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【Attention】 If you do not know the inspection procedure of PSE, PSC, radio law suitable, it is enough to grasp this much for the time being (2) PSC edition

Principles of authentication PSC
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Hello. It is a hori of the manager.

As a series of inspection procedure editions, (1) PSE inspection was written quoting the flow on the website of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

This time, I will write the inspection procedure of (2) PSC (Portable Laser Application Equipment).

We couldn't find the right flow, so we created a flow based on our experience. I will explain it according to it.

Why is there no flow? Now you don't know how to apply for a new candidate.

As a reason, I guess that it is a reason that there are many exceptions or irregular matters, especially in PSC, the flow varies greatly depending on the target product, so misunderstanding occurs in one flow.

Sure, there may be concerns about that, but the purpose of this page is not to explain the system, but how to pass the certification.

This time, I will give you an approximate introduction using "portable laser application equipment" that will be relatively familiar to retailers.

I hope you can grasp the image of the PSC inspection flow.

Psc certification flow

Using portable laser application equipment as an example, we first created an inspection procedure flow for psc (Consumer Product Safety Act).

Depending on the product, the procedure, detailed expression, corresponding inspection organization, etc. may change, but I hope you understand it as an approximate flow.

Target laser products

Not all are PSC targets just because the laser is irradiated.

Laser pointers, laser rangefinders, laser thermometers, etc. are among the most prominent products. By the way, the rangefinder used in golf is not psc even with a laser rangefinder.

In addition, there is a high possibility that those used for business use such as barcode scanners are not eligible. It is based on the judgment of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, so please check directly if you are worried. We have decided that barcode scanners are not eligible.

Non-life insurance

To quote the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry page,

"At the time of notification, business operators are required to take measures for damages that become insured persons of liability insurance contracts that cover up to 10 million yen or more per victim and 30 million yen or more per year (Article 6, Item 4 of the Act)."

There is.

Psc handles dangerous goods, so you are required to join out insurance so that you can pay damages to users in the event of a product accident. This is different from the PSE under the same jurisdiction.

Business notification

This is also different from PSE, but the PSC must submit an application to the competent BUREAU of Economy, Trade and Industry, regardless of whether it is imported or manufactured before inspection. At this time, you will be required to submit a copy of the non-life insurance policy.

It is important to note that you must also present the location (address and bird's-eye view) of the production plant when applying for PSC, but we will tell you a different address where you are dealing for the first time at an overseas (mainly China) factory.

It's a shocking story, but it's common.

Based on the address submitted to the Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry, the inspection agency visits and inspects the factory, but if the submitted address and the actual address are different, there is a high possibility that the inspection will fail by itself.

For that reason, it is better to make a pre-visit to the factory at least once and check the exact current address. If there is a difference between the address confirmed on the web and the address confirmed at the factory site, you can also apply for correction of documents to the Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry.

After documents are made to the Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry, it will be requested to inspect the registered inspection body. The preparation of documents is relatively simple, but if you are not confident, you may want to ask an expert such as an administrative scrivener to prepare it.

Confirmation of standard compliance

Like PSE, to put it plainly, it is a sample test performed for an inspection agency.

For inspection agencies, it is necessary to submit technical documents such as specifications and product schematics along with sample submission.

If you look at only the flow, such a thing is not written, so it is necessary to negotiate documents with the factory that responds to the inspection after understanding that thing in advance.

The required documents vary from product to product, but our professional staff will explain to the factory in Chinese and English, so you can leave the work with confidence.

In addition, unlike PSE, only Japanese registered inspection bodies designated by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry can perform psc (special specified products).

In terms of portable laser application equipment, it is only japan quality assurance organization (JQA) and UL Japan Co., Ltd.

For specific products other than special specific products, it is generally the mainstream to use Japanese inspection institutions, but it may be possible to use inspection institutions in China.

Please refer to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry page that summarizes special specific products and specific products other than special specific products.

Citation: Overview of consumer product safety law

Conformity inspection

Like PSE, PSC conformity inspection means production plant inspection.

Production plant inspection is required for specific products and specific products other than special characteristic products.

What is still difficult is that if the production plant is overseas, it is necessary to send inspectors of Japanese inspection agencies to that extent. Of course, the business operator will bear the travel expenses.

Regarding portable laser application equipment, the only registered inspection bodies designated by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry are japan Quality Assurance Organization (JQA) and UL Japan Co., Ltd., so basically I think it is better to consider dispatching inspectors overseas.

In addition, like PSE, factory inspections are conducted by inspection organizations when producing PSC products, whether they are at the Japanese or Chinese plants.

