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In the case where the product body is not necessarily PSE coverage even if the charging adapter is used

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Hello. It is a hori of the manager.

From customers who are looking into PSE,
Pse targets are charging adapters (DC power supplies), and the product body is not for PSE, is it?

The question is increasing.

Furthermore, since charging adapters are often PSE acquired at overseas production plants, and it is possible to complete relatively simple procedures such as sub-book application, pse costs are cheaper than doing PSE inspection from scratch, and you can save the trouble of setting up inspections in the first place.

From the customer's point of view( importer), it is a thing to do. We do not have a reason to recommend useless authentication, so we will respond as necessary.

However, in recent cases, there are cases where it is better to perform PSE certification on the product body, not a charging adapter, even for products that use a charging adapter.

If you do not have knowledge around here, you may proceed with the inspection at the mercy of the agency company, or you may not meet the necessary inspections in the first place, so I think that you can learn firmly.

What is the role of a DC power supply (AC adapter)?

As I have mentioned several times in this media, PSE basically covers direct current (AC) electrical appliances.

Simply put, products that supply power to the main unit using a power cord are PSE targets.

On the other hand, the main unit itself does not come with a power cord, and the product body that connects a DC power supply unit (AC adapter) and supplies power is basically not subject to PSE (because it is "DC = AC"). On the other hand, ac adapters are subject to PSE specific electrical appliances.

Quote: Monotaro

By the way, let's briefly review why adapters are often used in product design.

There is a very well organized page, so I will quote it.

– What happens without an AC adapter? –

If you do not use an AC adapter, you must include the ability to convert AC to DC in the product.

This eliminates the need to carry the equipment and AC adapter together, but the equipment itself becomes much heavier.

-Why AC adapters are used so often-

In addition to the components required for the equipment, the man-hours required for power supply circuits can be reduced, and by purchasing power supply circuits as components, development costs are eliminated and costs are reduced for manufacturers.

In addition, one of the advantages is that by separating the power supply circuit with a short life from the equipment, by replacing the AC adapter even if the power supply circuit fails or becomes unusable, it can continue to be used without replacing the equipment.

For devices using rechargeable batteries, which have increased in recent years, it may be a reason why AC adapters are often used that they can be used as battery chargers. As an example of the merit from the user's point of view, by preparing an AC adapter for each work and home, it is helpful to carry luggage lightly only by the pc itself to carry in daily commuting.

Quote: What is the role of UNIFIVE_ adapter?

Certainly, if the product body and the power supply part are separate, if the main body function still functions, but the power supply part is drained first and cannot be used, only the power supply part can be switched newly.

In addition, if it is a product equipped with a lithium ion storage battery, the product body can be charged using an AC adapter, and it can be used cordlessly when the adapter is removed. Laptops and vacuum cleaners are typical examples.

There are many other benefits of not extending the power cord directly from the product.

Is the adapter pse or the console pse-based?

If you are considering PSE certification, you can end the PSE procedure relatively inexpensively by using an AC adapter certified by PSE at an overseas factory, so you are often aware that it is easy to proceed with business.

Certainly, the cost has never been more than cheap, so the recognition is not a mistake, but in recent cases, there is a pattern that it does not necessarily only do PSE procedures for DC power supply because it uses an AC adapter, and this time I would like to tell you that point.


Examples of patterns that are more convenient to target the main unit as PSE

There were DC products (products with no power outlets from the main unit) and AC adapters, and initially we planned to inspect the AC adapter with PSE. Because it is convenient to make dc products and AC adapters freely attached and detached because the same product becomes a considerable amount.

However, since AC adapters (DC power supplies) fall under PSE specified electrical appliances, factory on-site inspections by registered inspection bodies are required, and at the same time, the introduction of calibration equipment for products will be required. This time, it was necessary to authenticate the AC adapter from the beginning.

In fact, the factory does not have the necessary equipment, and just by introducing it, several hundred thousand yen will be generated. As a production factory in China, I don't want to buy such equipment, and it is troublesome to find a supplier in the first place.

In addition to the inspection of high-cost specific electrical appliances, it is a double punch when equipment is also introduced, so what we proposed is a pattern that lowers the difficulty of the test by slightly remodeling the main body and adapter of DC products into an integral type that can not be attached and detachable and making them other than specific electrical appliances.

By becoming integrated, there may be some inconvenience at the site of use, but as a result, we were able to avoid the worst case that the business itself could not be done without being able to authenticate. In addition, I gave advice on the points for doing PSE tests in an integral way.

Pattern cases where the main unit has become PSE target

Overseas manufacturers are often thinking about designing this pattern, and they were using PSE-certified adapters to reduce development costs.

The use of the adapter is a structure that is integrated with the product.

The product body has become an application to move to quite various places and use it, and if it is a detachable type that completely separates the adapter and the main body, functionality is considerably reduced because it must be carried around together every time. That's why the product and adapter were integrated.

However, in such a case, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) expressed the view that the product itself is subject to PSE.

At first, to be honest, there were not many products themselves, so the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry probably did not see much properly, but I decided to show a new view in a later janken manner.

In addition, the product body in this project is a specific electrical appliance and equipment, and it is necessary to conduct PSE tests that incur a reasonable difficulty and cost, such as requiring on-site inspections of production plants.

It is a business owner who gets into trouble, and it is quite troublesome that the cost that was kept cheap until now suddenly costs extra. On the other hand, if you put it dirty, our company will increase the number of work there, but we have responded with reasonable proposals as much as possible anyway.

In some cases, it is important to realize that there are always various possibilities without thinking that it is okay no matter what is left, just because you have cleared PSE once.

Aside: Be careful because there are bad products even with PSE certified adapters!

At the request of the customer, I wanted to conduct a safety test of the AC adapter produced by the Chinese factory that is PSE certified, so I tried to do it, but emc (electromagnetic compatibility test) failed.

Simply put, electromagnetic waves (radio waves) are emitted from the product more than specified, and it is a condition that may adversely affect surrounding electronic devices and the human body.

If the factory has really acquired PSE, inspection can only be performed by a registered inspection body designated by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, so it can be seen that the inspection organization is not doing it appropriately. Then, it is thought that emc measures were not done properly by cutting corners when the factory finished the inspection and mass production.

If you do not make it okay because there is a PSE certificate uniformly, and do not talk firmly about the production plant and the product contents, if an accident occurs by any chance, it will be the responsibility of the importer, so please be careful about that point.

As mentioned above, there is a possibility that various inspections may be required even with AC adapters (DC power supplies), so if you contact a specialized company like ours, we will provide you with accurate and safe judgments.

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