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One Team Business, challenge yourself as a team! Networking is a big task

Entrepreneurship and side jobs Principles of Management
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Hello. It is a hori of the manager.

One of the differences between people who are doing business and those who are not doing so is whether you have your own business team. And it is especially large whether you have a master (brain).

A team doesn't mean hiring employees, it's an alliance that works with you. Rather than requesting work from a company somewhere, it refers to a representative or a person who is working as an individual.

Of course, you can't do business alone. It is not about sharing the work, but having experts in each field cooperate and take charge of areas that cannot be achieved on their own or take too much time.

Let's do the work itself. It's your business.

This time, I will tell you about the importance of team building in order to proceed with business.

Many of the world's most famous companies were co-founded.

The names of one of the co-founders are often unknown, but most of the world's most famous companies are co-founded.

Taking gafa as an example of the world's exciting GAFA, Google is named Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Amazon is Jeff Bezos and Sheldon Kafan, Facebook is Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Sabellin, apple is Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.

In Japan, in the past, Sony was founded by Akio Morita and Honda, Honda was founded by Soichiro Honda and Takeo Fujisawa, and most recently, Daisuke Iwase of Lifenet Life, Haruaki Deguchi (both retired), and Mercari with Shintaro Yamada.

Many of the other well-known companies are not talked about, and there are a significant proportion of co-founders and excellent consultants as president brains.

In the principle of management, it is known that you can do it alone, and companies will not grow unless you use each other's skills, knowledge, experience, network, etc. Teach. In particular, in today's fast world, if you're trying to do anything alone, it takes too long and you'll leave it behind.

In order to grow the company, for example, one often divides roles by doing external things such as sales, PR, and public relations, and the other part of the company. And, the company is enlarged while turning two wheels.

However, it may be idealistic and difficult as a real problem. There may be such a methodology when starting a business again after eventually adding strength, but now there are many people who do such joint business.

Rather, it may not be possible to have a co-founder when starting in a small business. In most cases, you start alone, and when you start to grow a little when you're doing it together when you're small, you'll often start to fight about the direction of your business right away.

Before the current Chinese business, I myself was doing food and beverage business with an acquaintance. It was launched from a total of 0, and from now on, the scale was not a big deal at all, but if it had been continued for 2 to 3 years, it began to become quite popular content. Then, a difference in direction appeared immediately, and I had the experience of dissolution in no time.

After that, I continued to do business in China alone for a while, but I feel that the growth was slow because it was easy. Gradually, we began to collaborate with people who could be called partners, and the company grew at an accelerated rate.

Whatever the form, of course, it is quite important in business to take the initiative and work with multiple partners.

Let's find someone who can be called a master as soon as possible

Finding a co-founder or business may be an afterthin' time, but try to find someone you can call a master early.

There is a boss in the work of the company, and there is always a teacher in sports and learning. Basically, when doing something, it is essential to have someone to guide you. In addition, recently, bosses that can not be used are in the news, but let's put such an exception.

What I'm talking about is that I'm a competent boss who teaches me the job.

In business, there are many points that need to be seen, such as whether what you are doing is correct, whether the daily work is being done correctly, whether the direction of the business to be advanced is correct, and asking for judgment at key points.

If you were one person to judge all of this, the business would definitely come to an end. There are people who sometimes make a high price if it is my judgment, but the business world is not so sweet.

Only such people are not growing.

However, the hard part is finding a good teacher.

In the first place, the ability of the person who becomes a teacher is insufficient, and the consulting cost is not there a market price, so I do not understand the validity well. It may be uneasy that monthly payments will occur separately while doing business.

From the standpoint of an experienced person, if you really want to grow your business, you still need a teacher who will see and guide you on a regular basis.

The principle of management is that people who plan to start a business from now on and are not currently doing business, people who are running a company but do not do new projects, such people even say that it is better not to start until they find a teacher.

The presence of a teacher is so important.

Exhibition of machine tools and advertisement POP in Shanghai Character ad balloons are also cheaply produced by OEM

Points of how to choose a teacher

I would like to briefly tell you the points of looking at the consultants who have produced my experience and achievements so far.

Those who have a track record of themselves as managers (partners) in business

Business is one after another, but there are many problems with the fixed pattern of joseki. The person who has produced the result is the person who has cleared these one by one.

The most important point is the experience of actually making the company bigger. You can talk about the theory as much as you want, but in order to really put it into practice, a huge amount of work is required. There are a lot of things to do, such as arranging resources not only for work but also for realization, and it is difficult unless you are a person who has actually experienced such know-how.

In addition, the top sales results in the office worker era! There are many self-proclaimed consultants who have such a background, but the work of a salaried worker and the work of corporate management are fundamentally different.

