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We will teach you five business senses that products can be easily sold to you who want to be active in entrepreneurship and side job

Entrepreneurship and side jobs Principles of Management
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Hello. It is a hori of the manager.

In addition to certified products such as PSE, PSC, radio lawfulness, etc., I would like to touch on know-how related to business in general little by little.

What I am learning is the 150-year history of capitalism called "principles of management", and the business know-how necessary for small businesses to become major companies are.

Certainly, in today's world, it is said that it is necessary to become a major company, and it is changing little by little even in the times, so I think that it is not necessarily advantageous, but it is indispensable knowledge in order to truly grow business in no small way.

This "Principles of Management" was established under a large professor in 1962, about 60 years ago, and at that time, companies with sales of hundreds of millions of yen, such as 100 million and 500 million yen, are now studying sessions that have grown one after another to a company of 3 trillion yen. I learned from the flow there.

This study session brought in a business type called a chain store, such as a general supermarket, family restaurant, home center, drugstore, convenience store, restaurant, and electronics retailer. The genealogy of this study is also the company that is the best retailer in Japan and one of the world's leading fast fashion companies in the fashion industry.

The growth of the company will change greatly depending on what you learn.

Conversely, depending on what you learn, no matter how much you study, you can't grow up.

On the other hand, there are many companies that remain small and medium-sized enterprises, but it is said that small and medium-sized enterprises have a small and medium-sized enterprise way, and they learn only things that are not related to sales. Even so, there is some impact on sales, but it is fundamentally different from the essence of the business, so it does not grow at all. It will only keep up with major companies.

As I mentioned earlier, it is not always correct that the scale increases. However, if the minimum business does not grow, you will not be able to enjoy it from the bottom of your heart even if you are doing it, you will not be able to pursue your true dreams not only for your lips, and above all, I think that there will be no amp for your family, friends, and colleagues and business partners who will do business together.

So is it difficult to make your business bigger and bigger and grow? Of course, it is not easy and effort is necessary, but the main premise is that there is a "right way of doing business". It's just the difference: know it and practice it, or keep doing another wrong way without knowing it.

Anyone can understand that anything like sports and lessons is faster to be taught by a good person than to be taught by a poor person. However, when it comes to business, there is a tendency for poor people (people who are good at speaking) to teach me. That's why you don't improve.

Again, there is a way of doing business correctly.

Now, companies that are said to be major companies have learned and practiced this since they were small and medium-sized enterprises. That's why I was able to be a major company. Even major companies were small and medium-sized at first. If so, small and medium-sized enterprises can never grow up without learning this.

In other words, what small and medium-sized enterprises need to do is imitate the learning that major companies have done.

But why don't small and medium-sized enterprises learn this now?

The answer is simple! This is because it has become common sense that major companies are major companies, and small and medium-sized enterprises have a way of doing things like small and medium-sized enterprises.

Where is the rationale for this?

There are major principles that make a business grow and grow.

Major companies learned and practiced this. I did not grow alone.

Business is about supporting and helping our customers' lives.
In other words, the big company was supported by the customer and made it bigger.

Of course, there is also the president's idea, so it is not necessarily a virtue to be large,
After all, a company that remains small is not supported by customers.

We learn only things that don't matter if we ignore our customers, even though they're not helping our customers, and we're in a business that imposes our mindset, so sales don't grow and remain the same.

Just by changing that, sales will rise dramatically without permission.

Of course, our company is not a major company, but it is still small at all, but the company that started after the start of the business has grown to 6 times alone in about 3 years. It is growing further in the future.

If you continue to make the right efforts, you will surely grow. The know-how that is taken for granted by such a major company is still unknown.

In addition to the method of certification, I will write about how to grow business while involving this know-how and Chinese business.

Sales are not the sum of the amounts sold by the company.

First of all, I would like to explain the underlying concept of the Principles of Management (hereinafter referred to as the Principles).

Sales ○○ 100 million yen exceeded! Or, monthly sales ○○ million yen record you can also do immediately! I think that there are many people who have seen such advertisements.

I sold = my ability = amazing! It seems to be a glimpse of the diagram, but in principle, this is denied head-on.

In the first place, the definition of sales is that sales = not the sum of the amounts sold, but sales = the sum of the amounts purchased by customers.

This may seem like a word play, but it is a very important way to think about the essence of business. If selling in-house is a business, sales will be made by selling things that are not related to customers through sales or customer service.

Of course, that will make a little revenue, but it will eventually dry up. All the companies that boasted about the sales power that I know have collapsed.

Instead, when the sales = the total amount purchased by the customer, the important thing is how to get what the customer needs, announce it, and put it on the sales route. And once the operation is completed, goods and services will naturally sell.

