individual, it is difficult to get to know because it is a corporation, so let's design a business with products first, not human relationships.

Let's participate in meetings and seminars with many presidents

It is difficult to notice that you are only an office worker, but there are many presidential communities in the world.

There are various social gatherings, seminars, management study sessions, etc. The principle principle of management that I have put out as an example is a study group for the president.

First of all, it may be a good idea to participate in such gatherings with the intention of studying various things without worrying about acquiring a job. Therefore, listening to the stories of various presidents and exploring what kind of business is needed now is one of the management efforts.

Again, if you think about it, BtoB or B2C alone may not be established as a business in the first place. I think it is important to train every day so that you can work for both of you, as well as the business content.

BtoB, B2C, both think about the assumed business model from the beginning

Also, taking the first troubled person who appears again as an example, I think that it is a result of proceeding with business without thinking about BtoB or BtoC, giving priority only to what I want to do completely.

Our certification business is primarily for corporations, but there are also models customized for individuals.

In addition, we also conduct consultations for individuals in China business in general, and we also offer packs for corporations.

The products we deal with are the same, but by matching the price and service contents of it to our customers, we capture both corporate and personal demand. In addition, the way of dealing is naturally different between corporations and individuals.

By doing this, you will be able to expand your business widely and the content will be stable. When you start a business, of course, it doesn't have to be perfect, so be aware of the business model that both BtoB and B2C envision.

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