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If you don't know, you lose!? If you are concerned about PSE authentication cost and radio law authentication cost, we will teach you how to save authentication costs TOP5

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Hello. It is a hori of the manager.

In this media, we write many legal systems such as PSE and radio law, certification processes, customer cases, etc., but after all, the biggest concern for those who inquire is "authentication cost".

In particular, when introducing a new product, it takes a considerable decision to put out the cost of hundreds of thousands of yen for those who are not sure whether it will really sell, and millions of yen if you are poor.

However, even though we know that the product we want to handle requires pse marks and radio laws, we do not want to take the risk of selling without certification, so we decide not to authenticate.

It's not bad, but I think it's a shame to miss out on the business opportunities in front of us, and frankly, it's an honest feeling.

Since we are a "certification agency" to the last, we do not promise consulting on authentication cost saving, but we still provide advice on cost saving and financing in order to proceed with authentication in the favor of customers as much as possible.

Immediately, I will write mainly about our examples.

On August 30, 2021, we uploaded an example of our own adoption of a grant for the PSE test in this media.
Please take a look at that as well.

[Authentication cost saving example! ] We used subsidies to save pse costs.


Pse etc. do not use Japanese certification bodies as much as possible

Please remember this story really well, but pse has specific electrical appliances (commonly known as diamond PSU) and other non-specific electrical appliances (commonly known as round PSE).

In the case of non-specified electrical appliances

First of all, if you talk about non-specified electrical appliances (hereinafter referred to as round PSE), there is no systemic problem in the inspection of round PSE (standard conformity confirmation) at any inspection organization. Ultimately, it is also possible to inspect in-house.

However, since it is necessary to describe inspection items and inspection contents in the PSE inspection report, it is not possible to perform in-house inspections without equipment and knowledge, and it is easy to imagine that the disposal from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in the event of a product accident will be considerably heavy if sales are made with a report created appropriately.

With prior knowledge of this background, I think most people will request certification from JET (NEC Institute for Safety and Environment) for round PSEs.

Of course, that's fine, but we recommend using a high-level inspection agency in China to save money.

When it comes to inspection institutions in China, it may be doubtful whether it will properly inspect with the impression that it is unsusing, but in our company, ultra-veteran acting practitioners respond at reasonable prices at high-level inspection institutions.

PSE certification requires specialized knowledge and effort, so many people want to outsource it to an agency, but if you use it to a japanese inspection agency and use it to a agency, you will incur a considerable cost.

Of course, chinese inspection agencies are not cheap, but in our example, there are many cases where they are equivalent to the cost of inspection institutions in Japan even if combined with agency costs.

Everything is on a case-by-case basis, but first of all, I think it is worth remembering that there are other options besides Japanese inspection agencies.

In particular, if the production plant is in China, it is faster to go in China than to send samples to Japan and inspect them. The other day, I used to send products from my U.S. factory to China for inspection.

In the case of specified electrical appliances and supplies

Next, if we talk about specific electrical appliances (hereinafter referred to as diamond-shaped PSE), this is basically the same as the round PSE, and there is an option to conduct inspections at overseas inspection institutions.

However, since the inspection organization that can perform inspections of rhombus PSA is limited by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry regulations, it is not a good thing to ask anywhere. However, it is possible for us to select the best inspection body.

Since it is a certification body certified by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry that can conduct inspections of rhombus PSE, the technical level is naturally high, and there is basically no problem even if you leave the work. Language is the only problem, but we can clear that.

Although it is an overseas inspection organization that is only good, however, when it comes to rhombus PSE, the classification of electrical appliances that can be inspected varies depending on the inspection organization, so in some cases, you may have to ask a domestic inspection organization such as JET. We can also advise you on this point.

I have the impression that you are just dissing domestic inspection institutions, but of course there are many advantages of domestic inspection institutions, and the most important is the premium that "certified in Japan". I certainly think this is great.

On the other hand, if there is no particular commitment to such things, I would like you to take advantage of using an overseas inspection organization as an option.

Use a Chinese inspection body for radio law certification

As a flow of radio law certification,
(1) Designated certification bodies handle everything from inspection to certificate issuance
(2) The inspection body conducts inspection practice, and the designated certification body issues the certificate.
There are two main patterns.

I honestly can't see what kind of system Japanese domestic certification bodies have, but what we recommend is the pattern of conducting inspections at a Chinese inspection organization in (2) and having a certification body issued to a certification body in the United States and other places.

