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[Permanent preservation version] What should I do with pse, PSC, radio law (technical) certification? China, but is it okay? What's the cost? All the problems TOP7 is open to the public

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Hello. It is a hori of the manager.

We have posted a number of certification Q&A so far, but I would like to send you the TOP7 again. To be honest, the problems I'm posting this time are all that I tell you in each article, but it is still the content that customers hear the most.

I think that the need is so high, and we will answer in Q&A format in a form that summarizes again.

I've told you many times, but for customers who are doing business on the front lines, the immediate challenge is to clear certification and start a business, aside from the detailed technical story.

And when trying to work on authentication, I understand that pse, because it is related to PSE and dangerous goods, it will emit PSC, radio waves (technical) etc., but I do not know what to do to actually authenticate.

If you contact the competent ministries and agencies, you will be asked to ask the inspection body, and if you contact the inspection body, you will be asked to provide technical documents and samples. However, fundamentally, how can we get documents and samples from overseas factories in China and other countries?

The inspection organization etc. do not consult, and please get the document from the factory even if it looks for the authorization agency and it contacts it, and it sticks to one point. After all, there are many inquiries from such customers who do not know what to do and only time passes.

If you are considering authentication, do you have any experience like the above?

This time, we will tell these people the information necessary to start certification at our factories in China and overseas.

How should I certify products from factories in China and overseas?

It is natural that we specialize in that, but there are really many consultations of this kind. However, if you think about "certification of overseas products" a little more, you may come to see various things.

Can I do Japanese certification at an inspection agency other than Japan?

To conclude earlier, there is no conclusion at all. Rather, I think it is more nonsense to uniformly inspect products produced in China and other overseas in Japan.

I don't know how to contact an overseas inspection agency.

However, of course, even so, it is certainly difficult to find an overseas inspection organization that can be certified by Japan. Even if you search the internet from a Japanese PC, there is a problem with the language used, so it can be said that there is almost no right inspection organization.

Even if you can find it, there is no guarantee that you will receive a decent reply even if you send an email in Japanese. It may laugh, but even if you can do a Japanese test, it is not so if you are fluent in Japanese.

Some of them use Google Translate to contact inspection agencies in China and other countries in English, but technical terms are not translated and there are many cases where it is difficult to communicate their intentions.

There are few things that sincerely respond to contacts from overseas that do not have a good meaning, and that is the case even if you look back on yourself. Even if you have inquiries from overseas in broken Japanese, you will most likely ignore them.

It's not a bad thing, it's a waste of time dealing with people who don't understand well, and it can lead to major accidents in the first place.

There are many inspection agencies other than Japan that undertake Japanese certification.

In any case, please keep in mind that there are many inspection agencies that undertake Japanese certification. The only question is whether you can make good contact with those places.

On the other hand, it is also true that there are some inspections that can only be done by Japanese inspection institutions, so if you are not familiar with this area, let's outsource it as soon as possible.

Some customers trusted them to be large inspection agencies, but in fact, they did not have a license to certify the product, but they sometimes fell asleep without being refunded.

I can't get certification cooperation from a factory in China (overseas)

As I mentioned earlier about inspection agencies, the biggest point is rather this one, and there are really many consultations that you do not know how to get overseas factories to receive Japanese certification.

In particular, it is even more like a factory that deals for the first time, such as a factory that I found in Alibaba and was introduced by an acquaintance.

And, please remember that there are a lot of not wanting to cooperate separately if one is said. You just don't know what to do specifically, and you don't have the motivation and time to find out for yourself.

If you speak in words that understand the documents that need to be done about Japanese certification, it is usually something that you do. So, please try to find a agency that can do that.

I don't know about authentication in the first place.

It is unavoidable, but this is also a big problem.
In short, I want to authenticate, but I don't know what to do. Since most companies do not have the time to appoint someone like a major company and originally concurrently serve as work, it is very difficult to learn from the beginning about authentication that is difficult to grasp information.

On the other hand, since it is the world of certification that half-hearted knowledge cannot negotiate with factories and inspection institutions, it seems that it is ultimately more cost-saving to give up early and take the option of outsourcing to the outside.

Conversely, if you know this, authentication will be easier to proceed with.

How long does it take to authenticate?

If you are in business, of course you are worried about the sense of schedule, but I get questions every time.

To the extent we answer,

If there is no problem, the normal net period of about 6 weeks is a guide in both PSE and radio law.

It means.

But what you have to worry about here is

What is the net duration of authentication?

The net duration of the certification is six weeks, but does not include the lead time to prepare the necessary technical documents and samples. In particular, in radio law tests, detailed technical materials and test samples must be prepared, and the ability of factories is often questioned.

It is also true that some factories have everything in one week, and some factories do not progress at all even after several months.

However, it is a big step forward to understand that there are such circumstances rather than 10 months without knowing anything.

What does it mean if there is nothing?

"If there is nothing wrong", authentication is often problematic. Pse may have problems with EMC/EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility Test and Emission Test) or the parts are not PSE compliant.

In terms of the Radio Law, the radio band emitted by the sample deviates from the standard in Japan.

