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Certification businesses such as PSE, PSC, radio law, etc. are effective for those who want to receive loans such as the Japan Finance Corporation!

Principles of authentication
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Hello. It is a hori of the manager.

This time, I will talk about the merits of having certified products, such as the affinity between certification and loans from financial institutions, based on our experience.

I would like to say first that this is not the case for everyone, as it is based on our company and customer cases. Thank you for your understanding.

I think that there are people who have various images about authentication.
(1) It seems difficult (impossible for us), (2) the cost seems to be high, (3) only some people (major companies), (4) I do not know who to talk to in the first place,

And so on, you're really right.

However, it is also true that there are merits for those who clear such contents and advance business. This time, I will tell you that.

Business of goods sales with products with high barriers to entry

One of the problems of those who are in the goods sales business is that they are imitated by the products they handle and get involved in price competition. I think that it is a little better if it is an original product made by an OEM, but especially in the case of ready-made products, there are many cases where the same product is bumped from the same company.

In addition, it is also true that Japanese business operators have been considerably inferior, such as Chinese companies introducing cheap products such as factory direct delivery more and more recently.

Due to various factors, it does not sell as expected, and in the end, it is forced to reduce the price.

Exactly, it is a state that there is no profit though it manages to sell.

Of course, I think it would be nice if customers could buy good products cheaply, but for businesses it is a matter of life and death. Fundamentally, I want customers to be pleased, but if the business is finished without profit, there is no original or child.

Therefore, one of the ways to create barriers to entry of products is certification such as PSE, PSC, radio law, etc.

Of course, the initial cost to perform certification will be charged, and there are many things to do, such as coordination with factories and correspondence with inspection institutions, but considering the advantageous business development after certification, I think it is a meaningful investment to obtain.

For example, regarding cost concerns, I think that you can see the next chapter, and I think that you can study the coordination with the factory and the correspondence with the inspection organization by looking at this site, and it is okay to contact us.

When entering the exhibition in Shenzhen, China, the photo certification of the tablet is performed. Check the photos and integrity of the admission card.
Photos have nothing to do directly with authentication.

Become familiar with Japanese law through licensing and improve your qualifications as a business operator

First of all, it is basically under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry such as PSE, PSC, Measurement Law, and medical devices that can only be sold by Japanese corporations.

Strictly speaking, there are detailed loopholes, but the system design is advantageous for Japanese people (Japanese corporations).

Simply put, it is basically illegal at the time of Chinese operators selling licensed products.

This is one of the major barriers to entry.

The truth is that we can only speculate on the background of the enactment of the law, but pse etc. were enacted in the 1950s, and Japan at that time was in the midst of high economic growth. One of the reasons why Japan achieved economic growth was the protection policy of its own industries, and home appliances were probably the target. I'm not familiar with history, so I guess it's just a guess.

Because the law at that time remains now, there is no way not to use this.

You can also get quite familiar with the electrical appliances and their surroundings. I think that you are worried about the specifications etc. when you purchase electrical appliances yourself, but it is the same to handle by yourself and you will look quite fine.

In addition to PSE, I am also concerned about which laws apply to the product you are trying to handle, and there are a habit of examining various things. In fact, sales is also a battle with the law, and sooner or later it will be back to back with the relevant laws of your products.

The eyes of financial institutions will change.

Certification will increase the social credibility of business operators. Basically, all certifications are national certifications, and certificates are issued properly for all certifications, so if you show such a thing, your eyes will change.

This is an example of our company, but I am doing a certification business, so when I talked with the bank loan officer while showing proofs such as PSE, PSC, Radio Law, etc., I was examined with two answers.

In this regard, I think that the financial content was also seen, but I think that the fundamental point was that the high profit margin of certified products was evaluated.

In addition, some previous customers talked on the premise of applying for a subsidy.

We are a company in Kanagawa Prefecture, and I do not know what kind of system it was specifically because the person was from another prefecture, but when I signed the company in charge of certification to the business completion report to be submitted to the local government, what I saw was like strengthening industrial power.

It may be one way to see the public offering of the municipality where you are located.

In addition, if you want a loan to perform certification, it is also possible to introduce a procurement consultant, so you can contact us about that part first.

Expand the scope of products that can be handled/ expand the business

Some product retailers do not know much about authentication, but for example, those that use power outlets (PSE) and wireless wireless (radio law) are not handled, so some people think that they will somehow avoid it.

It is true that the reason is not wrong, but on the other hand, it can be said that we have missed out on what we may be able to handle.

It may be that you do not know how to authenticate in the first place, but at least there is no authentication that we can not get, so I think that you can consult us first.

In addition, by handling one certified product, you can handle the peripheral products (with or without certification), or you can make it the axis of your product lineup.

On the other hand, there are many customers who are thinking about store business, etc., that business cannot be established unless authentication such as some equipment and equipment is done.

In any case, authentication is often a tool to expand your business.

It is also possible to sell certified goods as assets

This is also our case, but we have the experience of selling the right to sell certified products to those who want to do business from now on. He was still a salaried worker before he became independent, but he had a strong desire to do business on his own.

However, when I was busy with my main business and was unable to start a business (side job) from the beginning, I happened to know our company through a mutual acquaintance and asked us to handle our products.

It was a perfect way to start a side job because it is a product that is selling relatively well and has an outstanding barrier to entry.

Frankly, we didn't have to sell it, but there was also a meaning of experiencing expansion of our business (business of selling rights), and there is a history that we responded to the contract.

I would like to say that there is a high barrier to entry, and there is a possibility that certified products with approval from the state and a track record of sales can be sold.

In addition, there is a need to shortcut the time to start a business from scratch with such a product.

This may be a special case to the last, but I think that you can keep it in memory as an example of the possibility of certified products.

After all, dangerous goods should not be sold to customers in the first place.

We have conveyed various merits of dealing with certified products, but do not deal with illegal products that do not perform the necessary certification in the first place.

Of course, there are ethical issues, but the reason for the existence of PSE, PSC, etc. is to clarify the responsibility in the event of a product accident.

Who is responsible in the event of a Product Accident, if a Chinese seller was selling Amazon directly from China?

It is the same in Japan, and unlicensed electrical appliances that are not guaranteed to be safe are sold, and what should be done in the event of an accident? Of course, it will cause a lot of trouble to customers, and as a business operator, it is the end of the volume.

To be honest, I don't think it's going to be a matter of authenticating immediately, just because I saw the contents of this time, but it would not hurt to remember that there are such products.

If you are interested, please contact us.

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