It becomes much cheaper when this is made. And with regard to the level of the Chinese inspection body, it is the same as the PSE part described above.

The other day, there was an inquiry about the radio law certification cost of products imported from the Chinese factory, and when I asked for our usual estimate, I was surprised to be told that it was about half of when I asked other companies in Japan.

In addition, the agency has said that it does not interact with the Chinese factory at all, but our company is half price including interactions with Chinese companies.

I don't know if it's a company that knows only high routes or if it's quite rip-up, but of course, the customer who consulted us wants to ask us, so we are talking with other derivatives.

Speaking of radio law authentication, I do not think that there is only telec (TELEC), there are various ways to proceed, so please grasp the information by all means and make it possible to authenticate on the cheapest route.

PSE charging adapter uses certified factory products

The power cord does not extend from the product body, and for products that power the product using a charging adapter, the charging adapter is the PSE target, not the product body.

By the way, the electrical appliance and material category is a DC power supply of rhombus pse.

Dc power supply (charging adapter) is considerably more expensive than round PSE when pse certification is obtained from the first, but in fact, there are many patterns where (adapter) production plants in China have already obtained PSE certification.

Since the manufacturer of the product body often purchases from the adapter factory that has obtained PSE certification, in the case of products that use adapters, is it PSE acquired at the factory? It is important to listen.

However, the factory misunderstands that there is no problem just by acquiring PSE, but in order to distribute it regularly in Japan, a certain document procedure is required.

It is possible to act on our behalf, but it can be completed at a cost of about 1/3 to 1/4 rather than normal authentication.

Alternatively, you can give up importing adapters and purchase PSE-acquired adapters sold by Japanese manufacturers in Japan. In this case, no PSE procedures are required.

It is up to the business operator to decide what kind of choices to make, but let's grasp these points as knowledge.

They divide their costs

Tell the production plant the merits of Japanese certification and have them pay a part of the cost

To be clear, it is unknown whether it will succeed, but I think that it is possible to propose a plan of certification cost to the production plant.

Of course, you will not cooperate without conveying any merits, but for example, "I want you to bear some unnecessary authentication because I promise to purchase ○○00 pieces", "I want you to cooperate because acquiring Japanese PSE and radio law will lead to your brand image".

As a factory, there are many things to refuse just to cooperate because they buy products, but listening is not a bad thing in itself, so you may want to negotiate that area.

Maybe we can draw some favorable conditions. It is also necessary to accumulate such experience.

The applicant bears each other's burden

Even in PSE and radio law, for example, even if two companies pay for each other, the certification holder becomes a production plant. The arrangement between the two companies is quite important, but no matter which import and sells, there is no legal problem as long as the procedure is carried out.

On the other hand, it is also possible to register the same product with a different model number (depending on the type of product). Then, it is also possible to share certified products by model number with multiple companies.

We also have arrangements and know-how to do these things, so if you are interested, please contact us.


Raise funds as "certifying products necessary for business" instead of "certifying the product itself"

Although we cannot be responsible for the success or failure of funding, when introducing the methods that our customers are doing, it is not a certification to sell a single product, but a certification of the products necessary for conducting business, it seems that the Chamber of Commerce and Industry may take a "capital investment" view.

Then, it comes to cooperate in the loan approach to the Policy Finance Corporation, and the talk of the subsidy and the subsidy, etc. might pass.

The point here is that certification for selling a single product at Amazon, Rakuten, etc. is treated as "purchase", and if the product alone is promising, there may be a loan, but subsidies and subsidies will definitely not pass.

Of course, the application of subsidies and subsidies will affect the local government to which the company belongs and the time of year, so I cannot say in general, but please be aware that such a direction can be considered.

If you need an estimate to submit to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we can provide it, so please feel free to contact us first.

I've briefly explained how to save on authentication costs, but in any case, it's true that authentication requires a decent amount of money. Most of them are prescribed fees, so there is little way to dramatically reduce that amount.

However, it is also true that if you have a solid knowledge of certification, there are ways to find cheap routes or raise funds. Certification bodies and general certification agency companies do not respond to such financial consultations, so I would like you to consult with a agency with a business perspective like our company.


We are currently recruiting agents for our certification agency business.
Why don't you start a side business with a certification agency model that makes a profit of 100,000 yen or more with a single order?

For details, please access the information page from the banner below.






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