In the extreme theory, it does not matter much about individual ability, but it can be a problem of business structure. For example, at a convenience store chain boasting the highest sales in Japan, do you sell by making full use of the ability (sales capabilities) of sales staff (clerks)? Basically, you are just taking out goods and entering accounting standing at the cash register.

That's all for the purpose of increasing sales.

What we are doing is to collect the products that customers want, and to prepare an operation system so that they do not miss out, so that customers can attach toilets, develop ATMs, install photocopiers, arrange logistics such as courier services.

If you do that, your sales will automatically go up.

Let's polish products instead of polishing ourselves

On the other hand, only small and medium-sized enterprises that want to grow but do not grow are doing only things related to business, such as forcing employees to clean their company under the name of attitude and training, and participating in seminars where they also learn ethics.

It's as if small and medium-sized businesses have only ever had the only way to survive.

And because it is a wonderful person, please buy the product, but the customer will not be able to deal with it.

I do not deny such an act by any means, and I think that it is important as a human being, but it is not necessary to say clearly from the viewpoint of business to the last are.

Customers just want the products and services they need, regardless of the humanity of strangers.

I also had the insurance business that I lost my father at an early age and came here while having a hard time, and I also pulled it back. However, I had no choice but to deal with the related organizations around me, but I remember that I was easily at a loss with the first sales talk, such as a series of document errors afterwards.

Of course, it is difficult to align the full specifications that customers want like the convenience store mentioned above, but let's review the products and services that customers really want in the business that they are doing now.

If there is not necessarily an answer to what we are currently dealing with, but rather what we do not handle in-house now is a hot seller, let's make an effort to get and handle it. That is the first step in product polishing.

It is not a way of selling at all.
Only about 10 to 20% of the respondents sell, and what is important is the product problem.
As you can try, you can see if you sell it in amazon business, but basically there is no way to sell.
If the product is good, it will sell. Here is the essence of what to learn.

However, what should not be mistaken here is that it is not a product that you thought is good, but a collection of products that sell to customers. This is the most important thing.
Here, we will introduce how to polish products (example).


There are many ways to find it, but it may be a reference to look for it online in Japan, but from the viewpoint of procurement, it is meaningless.

It will be through the hands of many people at the time of being on the net, and if it is for the purpose of selling it as a product, it will be a high price.

Some people are going around domestic distribution stores called "Sedori" and "Resale", but I feel that there are many time constraints if you do not make it a full-time job.

As a recommendation, I think that one way is to develop a route to purchase low-cost items such as China and ASEAN countries, and to stably purchase.

Decrease the value

Looking for it is a pair, but if you are looking all over the world, not only Japan but also the world, you will find places that sell and produce quite cheaply.

Of course, it takes a route to do that, but expanding such a route little by little is also an important job to make your business bigger. However, it is often overlooked in such a place so much. I think that the success or failure of the business in the future will be divided depending on whether or not we have such a perspective.

Make it

I don't think most people know, but it's quite cheap to make samples in China. Of course, it depends on the thing. If you give instructions here properly, they will make it quite faithfully.

Some of the most difficult ones may take time, but even so, considering the price of the sample price, it is not a big deal.

It is also possible to make OEM products that customers want and try and sell them from small lots. This is also a question of whether you know.

・ Try to handle things that can not be handled elsewhere

Even so, if you are suffering from other companies in the same industry and can not take a profit easily, for example, it is a good idea to consider the handling of the certified products introduced on this site.

We can arrange all these routes, so we can respond if you only have product ideas. We also accept consultations on brushing up ideas.

Photo during a visit to a vacuum cleaner factory in China (1): The left is the manager, the center is the president, and the right is the moat.

a major mistake of a consultant on the assumption that the product will sell

I often see consultants asking for self-polishing because you need to be attractive because you buy them from anyone now that things are saturated, but it's half-true, half-lie (position talk).

Certainly, things are saturated, but there are still 50,000 products that customers need. Before you make an effort to find it, I think self-polishing is blasphemy to your customers. Depending on what you are dealing with, basically if it is necessary for life rather than entertainment, product polishing rather than self-polishing will be a top priority.

In addition, it is said that it is important to make relationships after selling products, but things do not sell first in the first place. We can't teach you on product strategies that most consultants can easily buy first. What is the role of the consultant if you think about it yourself?

In addition, even if a product that has never been much in self-polishing results sells, the number will soon come to its limit and will soon wither. Let's start by looking for products that customers can buy continuously.

Photos from a visit to a vacuum cleaner factory in China (2)

Many product problems can be solved overseas (China)

Most major companies are devoted to developing their own products. There are many products that are now common that the founder (product development person) went to the world to discover and develop production areas.

I hope to convey such things in some form.

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