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One way to expand your business for those who aim to start a business or a side job

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Hello. It is a hori of the manager.

Today, I will introduce my company's history and write about the concept of "work design" necessary to expand our business.

Please note that the story of certification is based on the content of a position talk.

As taught in the principles of management that I am learning, I am told to stop the idea of "when I grow up, I will ○○" and make the idea of "○○ to grow".

This is called work design.

It's an extreme story, but if you grow up (when money comes in), you can't grow for life if you think about capital investment. You make capital investments to grow.

When we talk about this, it is UNIQLO, which is often exemplified.

Uniqlo, which is now said to be the third largest in the world, explains that the breakthrough was the establishment of a factory in China (Hong Kong) and the introduction of SPA (vertically integrated business model for functions from product planning, production, and sales).

It is based on the model of GAP, an apparel company that was also making great strides around the world at that time.

I am not an expert at UNIQLO, so there may be some errors, but I hope you can take it as a rough image.

I also understand that there are many critical arguments regarding UNIQLO's overseas factories, but this time I would like you to read it purely from the perspective of business growth without such a perspective.

At that time, did president Tadashi Yanai think that if you grow (as it is in the current business model), you will use an overseas production plant? There was no such thing, and it came to introduce an overseas production factory to grow. In other words, we put money into that.

From there, uniqlo's further progress began.

Many entrepreneurs tend to think about investing in equipment when they grow up. Of course, that's not wrong either.

In the first place, if the investment target is wrong, the investment is only useless, so I think that solid marketing research is necessary.

However, even though there is some prospect, I can not do it because I do not have money, so I wonder what it is like as a businessman with the idea of investing if I can make money.

When I talked about our company a little bit, we caught the information that the product of wireless presenter sells very well.

At the same time, I learned that psc certification (laser) and radio law certification (wireless wireless) are required for this product.

However, I wanted to handle it by all means, and I gathered information about authentication from people, and I understood how to do it, but I realized that the cost to perform this authentication was at least about 1.5 million yen.

I was quite worried, but I remembered the words of work design earlier, and decided to authenticate in order to grow instead of trying to authenticate when I grew up.

That's where raising money started. At that time, I was a sole proprietor (I later found it to be troublesome if I was not a corporation for PSC certification), and the business fund was about millions of yen.

On the other hand, the investment of 1.5 million yen was very severe, but we raised funds with all our efforts to people, and certification has finally started.

However, since I am an amateur of certification myself, I decided to proceed in a groping state while listening to the consultant I hired for this time.

At that time, there was also a main business, so while doing your work and selling things other than certified products, it is in a state where work is advanced in the morning, commuting time, lunch break, night and commute time, plus in the middle of the night.

In my own view, selling off-the-shelf products from China was driven into a situation where there were many competitors and quickly saturated and profit was not made.

Of course, some people may be doing well with the off-the-shelf products, and some people sold original products that were sold as OEMs.

We still make sales in that way, but if possible, we had a strong desire to invest money in capital investment and know-how building.

It must have been a desire to grow.

And there were various problems with the laser factory, and now we have quite a long time that is unthinkable, but the certification has been completed safely.

I was very relieved that the certification was over, but at the same time, the many learnings and experiences gained from certification became a major asset to our company.

Of course, the laser pointer sold well and ultimately made a lot of money by selling the rights. Of course, we were able to recover the amount of investment. On the other hand, other certified products have also been handled in-house, and experience and know-how have accumulated more and more.

When that happens, we announced on our website about the certification agency, and we've been contacted one after another.

I was very surprised at the many reactions I said while announcing myself. It is a moment when I felt that there are so many people who are in trouble with authentication.

And since we started doing this business, we have not thought of it until then,

Midsize venture companies, energetic start-ups, local specialty companies in a certain region, veteran companies with more than 100 employees, etc.

We have the opportunity to interact with a truly wide variety of customers and are the driving force behind our growth.

In addition to our customers' certification agency, we continue to handle certified products, and we plan to develop multiple businesses involving Chinese imports and certified products, which are our original main operations. Or rather, it has already begun to move.

Of course, since we are still a small company, we need to continue to devote ourselves, but I think that we have overcome the very first growth barrier that we will visit when we start business from 0.

At the root of all of these is that decision to work on certification to grow the company. If I had decided to certify if I could make money at that time, I would have spent days still getting out of the price competition with Chinese operators with ready-made products as the main focus.

If you write so far, then, in order to grow, you absolutely have to authenticate, but that is never the case.

As expected, the logic is too rough.

There are exactly a wide variety of investments for a company to grow. So that doesn't mean you have to authenticate separately. I hope that you can decide it according to the business content.

However, if you have a certified product in front of you that you want to authenticate, I will only tell you that it is wise not to judge whether or not to authenticate because of the current cash on hand.

Of course, the important thing is to certify the product in front of you, but think about the expansion of the business by doing it.

Regarding the merits of certification, this article "Businesses that have certified PSE, PSC, Radio Law, etc. may be able to receive loans such as the Japan Finance Corporation as a business" It is also written on, so please take a look if you are interested.

If you simply don't have enough funds, you can also refer to a fundraising consultant.

In addition, we can also consult with you about the impact of certification on your business, so please feel free to contact us.

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