If the factory is doing PSC inspection many times, there will be no problem, but if you get psc inspection for the first time, it is undeniable that there is a severe part.

In addition, I do not think that there are many Factories in China that have undergone PSC inspection multiple times.

Even though the sample test passed with great care, it is possible that it fails the factory inspection.

We also provide pre-inspection guidance services for both our Japanese and Chinese plants. We also provide on-site guidance at the factory as necessary, and it is a service that has been very well received, especially from customers who are PSE certified for the first time.

In addition, we also hold meetings at the time of actual factory inspections, and we not only sit on the spot, but also support things such as points to be prepared in advance and arrangements for equipment.

For details on the factory inspection, please refer to "Psc Principles: Products that affect the human body and life, such as lasers, laser rangefinders, and motorcycle helmets", "5 [Small talk] Difficultships that we conducted portable laser application equipment (laser pointer) inspection" also.

Manufacturing, Import/ Voluntary Inspection

After all certification tests have been completed, I hope that you will be able to manufacture and import them on a clear basis.

Regarding the voluntary inspection, I wrote earlier, "PSE, PSC, measurement method, radio wave law technique etc. are not finished once certification is completed, and even after certification, voluntary inspection etc. are required, and there is also a trial purchase test by the relevant ministries and agencies." Please refer to "What is PSE and PSC voluntary inspection" in the article .

The article says about PSE, but the idea is the same for PSC. We also have the necessary reporting formats.


This is the same as PSE, but there are many customer inquiries about this.

For details, please refer to "1.7 Display" in the article "PSE, PSC, inspection procedure for radio law law, this much for the time being (1) PSE edition".

But all you can say is that you control all authentication in-house.

On the other hand, the label display of PSC is checked fairly strictly, such as the size of the contents and characters (visibility), along with the product sample, at the time of confirmation of standard compliance (sample inspection) of the inspection organization.

I think that you can sell it freely by the company about the sale, but if necessary, it is also possible to consult with us about the channel development of sales.

Example of displaying our laser pointer

How much does it cost to authenticate?

Psc has few products covered and relatively clear estimates.

Previously, when I asked the Japan Quality Assurance Organization (JQA) to inspect the red laser, it was about 720,000 yen including tax. However, I remember that the sample test failed multiple times and paid an additional cost of about 100,000 yen.

This 720,000 yen includes the overseas travel expenses of inspectors.

On the other hand, the inspection of green lasers is a little higher, and the cost is different in JQA and UL Japan.

In addition, if you ask an external agency such as our company to act on behalf of this inspection organization fee, the cost will be further increased, but it is better to think that factory guidance by consultants is always necessary.

In the past, there were about 90% of the customers who completed the sample inspection by themselves, but in order to measure the factory inspection, it was impossible to prepare equipment and instruct the staff of the Chinese factory to respond, so there were those who applied only for factory inspection correspondence to our company.

Other PSC product inspections may also be relatively easy to find out about, but psc requires factory inspection, so considering that, it is difficult to solve it by yourself, and I think that it is safe to keep the agency cost in your head.

It will be repeated many times, but factory inspection is to check whether the production equipment system of PSC products is built, and it is not enough if only the product is completed.

If you receive factory inspections without taking thorough measures. First of all, it will definitely fail.

Based on this, I think that having a system to proceed with inspections while meeting with specialized professionals in advance will save time and money after all.

Canton Fair: Buyers from all over the world visit the venue

Our strengths: We can support certification with any product

Psc is characterized by "dangerous products that may affect life", and there is no categorization called "electrical appliances" like PSE, and although the number of products covered is small, there are various types.

In terms of special special products, infant beds, portable laser applications, hot water circulators for bathtubs, lighters.

In terms of specific products other than special specific products, pressure pans and pressures for home use are, ride helmets, mountain climbing ropes, oil heaters, oil baths, and oil stoves.

Each inspection organization and inspection method are different, but the act of certification itself is the same: prepare the necessary documents, prepare the necessary equipment at the factory, and make a technically compatible sample.

This time, we created an inspection flow using portable laser application equipment as an example, but we have authentication know-how and a network of inspection organizations for other products, so please feel free to contact us if you have any orders.

I want to know if the customer can pass the system, not the explanation

It overlaps with the pse description, but I dare to tell you repeatedly, what customers want to know is not an explanation of the PSC system, but how can you pass the PSC.

From the perspective of experts on this page, there may be objections and objections to pick up the corners of the heavy box, but at least we write based on the experience of our company and our customers as "minimum information necessary for passing".

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