It is rather a waste of time to challenge the examination after it makes it perfect, and the way of doing the certification test for the time being, and intensively solving the part with the deficiencies is the best cospa though there are a lot of cases with various problems.

The question is whether you can find a agency to go out with the recovery.

How much does the inspection cost?

Think of this as truly case-by-case and certification bespoke per product.

However, if it is only that, I will not answer anything, so I will paste the table on our homepage for reference.

Citation: INSIGHT WORKS Co., Ltd. Website

This is an image in which our fee is added to this.

In general, inspection organizations tend to be unbearable if they do not have all the product materials, and on the other hand, from customers who want to certify imported products from overseas, there are situations where it is difficult to prepare materials, so even estimates cannot be obtained even after how long.

As one of the highlights of the skills of the agency company, it is a sense of speed that can give an estimate even in a state where there are few materials. It is also true that some people rely on such know-how to listen only to estimates and doron, but it is also true that if you repeat the lower service, the number of customers who trust you will also grow.

What should I do if my authentication fails?/

As I mentioned earlier, it is not uncommon for authentication to fail (some). However, it is a common story, and it does not end all authentication, so I hope you can rest assured that point.

However, as a problem, the certification and inspection organization basically does not tell you the contents for recovery. It is necessary for factories to take measures by themselves by hearing the contents of the failure, but there are few overseas factories that can think of measures to pass Japanese certification in the first place.

The reality is that authentication can fail at least once, and there is a need to secure an agency that can take measures. Conversely, it is also true that authentication is not very scary if you know it.

And in any case, it is the factory that makes countermeasures, so it is the factory that holds all the key points. Certification will never proceed without the cooperation of the factory. Keep this in mind.


When I certify overseas, such as China, how should I deliver it to ministries and agencies after certification?


(for PSE)

The PSE certificate, necessary documents, and business notifications issued after the certification are delivered to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (Bureau).

Looking at this flow of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, it is supposed to report the business before certification, but it is safe to go after certification. Rather, since information comes out in various ways after authentication, it is easier to do after authentication. We also advise our customers that way.

(for PSC)

If you do not report the business before certification, the inspection organization will not move to the inspection. This area is different from PSE, so be careful.
In any case, we support this as we are always puzzled by how to deliver it, because there is too little information.

(In the case of radio law)

This is the case of our company to the last, but the applicant does not have to deliver anything. The certification body that issues the certificate will also notify the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. Once the certificate is issued, don't worry about delivery and give your business a hard time.

Can I trust the certificate held by the China factory?

There are several patterns to this.

Pse Specified Electrical Appliances and Materials (Rhombus PSE)

This can only be certified and inspected by registered inspection organizations certified by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, so you can trust this.

However, make sure that the certificate content is truly in line with the product.

In the case of non-PSE specified electrical appliances (round PSE)

Don't trust this. Inspections other than PSE specified electrical appliances can be performed by any inspection organization, so we are seeing very many patterns where inspection organizations that do not understand Japanese certification display a round PSE mark on the certificate. Simply put, the contents of the inspection are messy.

Of course, it is possible to apply to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry even with this content, but if there is a product accident, the pursuit from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry will become considerably severe.

I can't understand the chinese minds who can put out such things as certificates, and I feel only resentment to those who are overrun by the laws of other countries in this way.

Let's start with doubts about the certifications and inspection reports other than PSE specified electrical appliances and regulations held by the China plant.

In the case of radio law (technical suitability)

Basically, this is the same as PSE specified electrical appliances (rhombus PSE), and only registered inspection organizations certified by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of the competent ministries and agencies can issue certificates, so this can be trusted.

However, when I asked if I was acquiring the Radio Law at the production plant, there was a pattern that other Japanese corporations are funding when I hear that I am lucky. There is no legal problem to display and sell the radio law number on the company's products, but if the other company knows about it in some way, there is a possibility that it will be troubled, so let's check that point in advance.


Basically, the certificate is issued to the applicant company (Japanese corporation), so it is impossible for the factory to have a certificate.


Will the applicant for PSE specified electrical appliances become a production plant? I'm the one who's making money!

As a general rule, applicants for PSE specified electrical appliances and materials become production plants. For example, even if an importer (Japanese corporation) funds the test, the applicant is a production plant.

Be sure to understand this point. Some customers say that the money is in-house, but the rights holder is in the production plant, but please note that pse law stipulates that way.

On the other hand, other than PSE specified electrical appliances (round PSE), the fundee can be the applicant.

Of course, the production plant can be an applicant as it is, and more specifically, it is also possible to make a third party who has not issued funds an applicant.

With regard to round PSE, there are no special provisions regarding the applicant.

With regard to PSE (both diamond and round), it may be necessary to consult with the factory in advance, as the production plant may be able to support sales and PSE procedures as a PSE compliant product to a complete third party.

The above may be understood if you check the information of each article from corner to corner, but it will take a really huge amount of time. To be clear, it is only useless to spend that time, so please call the above and consult us if you have any questions.

The e-mail magazine where you can learn the real authentication information that you grasped at the forefront of the authentication business is from the following. It is full of wisdom and tips to advance the certification business advantageously!

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