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PSE, PSC, radio law (technical) etc. it is time for post-distribution inspection and trial purchase test, so be careful

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Hello. It is a hori of the manager.

2021, which is fast and turbulent, is about to come to an end in two months. At this time of year, you may be addicted to various thoughts, such as looking back on the year, but at this time of year, there is something like an annual event for us who work in certification.

That is the post-distribution regulation (trial purchase test) of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Regarding post-distribution regulations, it is summarized as part of the page I wrote before, but this time I would like to write with additions and recent small story in particular to that part.

For those who are concerned after certification such as PSE, PSC, measurement method, radio wave law suitability, etc., five tips such as voluntary inspection are taught!


What is post-distribution regulation (trial test) in the first place?

This is a text of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry regarding PSE, but there are other certifications in common, so I would like to quote it on behalf of you.

As part of its product safety policy, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) purchases commercially available electrical appliances and appliances and regulations in order to prevent the occurrence and recurrence of product accidents, confirms the status of compliance with the matters stipulated in the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Laws and Regulations (compliance status of technical standards and appropriateness of indications based on the Ordinance for Enforcement of the Electric Safety Act), confirms the safety of electrical appliances and equipment, and obtains data that contributes to guidance and supervision to manufacturers and importers every year. we are conducting a trial test.

The company will purchase (sold) certified products that have already been distributed (sold) and check whether the PSE mark is displayed firmly or prepared according to the technical documents submitted to the inspection organization.

The trial test is not only conducted by PSE, but also by PSC and measurement method.

In addition, there are post-distribution regulations on radio law products by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

To be honest, the trial test is quite maniac, but it is essential knowledge as a business operator dealing with certified products.

In addition, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications do not teach about the trial purchase test at the time of certification acquisition or application. If you have time to talk with the person in charge of the government office for a little longer, you will tell me, but basically there is no obligation to teach, so it is the responsibility of the business operator. You have to look it up yourself.

If you are interested in more information, please click here as we will post a link to the trial test page and materials under each law.

Of course, there are no SEO measures for each page, so it can be difficult just to find a link.

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry:PSE Post-distribution Regulation Related Page Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry:PSC Post-distribution regulation Related page Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry:Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry: Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications: Initiatives for measures against illegal radio stations
If you are actually certified, I think that it is impossible not to display the PSE mark, PSC mark, radio wave law suitability mark, etc.

However, I think that it is better to check with the factory on a daily basis to some extent whether the contents of the product are actually made according to the inspection contents every time. As I will explain later, the laser pointer (PSC) we dealt with was also subject to trial test.

Learn a little more about the contents of post-distribution regulations

Under the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Act (PSE Law), as part of measures to ensure the safety of electrical appliances and appliances after distribution, it is possible to "collect reports" and "conduct on-site inspections" to manufacturers and import notification companies and distributors.

Because of the lack of knowledge about PSE among our customers, even if the contents of the product are fine, we have received consultations to respond to the complaints pointed out by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry that there was a deficiency in the display of the PSE mark.

In that case, we were subject to the ministry's control, and we were required to collect all the products sold, implement correct PSE procedures, and submit business improvement reports, and we supported the correct PSE procedures and report preparation.

If you do not understand the laws around here and treat certified products in a way that is contrary to the law, you will have a hard time later, so you will need to study well in advance.

In addition, in any certified product, if there is a serious accident, there is an obligation to report to the government and the competent ministry and agency. In addition, as a business operator that handles products with serious defects, there is a possibility that it will be announced to the public, so it should not end just because it has passed certification.

Regular interactions with the production plant will be necessary even after certification, and in some cases, it may be necessary to visit the factory and encourage solid production to the factory.

To be honest, some people may think of stopping authentication because it's hard to see this.

However, as I have said many times, as a sales and manufacturer, it will be necessary to take these efforts in order to go to another dimension.


Why do you do it at this time of year (end of the year and new year)?

Now, why is it a feature of the year-end and New Year holidays because the meaning of the post-circulation restriction (trial purchase test) is understood?

It's a simple story, and I think the reason is the budget digestion (budget adjustment) of the government office. To put it extremely, I have never heard of post-distribution restrictions being imposed in April or May at the beginning of the fiscal year.

Of course, I think that we will respond all year round if there is a notification from a third party, but as something that the ministries and agencies voluntarily do, it will be implemented over the new year holidays, compiled into a report around February at the last minute of the fiscal year, and the contents will be posted on the website.

It is a government office work like the picture, but of course it is also true that it is a deterrent of illegal goods. In addition, sellers who do not know such circumstances may feel that it is a blue sky when the investigation enters the subject of the regulation.

By the way, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry undertakes post-distribution regulation projects such as JET (Institute for Electrical Safety and Environment), NITE (National Institute of Product Evaluation technology), and Product Safety Association.

I do not know which organization undertakes the regulation after distribution of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, but it seems to be basically a government office.

Our Customer Stories

When you are working on authentication, of course knowledge will follow you, so I can not believe that it sells in an illegal state that does not authenticate in any case of PSE, PSC, radio law, but there are many operators who do not know anything about authentication.

When such a person was selling on the e-commerce site, the above-mentioned external organization contacted us for the investigation, and there was a case where I turned pale and consulted our company.

On the other hand, what impressed me was the episode of a local customer.

That person (Mr. A) also carried out the PSE procedure firmly, but there seemed to be few companies that filed PSE business notifications in the region, and it stood out just by filing strange stories and business reports, and there was a fact that the local branch of NITE came to investigate.

Although the number of sales was still a few levels, it seemed to come to the guidance whether the voluntary inspection report was properly made, and frankly, I got the impression that local administrative organizations that do not have work are doing it to create results.

It is difficult to comment indescribably, but it is also true that Japanese certification is a battle against vested interests, and on the other hand, if business operators do not protect it, it will be a troublesome story, so I would like you to acquire knowledge and information and respond smartly.

Old examples of our company

I will write that we were the subject of a trial test of the laser pointer (PSC) that we were actually dealing with.

A few years ago, as usual, at the end of the year in the middle of November, I received a telephone call from a person in charge of the Product Safety Association, which was commissioned by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to conduct a trial test project.

Safety Association: Your laser presenter has been subject to a trial test, so please cooperate


How do you cooperate?


Safety Association: We purchase products ourselves, so I want you to provide technical materials.


Us: Technical materials are stored in The China Factory, and it is a confidential document for the factory, so I do not know that the factory will respond.


Safety Association: I would like the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to confirm the contents once.

So, when I asked the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry,

MINISTRY OF ECONOMY, TRADE AND INDUSTRY: If you can't submit, that's fine, and there's no disadvantage from it.

The answer.
I don't know what the heck was the contact for.

If you are suddenly told, you may be surprised and follow various things, but to some extent there is room to negotiate resolutely. It's important not to be at the mercy.

In any case, we didn't submit any technical documentation in the end, but it seemed that the product was purchased. After that, I did not contact you in particular, so the trial purchase test probably passed. (Of course!) )

It is a story that is not kept, but I thought that it would be helpful in the future to know the mechanism of such post-distribution regulation, so I wrote it.


In any case, let's sell what has been certified and inspected properly.

This time, I wrote the backstory of the post-distribution regulation and trial purchase test, but this is also possible because we are basically doing certification and inspection. If the investigation enters with nothing, you can not escape anything.

Keep that in mind and try to handle the products that are eligible for certification.

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