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Convenient IH cooking heater requires PSE mark, radio law suitableness, electromagnetic test

Hello. It is a hori of the manager.

IH cooking heater that can stir-fry, simmer, grill, etc. without using heat. I think that there are a lot of people who use it such as a family and a single person.

You may not have been too bothered,
IH cooking heater is round PSE (electromagnetic induction heating cooker),
Electromagnetic induction heating cooker as a high-frequency utilization facility
corresponds to the.

In addition, recently, Bluetooth type that can be synchronized with a smartphone has also appeared, and then it corresponds to radio law skills, and a total of three certifications and tests you will need to.

To be honest, it would be quite hard work if there were three. In addition, since the electromagnetic test of the electromagnetic induction heating cooker as a high frequency utilization facility is a law unique to Japan, the inspection organization that can do the test is considerably narrowed down. In particular, it is a very difficult technique to find from among overseas inspection institutions.

If you do not have a network of inspection engines, for example, pse (other than specified electrical appliances), radio law, electromagnetics must be done at another inspection organization, much more, PSE and radio law may be inefficient, such as testing overseas (China) where the production plant is located and inspecting only electromagnetics in Japan.

This time, I would like to tell you about our case where all three tests necessary for IH cooking heaters were conducted at the same inspection organization.

What is "high-frequency utilization equipment" in the first place?

This is quoted from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications's page on high-frequency use facilities.

The Radio Act requires that in principle, installation permits for telegraphs, telephones, and other communication facilities that pass high-frequency currents of 10 kHz or more on electric railway lines, as well as industrial heating equipment, medical equipment, and various equipment that use high-frequency currents of 10 kHz or more, are individually approved.

Since high-frequency utilization equipment uses high-frequency current, radio waves are fired from the equipment, and it is expected to interfere with broadcasting and wireless communication, so it is subject to regulations.

Simply put, equipment that emits strong radio waves called high frequencies (industrial heating equipment, medical equipment, various equipment, etc.) may affect other radio wave products (radio interference), so permission is required individually (one by one) before its installation.

However, the following products and equipment are permitted by the type (production line) instead of individual (one by one).

A-guided reading and writing communication equipment
Transport intercom
c General transport type digital transmission equipment
e. Special conveyance type digital transmission device
O Broadband power line carrier communication equipment
Ka ultrasonic cleaner
Ultrasonic processing machine
Ku Ultrasonic Welder
Document copying printing machine using electromagnetic induction heating
Co-electrodeless discharge lamp
Non-contact power transmission equipment for general use
Non-contact power transmission equipment for electric vehicles

In that case
This should be the display.

In addition, the theme of this time, IH (electromagnetic induction heating cooker), also falls under high frequency utilization equipment,

With regard to microwave ovens and IH (electromagnetic induction heating cookers), it is necessary for manufacturers, etc. to confirm that the type of equipment conforms to technical conditions and deliver the model confirmation to the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications.

It is detailed, but it needs to be displayed differently from the figure above.

In addition, electromagnetic (high frequency) tests are separate from radio law tests. Of course, radio method testing is useless if there is no function to emit a radio and connect with others, but for example, if there is a function to link with a smartphone using Bluetooth like this IH, radio method test is required.

All citations are from "Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications_Outline of Radio Wave Utilization Equipment_Outline of High Frequency Utilization Equipment"

The background of the customer who requested it

From the person in charge of the Japanese corporation,

I would like to conduct and sell the IH cooking heaters produced by the U.S. headquarters at our Chinese factory in Japan, so please tell me the necessary tests. And, I want you to do the inspection, too.

I received a request that.

When I looked it up after I heard the story, I told you that the IH heater needs an electromagnetic test because it can be sent to a smartphone by connecting the surface temperature in contact with the power outlet (round PSU), IH equipment and cooking utensils to the smartphone.

Recently, the number of IH cooking heaters linked with smartphones is also increasing

Since we will conduct three tests, to be honest, the examination cost and our fee will be high, but when we give an estimate, the customer immediately agreed.

I was a little surprised and asked about the background,

In fact, the product is a product developed by the U.S. headquarters. We are planning to expand the IH around the world, and we need to expand into Japan first, so a little test cost has already been factored in. In addition, the cost was not a Japanese corporation, but contributed by the U.S. head office, so it did not hurt or itch for the person in charge in Japan Lol.

