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Example of a power plug being different from outdoor and indoor use if you want to do PSE certification

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Hello. It is a hori of the manager.

I don't think this story is directly related to our company's PSE certification, but it is a pretty unique case, and I would like to introduce it because there may be a reason why it will be a hint in the future.

I can't say the specific product name,
Certification targets are products other than PSE specified electrical appliances (round PSE) used in the garden (outdoor) of the home.

Electrical appliances that are intended primarily for outdoor use must be used for outdoor use for their power plugs (cords).

Outdoor power plugs?

There may be many people who think that.
However, you may not need to worry if you are from the user's point of view, but it is a story that the sales side of pse products should know.

First of all, what is the difference between the power plugs for indoor and outdoor use?

I think that it is difficult to understand even if you explain it in words, whether it is for indoor use or outdoors, so let's take a quick look at the actual thing.

For indoor use


For outdoor use

Quote: Amazon

It is obvious when it is said.
I think that many of the electrical appliances that the general public sees are for indoor use, so you may not be worried about outdoor power plugs, but in fact they are made so different. Of course, the type of PSE authentication will also change.

First of all, let's keep this in mind.

History of our case study

We will explain the history of authentication with customers.

From a Japanese trading company,
In order to treat products produced by overseas manufacturers as importers,
I was asked to take the PSE certification on your behalf.

Originally, jet (Institute for Electrical Safety and Environment), a long-established PSE certified company in Japan,
It seems that the story proceeded until the sample was sent to JET to request it.

However, since we do not have the know-how on PSE certification in-house, we were looking for an agency to interact with JET, and we discovered our company.

The product itself is non-PSE specified electrical appliances (round PSE), and it is not necessarily necessary to inspect with JET, and the certification cost is the same or less even if we put our fee if you use a Chinese inspection agency.

Of course, there is also a premium that I did a test with JET in Japan,
When I asked about the circumstances around there,
If pse certification is over without sticking to it at all,
There is no problem in any inspection organization.

Under such a statement, the Company
It is easy to talk to if it is a Chinese inspection organization,
Not only can we interact with inspection agencies, but we also have the necessary advice.
I told you that.

Therefore, pse inspection will be asked by us,
JET raised the sample.

From jet's view, business interruptions may be serious lol.

In any case, as we re-arrange PSE certification at the Chinese inspection body,
Conducted online meetings with representatives from japanese subsidiaries and overseas manufacturers.

I can communicate well with all concerned,
All that remains is to proceed with authentication.

Solutions proposed by our company

In fact, the product was mainly intended for outdoor use (such as a home garden), while the power plug was for indoor use.

In addition, outdoor plugs are thick specifications that are waterproofed to outlets so that they can withstand rain and wind.

Quote: Amazon

Pse certification itself is possible even with indoor plugs, but it is for indoor use only, and if you use it outdoors, you will feel a little sick.

If a user familiar with PSE notices the fact and notifies the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, there is a good possibility that the importer will be blamed for something.

In the first place, if indoor plugs are used exclusively outdoors, users may be electrocuted.

As an importer, if you write a note such as "Please use this product indoors only", the product value will be lost.

Because of this background, it was confirmed by all of them that it is essential to use outdoor plugs in this product. By the way, if you are certified with JET, it will be terminated as it is for indoor use! It might have been supposed to be.

In that sense,
It was good to ask our company that we were able to notice important points in advance,
I received a word.

If it is for PSE specific electricity, it is necessary to remake the sample

As another point.

Since it is useless to remake the sample only to replace it with an outdoor plug, if there is no problem with the structure of the product itself, for the plug, we have decided to attach a setup with an inspection agency that it is good if there is a photo of an alternative sample and a PSE certificate.

Inspection standards for non-PSE specified electrical appliances (round PSE) are not so strict, and it is not a problem if the safety of the product is finally ensured.

However, it is a story that cannot be established without knowledge and know-how that can be negotiated firmly with the inspection organization, and basically it will not be proposed concretely from the inspection organization.

It is necessary to ask how to proceed from the side which receives the examination to the last.

That being said, manufacturers can't find a plug supplier
While it was found that outdoor power plugs were necessary, it seems that it was difficult for overseas manufacturers to find a supplier of Pse-certified outdoor plugs in Japan.

In order not to cost extra money, I wanted overseas manufacturers to find their own suppliers, but that did not come true, and in the end we were asked if they would introduce suppliers in China.

On our side,
Since it is a separate act from authentication, you will be charged some service costs, but is it still ok?
When I checked,

That was fine.

Clearly understand whether the product is for indoor or outdoor use

As mentioned earlier, few users are concerned about indoor and outdoor use.
However, if you are a seller, you need to clearly understand the difference.

It is also for the passage of PSE testing, but it is also important from the viewpoint of making user safety first.

For example, even though it is an outdoor product, if you pass the PSE test for indoor use, if there is an accident in which the user is electrocuted when it rains, the negligence of the business operator will definitely be questioned.

I tested PSE properly!?

Even if you think, it is not enough to laugh if it was actually an indoor test. The operator is responsible for grasping the content of the PSE test.

However, even so, if the business operator can not grasp the details so much, it is also a hand to use a certification agent from the beginning. Unfortunately, inspection agencies do not give so much advice alone.

If you are going to authenticate, please proceed with such a point in mind.


Note: We believe that there is something wrong with products made overseas in terms of PSE.

This time, we are sorry in the form of our success stories, but it is better to think that there are some deficiencies from the viewpoint of PSE in Japan, especially those produced by overseas manufacturers who are not familiar with Pse in Japan.

Safety standards are different in various countries around the world, so it would be impossible to impose the responsibility of confirmation only on the manufacturer (factory) side.

In particular, Japanese inspection agencies are quite detailed, and it is difficult to recover, so I would like you to have it as a preliminary knowledge that it is easy to advance overseas inspection institutions advantageously if possible.

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