Regardless of how much you are achieving results in the work of the company, the work of corporate management is to create the work itself, new product development, business type development, etc. The ability required is different because the work of sales only sells it. However, it is necessary to be careful about that point because the person who goes up to business may sell the mouth well.

People who are involved in various industries

As for the principles of management, the theory itself is one, but there are a wide variety of industries that apply. For example, in the beauty industry and the food and beverage industry, the equipment introduced is different, and the profit structure and staff operations are different, and there are many differences. What we have in common is the store-type service industry.

In other words, the way of utilization varies depending on the industry that applies to the same theory. Those who are achieving results can provide guidance according to the industry, but those who do not only sing the same theory, and it is necessary to customize it by themselves.

a person who seems not to be in trouble with money

Consultants may be difficult because they are also business, but people who are too troubled with money will demand consulting costs for a dark cod. Even though we have only consulted for a moment, we may ask for a consultation fee.

To be honest, business is often checked, so it may be difficult for people who say small things one by one.

In addition, such people feel that business is not good in the first place, so be careful. A truly talented consultant may take the first simple consultation and draw up a scenario where the consultant concludes a consulting contract again when the consultant is really large. In short, I think that the person who says gold and money immediately is a third-class consultant.

People who are going to leave a track record as a consultant from now on

I think that consultants can be roughly divided into two types, one is people who try to eat somehow with their knowledge so far, and the other is people who want to do business and realize, but they can not work on their own, so they want to work together with a consultant student.

Of course, the latter person will be more kind and kind, so let's look for such a person.

It may be difficult to find it suddenly, but if you look for it, you will always find it, so try to find it.

Also, the biggest advantage of learning from a teacher is that you can get to know many friends through that teacher. Depending on what you are teaching, there are many people from a wide variety of industries, so it is also good to find a friend who can work together in such a place.

Finally, it is even better if those students themselves produce results.

Outsource your business and company's daily work

At first, there may be many businesses that do all their work by themselves because they do not have the habit of reducing expenses or wielding work outside in the first place. Of course, you will have to experience various things yourself once, but the business will not grow even if you do only chores forever.

In particular, if people who are doing part-time work do not shake their work to a certain extent, the amount of work may be too large and affect their main business. In order to form alliances with various people, it is important skills other than main business, such as outsourcing work, clear work allocation, and work instructions.

Before implementing a large project, try to use the work that you can shake to make sure that you have your own time and practice work instructions.

For example, if it is accounting work, image production (logo production, business card creation, illustrator work, image clipping, etc.), video production, etc., it is one way to recruit experts at Lancers etc. It often finishes with surprising quality at a low price.

Of course, it is also a good idea to ask a friend you know like I wrote earlier.

Get a david card on the Shanghai subway The presence of a local cooperation partner is reassuring in these places.

Let's work on various projects with alliance destinations

We study under a consultant's teacher on public relations, PR, and product policy, and have a full-time consultant in procurement and financing. In addition, there are specialized partners in certification related to PSE, PSC, Radio Law, etc., and we are promoting other OEM products with Chinese living in Japan, and there are advisors who do accounting with considerable detail.

In addition, there are super excellent suppliers in China who interact with factories.

The loan manager of the bank said, "Your company's strength is that you have experts for each of the various projects in the company, so the business proceeds quickly and accurately. And, it has left the result neatly. Frankly, we are a good business partner."

As our company moves, we are also able to produce results, so I'm sorry to say for myself, but I think we have built a win-win relationship well. Rather, if you do not have experts in what your company wants to do, your business will not proceed.

In the worst case, there are times when you have no choice but to plan and work (put it into practice) in-house, but at the same time it is necessary to find such a partner, and that is the growth of the business.

In addition, various experts make suggestions that amateurs can't imagine. To be clear, the quality is completely different from the dripping information on the net. By receiving such a quality proposal, you will improve your business skills. 

It is only oneself to be a subject

However, it is the business operator who judges at all stages that you should be careful about. No matter how far you shake your work to people, it is the business operator who is ultimately responsible.

Of course, it is fun to make judgments, and it is the real pleasure of management, but if you are used to salaried workers and are not used to judging, you may leave the judgment to people.

That may work, but if the business operator himself does not take the reins firmly, the company will never grow. Just remember that you are the subject.

Be careful with those who come to talk and do nothing after all.

Finally, I would like to share with you a few things to keep in mind about alliances.

As you start to gain some strength, alliance requests will increase from the other side. It would be nice if we could cooperate to demonstrate each other's strengths, but there are many alliance requests that throw you all over your resources and action.

There are surprisingly a lot of people who do not do anything by approaching it.

You may be happy to be approached and do various things, but in the first place, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the beginning of the statement is working properly.

In addition, only stories that do not move are mostly not monetize easily. Be careful not to move as much as you move and make a profit from losing your bones.

What we are doing is business, so we need to make a solid profit.

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