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Communities and platforms are useless!? What should I really do in the early stages of startup and establishment?

Entrepreneurship and side jobs Principles of Management
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Hello. It is a hori of the manager.

If you continue to do business a little longer, you will meet people who are developing business in various styles. You'll also see them on Facebook and elsewhere.

Among them, many of them seem to be teaching community management with business operators (representatives) as fans and platform development. However, in accordance with the principles of management, I feel that such a business is a little out of focus.

In the same era, when things are saturated and bought from anyone, we teach that individuals who sell can become attractive and popular, but the teachings of the business desecrate customers.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with human trying to be attractive in itself. I'd rather recommend it.

However, in business, it does not sell because it is attractive and popular, but because the product is attractive as a major premise, it is instructed by the customer and purchased. And the people who sell in the repetition become attractive themselves.

In addition, because of his good personality, he is not a popular person, but because he has expertise and can give accurate advice to customers, he becomes a popular person.

If you make the wrong order and give priority to polishing your charm without polishing products, you will sell products and services that you do not know for a long time, and no entrepreneurship or people can grow even if it passes.

I think people who are teaching the wrong things are quite sinful.

Basically, there will be a business path that each person believes in, so I do not intend to say anything else, but I would like you to learn the correct way of doing business if you are reading the article on this site.

What customers want and want to buy is not you but products

If you write like this, you may be mistaken like trafficking, but basically business is to provide customers with the products they need in their lives for a fee.

The principles of management describe this as bartering.

The roots of business in human history begin with bartering for what you want and what you want.

Gradually, as various restrictions such as the object to be exchanged, distance, time, etc. were born, it was physically difficult only by bartering, and money was born.

It is the same in today's world, and customers are paying money for what they want.

When you think so, it is a product that customers do not need or want, but selling with your own charm is not a business at the fundamental point. Rather, it's only a push to customers.

It is only a sardine to think that one's charm becomes value.
Certainly, if you are a celebrity or entertainer, the charm of the individual may be worthwhile, but ordinary people who try to start a business normally do not have such value from the beginning.

Still, it may sell about a piece or two, but it will not last long, and it will hardly be possible to establish it as a main business and continue to do business. In other words, you can never grow in a business that does your charm (I don't know if there is) as added value.

If you don't want to grow, it may be fine, but if you want to do a solid business and fulfill your dreams and hopes, it's about dealing with the products you want.

When customers can handle the products they want, they will sell even if they are really silent. In addition, I have never operated a licensed license acquisition agency service that we develop, and I have been getting more and more inquiries just by writing the service contents in detail on the website and putting out a minimum net advertisement.

As I pick up my experience in the work that I proposed and priced myself, and as I repeat it, I feel that I have grown myself, and I feel that I am able to talk on an equal basis with senior managers who have only been able to look up until then. On the whole, I think that will become my charm. I'm sorry to say it myself.

When it was the first time when the entrepreneur who did not sell at all

Actually, I was doing things like starting a business before I did now. At that time, I was doing things like a seminar lecturer and consultant that utilized my previous job's marketing experience, but it didn't sell at all.

Every time a seminar is held, the number of participants decreases every day. I understood well that it disliked it even if it said that it consulted. In the first place, I worked hard at the marketing experience in my previous job, but it was a skill that was too niche and could only be used in the company that was at that time.

I also remember being told that the reason why it doesn't sell too much and doesn't sell is because you're not cool. Also, at that time, when the homepage was able to be made for 0 yen, there was a crazy president who was trying to sell it for 1 million yen, and when I was doing it together a little, I remember well being called "Why can't you sell!

Sure, there may still be salespeople who sell, but that's blasphemy to customers in the first place, and even after I pulled out of the company, there was no way it was selling at all.

Experience that things sell even if the product is not attractive

After such an experience, I got a job again and started selling goods as a side job. It was around that time that I began to learn the principles of management.

Only then did I come into contact with the idea that the root of my business was a product problem, and I did everything I could to find and purchase products in China, go through customs clearance from China to Japan, and repeat the process of selling them.

Then, it becomes possible to sell the product more and more little by little. To be honest, I myself am not attractive at all, but the products are attractive, so I come to sell constantly every day.

What impressed me was when I started to exceed 1 million yen per month, and when I looked back on the days when I didn't sell at all, I realized that changing the sales would make my business so advantageous. In particular, I didn't use any ads at all at this time.

In the streets, if you receive the teaching of the seminar, you will see an article that is inscruciated by 1 million yen in the immediate month, but when you think about that on a profit basis, there seems to be a pattern that if you subtract various expenses using advertising expenses of 800,000 to 900,000 yen to make sales of 1 million yen, there are many patterns.

Moreover, when such a Skaska product is sold, the customer who bought it once remembers well, and the guest will never buy it from such a person again. I think it is a pattern of losing important trust for the sales in front of you.

First of all, it is product power that is important.

If you gain experience, you will be able to talk with nature and big people on an equal equalt

I wrote earlier that I was able to talk to senior managers who could only look up, but in my business field, I was able to talk with people of billions of sizes.

Each such experience that lies ahead of dealing with good products enhances the attractiveness of the business operator itself. When that happens, even though it is not open at all, the other party will ask you to consult. It's a strange thing, isn't it? 

Let's polish our products and services without rushing first

Don't get me wrong here, but the product you want is not to sell expensive products. It also does not sell unusually reduced prices. An improbable price cut will quickly end the business life of the operator itself.

It is our business to provide products that customers want and need within their budget. The business skill is a series of such a flow of searching for such products, establishing an OEM system, establishing a distribution system, purchasing, priceing, and putting them on the channel.

Skillful sales and customer service is only preying on customers, and at least in the principles of management, it is considered an evil path. In essence, we don't call them business skills.

In addition, people who are advanced in business say that "the person who sells must be attractive because it is the same no matter who buys it", but it is assumed that there is some product power as a fundamental problem.

People who have been doing business for a long time say so because it is natural that they have some product power if they do it, but those who start business from now on and those who are not doing well, the business will not grow unless you put a scalpel in the product problem first, so it is better not to truly accept it.

It is a business model that is established only with the product power of the community and platform, and it will last longer if we focus on products and services rather than focusing on people.

I've seen all the consultancy companies I used to say were products collapsed. Of course, there is no doubt that people play a leading role as long as people do it, but it is necessary to focus on products and services.

At first glance, people in the business who play a leading role are easily affected, but it is not misled, and starting with product development with a sitting down is the secret to making the business last longer as a result.

However, if you want to start a business with products with product power from the beginning, such as due to time, or want to make it the next product, you may have the option of handling our certified products. I think that such a person can feel free to consult.

At a high-tech exhibition in Shenzhen

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