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Instead of expensive rare products used by some people in the Chinese import business, many people will look for what they need in their daily lives

Hello. It is a hori of the manager.

In the previous article, I explained the meaning of "selling" in the first place, but this time, I would like to give you an overview of what kind of products are actually advantageous if you choose.

In particular, I think that people who are going to start an import business from now on have been on the consumer side, so I think that the user's point of contact is very strong. Therefore, if you sell the product yourself, you may want to sell a good product even a little.

There may also be consultations advising you to sell what you want.

However, from a business point of view, you are making a mistake in choosing a product.

What is the definition of "good product" in the first place?
What do you want, but not necessarily what others want?

I hope that you will grow as a chinese import business operator as we gradually revolt such recognition.

What is the definition of "good product"?

The quality is good, there are a lot of functions, and the price is high, and such things may be considered as good products. On the other hand, quality is also recognized as cheap products there as cheap.

But in fact, which product is really selling a lot is a high product or a cheap product?

The answer is simple and cheap. Because it is cheap, it is easy to have it taken by many people. In principle, it is called "good product" that many customers can pick up, that is, many people can buy it.

Dealing with that kind of thing is the first step in making your business more advantageous.

However, what I would like you not to misunderstand is whether a high product is a bad product. There are a certain number of people who seek high products, and of course, there is demand for them, but it is a product that chooses a business operator that can handle it, and in order to proceed advantageously for those who start business in the future, it is better to handle "good products" in principle style at first.

Another important point is that customers will not pick up if it is really cheap even if it is cheap. This is the principle of selling products of moderate quality as cheaply as possible, but detailed explanations will be done at another time.

At the very least, keep in mind the fact that only companies that sell at prices that sell at prices that are easy for many customers to buy are growing (listed) because there are no companies listed by selling higher than the general market in the genre.

Even if you want to sell what you want, it won't sell, will it?

First of all, how many products do you know and want in your range of life?

I don't basically use the best-selling products I'm currently dealing with myself. However, there is no doubt that it is a product that customers are looking for, and further product improvement is also carried out from the customer's point of looking.

Also, when I want myself, I tend to choose things with more and more extra functions without permission, good quality things even if it is a little high, etc., but when it comes to buyer's point of looking at, do you want to buy something more expensive than the market price from a vendor?

In addition, such products are difficult to specify quality and cost high, so although it is good to purchase them, it is possible that they will not sell as expected and withdraw from business in no time.

Apart from it, it is not a problem whether you want yourself or not, the important thing is whether you want (many) customers, and as a business operator it is your job to look for the product.

Principles of Management PrinciplesThe concept of best-selling products

As a clue to look for such products, in principle, "EveryDay", EveryBody (everyone)" I will teach.

As you read, it is a thing that everyone uses every day, and in short, it is a high frequency used product. In short, it is a composition that customers use things frequently in their daily lives, and those with high frequency of use sell naturally, and sell as cheaply as possible because they are things they use every day.

As an analogy often put out in principle, it is a little far from the goods sales, but it is a sushi restaurant and revolving sushi that does not turn.

Sushi restaurants that do not go around are expensive, so for example, as 15,000 yen per person, it is a level that can be done only by a couple once a year, but if there is 2,000 yen per person, you can eat a full stomach, and even if you go with four family members, you can go every month because it is cheap.

Then, sushi that is not turned will be 30,000 yen per household per year, and Revolving sushi will be 8,000 yen× 12 months = 96,000 yen. While Revolving sushi shops are listed in bumpy pieces, there are no companies listed at sushi restaurants that do not turn.

The idea is also important in single item sales, and even if you handle high things, if you can only sell once a month, there can be no growth as a business.

That's why it's important to look for "EveryDay(every day)" and "Everyone" products as much as possible. However, even if you say "customer's daily life", there are all kinds of scenes such as home, workplace, school, hobbies, moving outside, dating in the neighborhood, so I look for products of "EveryDay (every day)" and "Everyone".

There might be various speculations that the expensive one is cool or the cheap one is not cool because it sells, and I feel that the person who sells a lot cheaply and grows up is cooler than the person who does not grow at all because it is not cool because it sells.

Let's find products that sell by learning the various lives of customers and knowing each "EveryDay (every day)" and "Everyone".

First of all, let's simply sell what sells.

Another important thing is that you don't have to trial and error the products that sell yourself. For example, you don't make products for a certain layer of "EveryDay (every day) and EveryBody(everyone)" by thinking about it from the first place.

If you think for yourself, it will not be completed even if it passes until long, and if you make it from the first place in the first place, it will not sell no matter how much money you have. Moreover, it is a story only of a part of genius that the one thought for myself sells from the beginning.

I don't think anyone who sees this page is as genius as I am, so if you do that, you will definitely fail.

Then, how to do it is basically to sell what is already sold as it is.

For example, if you go to eat out at a familes or an izakaya, there is "potato fries" that you can always say. There are various arrangements depending on the shop, but "potato fries" itself is also found in every shop.

"Potato fries" is a high-frequency product (menu) that many customers who eat out order every time, so it is introduced at any shop. "Potato fries" itself is something that already exists, and there is no need to trial and error there.

Rather than thinking about a new menu, sales will be more stable if you put a standard. It will sell well enough to arrange something that already has it somewhat.

Even in the world of product sales, first of all, let's simply find something that sells, purchase it, and sell it. It is important to learn the mechanism of distribution through such exchanges, and first of all, products I purchased from China sold! Try the experience.

I'm very impressed.

Sell the products and OEM products you want to handle when you get power

Even if I explain, I think that there are people who have a strong feeling that they want to sell things that they really want to handle and cool things because they do goods sales with great care.

Of course, there is no problem in dealing with such things, and since it is your business, it will be best to sell what you want to sell in the end.

However, such products are unfavorable by all means, and a certain amount of product sales experience will be necessary to do it. Leave for the time being if you want to handle it, and first sell the one that the customer has a high probability of buying, and accumulate experience value. Without the know-how to sell, it can be asserted that what you really want to sell will definitely not sell.

It is also true that even if I did not want to sell it separately, it is cute and unavoidable when it can actually sell lol. I'm also so cute that the hit product I'm hit right now lol.

Either way, remember the right theories and get used to the Chinese import business little by little.

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