However, in order to speed up inspections, customers were looking for an agency that could receive PSE, radio law, and electromagnetics all at once in China factory products, and there was a request that inspection institutions could be consolidated as well.

In particular, it was recognized that radio law certification is not possible in China, and when I explained that it is possible to do so using our resources, I was asked to ask our company by all means.

Continuous inspection failure, especially PSE,

I was asked to test as soon as possible and hurry sales in Japan, and I wanted to meet my wishes as much as possible, but contrary to that thought, the test was quite difficult.

However, I also feel that it may be such a thing to test in Japan with overseas products. In the first place, the standards are different, so it may be unavoidable that there is some kind of defect, especially if it is a large product.

It is difficult to instruct the factory from the beginning, and I personally feel that the best shortcut is to proceed while doing it. I think our role is to explain the facts of such certifications carefully to our customers.

Roughly, but let's take a quick look back at the testing process.

1st test

The China factory brought samples to the inspection agency. The radio law is roughly okay, and it turns out that EMI fails in PSE. Then, the factory took the sample home as it was.

It was to take measures against EMI, but as a result, other tests of radio law and electromagnetics were not able to proceed.

I think that both the U.S. headquarters and Japanese operators were quite frustrated by the situation where nothing progressed, but this is the way of working at the production plant, so I can't help it.

Learn more about EMI.

The main reason for failure in pse certification for electrical appliances and materials produced in China and overseas is EMC test!?

2nd test

After a month or two, the factory resubmitted samples with EMI measures.

PSE resuccession, there is a problem in the external material test

After that, the radio law, PSE, and electromagnetic tests proceeded well, but this time, there was a failure of the outer material at PSE.

I brought back the sample in the first test, so I
It has been discovered.

In addition, "outer material" is a fairly specialized term, but it is an equipment used outside the product (surface), and pse performs heat resistance and insulator tests. I failed this exam.

If the outer material fails, it is quite important, but it does not necessarily replace all, and it may pass by changing the surface area or changing some accessories. In any case, it took a little time, but after that I passed the exam safely.

The exam was difficult while interacting with the U.S. headquarters.

In this way, we were able to successfully complete all the tests of PSE, radio law, and electromagnetics while the planned period was exceeded. In fact, the hardest part was that we proceeded with all the work while confirming that we were headquartered in the U.S.

Normally, the certification test would be carried out while directly confirming with the factory, but this time we took the form of visiting the U.S. headquarters in all of them.

While communicating with the U.S. head office in English, the Chinese factory was given instructions in China, and japanese operators were explained the situation in Japan. We are proud that it is our unique strength to be able to respond to such trilinguals.

Even if the test time took time due to the PSE question, all the players in each country were able to share information, so I was able to finish the exam without major trouble.

In particular, the person in charge of the U.S. headquarters seemed to be very grateful to our company, and when we are expanding our products to countries other than Japan in the future, we would like to ask for tests for each country concerned.

As an engineer, I was pleased that we were able to develop new customers from around the world that will lead to the future.


Application by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications for electromagnetic (high-frequency use equipment) is impossible for an amateur

As an aside, it is quite difficult to apply for electromagnetic (high-frequency use equipment) by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

The application for the document itself only writes and sends the company's information in the form, but the difficulty is that the product contents must be incorporated into the format specified by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. In addition to the electromagnetic test itself, it is necessary to transfer the inspection contents to another content.

Overseas inspection organizations basically do not do so far, or it may be more accurate that you can not do it because you do not know the format of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications in Japan.

For your reference, I will make a page of form.

These contents last about 4 sheets.
To be honest, this will be uncontrollable for amateurs unless you ask an expert.

Citation: Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications homepage_Procedures for formula confirmation

It is relatively easy to apply for PSE and radio law, but please be careful about this point because it is necessary to prepare an attached document for electromagnetic (high frequency utilization equipment).

One way to start by supporting overseas manufacturers' expansion into Japan

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In such a case, all authentication costs may be borne over there, so your bosom does not hurt much, and mobility and action in Japan may be the main requirements.

This time, I told you about the domestic certification test required for an IH cooking heater (electromagnetic induction heating cooker).


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