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The idea of products that can sell in the Chinese import business, the wrong way of doing so far, can not be found in any time

Hello. It is a hori of the manager.

This time, I would like to write about the Chinese import business.

When I looked at the consultation student recruitment landing page of the Chinese import business, it sold ○○ 10,000 yen! ○○○ 00,000 yen sold! And only the word "Sold!" comes into my eyes.

In the first place, there is some kind of product that sells. It never sells without a product. Sold! Sold! If you look at the article that is just fueling, you tend to fall into the illusion that anything can sell immediately as long as you start importing China, but in reality there is no such thing.

Of course, it sold! Consultants who emphasize that there may be know-how to look for products, but there is another problem here, and the phenomenon of selling is (1) selling without multiplying money, (2) selling by multiplying money accordingly.

The former is an image that sells products just by placing products even though they do not advertise well, and the latter is to sell products by doing Janjan advertisements.

Naturally, since the former uses advertising = expenses, profits come out more and more, while the latter is spending money on advertisements, etc., so there is little profit, and if you are poor, you can not be in the red even though you sell.

In other words, no matter how much you emphasize sales, it may actually be a deficit as a business. On the other hand, even if sales are small, if there is profit, it is profitable. This area is also a sales trap.

A few years ago, daiei supermarket went bankrupt and was acquired by AEON, but Daiei was selling 6 trillion yen, but it still went bankrupt in the red. Let's remember this area as a basis for business.

The essence of the Chinese import business is to find and sell high-profit products that can be sold as much as possible without costing. Of course, we can't handle such products in everything, but let's keep that point in mind.

This time, I would like to tell you the idea of products that can sell. Just knowing this, you can do business quite advantageously.

The basis of business is not how to sell, but product problems are the most important

I feel that there are many people who think that business = how to sell, and in fact, on business landing pages, etc., "If you change the way you sell, sales ○○ times up!" The kind of thing is scattered.

In addition, it is said that business is "80% sales method, 20% of products", but in the "principles of management" that I am studying, it is said that "90% of products, 10% of sales".

It is only major companies that already have products that are selling, and if small and medium-sized enterprises and sole proprietors who do not have much product power make full use of the way they sell, customers will turn away in no time.

Because, even if the product which is not good is made a very beautiful photograph, the advertisement ganga, and the copy of the beautiful phrase which does not know whether it is true is lined up, and it inadvertently buys it, the customer will part from the seller at a stretch if the one which arrives is too shozy.

In other words, if you make full use of how to sell at a stage where there is no product power, it will lead to the loss of customers.

It sounds paradoxical, but it is important for small and medium-sized enterprises and sole proprietors to do business with product power first.

Sell the products you want, regardless of the usp's emphasis

Then, how to sell, of course, as a seller will devise, but at that time, it seems to be popular in the streets to show the product well even a little,

Unique,…Unique → Unique

Selling…… Selling → Selling

Proposition…Proposition → Proposal

It is easy to think about making a product page that emphasizes.

For that reason, I try to write the strengths that I made forcibly, but at that point the business is over.

As I explained earlier, customers who bought it with the strengths they wrote like that were disappointed with products that had never been much. They will never shop again.

If you emphasize USP and strengths, you will only eliminate the trust of customers.

Without doing that, if you look for and sell products that customers want, they will sell like flying just by placing them.

In the early days of the hit products I am currently dealing with, I was unable to make the product photo in time, so I used the floor photo I used for inspection as it is. It was far from a beautiful photo, but it was a blink of an eye*. (*It means to sell in no time)

If you have such an experience, you will not be able to do the emphasis of USP or be aho. What operators do is to convey the excesses and functions of products. And let's find the product that customers want by doing it.

For example, we have written many articles on this media (the principle of authentication) so that we can convey the value and function of our certification business as much as possible.

In our case, it is also true that there is a USP that "authentication agency can be performed by the Chinese factory partner", among them, we convey the value of products and services from knowledge and information related to certification and our cases (including failures).

Of course, it is not necessary to use so much effort for each product sold on the Internet, but the basis of the idea is not the emphasis of USP, but the conveyance of value and function without excess or deficiency.

And it is the real job of the business operator to look for products that can sell just by doing so.

The world's largest permanent trade fair "Yiwon, China". Buyers from all over the world gather here.


Products that solve troubles, complaints, and problems instead of satisfying customers

So what kind of products do you look for?

I will tell you how to find specific products on a separate page again, but this time I will introduce a simple essence.

The principle of management says that it is almost impossible to satisfy customers, and more than that, find products that eliminate their worries and complaints.

Here, as I can say simply, if you try to really satisfy customers, you will incur extremely high product costs and labor cost costs, and if small and medium-sized enterprises that do not have capital strength do it, they will go bankrupt in no time.

As you can see from the idea, how high-value would you sell if we were to provide products that would satisfy us even more from the overflowing of goods and services like today?

In addition, the customer who bought it will be disappointed because it writes the thing which does not understand whether it is the emphasis etc. of USP though the actual value is not so much.

On the other hand, no matter how much the times evolve, the troubles, dissatisfaction, and troubles of customers always exist, and if it is a product that solves them, it will sell even if you remain silent.

The "worries, dissatisfaction, and troubles" here are really diverse, and there are many things according to the lifestyle of customers, such as customer base, season, timing, speed, price, event, etc.

Since it becomes many pages only by the explanation, please remember that for the time being, let's look for a product that solves the troubles, dissatisfaction, troubles of customers.

At first, try various products on a low budget, advertising, etc.

However, of course it takes time to look for such a product.

Suddenly achieve ○○ 00,000 yen in a few months after the first time!

I often see a copy that,

(1) It happened that the person could potentially sell such products.
(2) I sold it in a stir with advertisements, but in fact the expenses are considerable and there is no profit
(3) I was able to sell really fortunately
(4) Actually, it is a lie

Objectively, this is how it is analyzed.

Of course, I think that there are times when you have really succeeded purely in business, but that is a handful of examples, and there are many cases where success quickly is not enough.

Business is not a good thing if it goes well temporarily, it is a long-term battle that needs to be continuously operated.

Back to the story, products that solve customers' troubles, dissatisfaction, troubles are often not found immediately, so let's take the time to try various products and look for it.

The important thing for this is not to spend too much advertising or other promotional expenses on each product. If you do that, your funds will bottom out in no time.

First of all, let's try various products on a low budget. Therefore, what is important is the amount of work done by the seller. Maybe that's more important than budget. Most of the causes of people who don't work are lacking in passion.

There may be few people who have plenty of passion from the beginning, and there are many things that passion accelerates as you do it, but in any case, there is no doubt that the factors that drive business are not usp emphasis, but the amount of work = passion of the seller.

Chinese bird. Countless products are lined up here.


China's import business is ultimately more efficient than sedori

In the import business, not only in China, even if the cost of goods in the local market is low, there will be quite an intermediate cost until it arrives at your own, such as local supplier fees, overseas shipping, import duties, domestic shipping costs, etc. In addition, it also takes transportation time.

Therefore, some people say that it is easier to procure as it is at domestic mass retailers. Certainly, it is so if you think about it from such a viewpoint, but the biggest disadvantage of the approach is that there is basically no same product or about several points, so there is no reproducibility.

It is always a lot of hard work to run around mass retailers in search of new products. I have also done the sedori, so I understand that it may be better to try a little as well as study domestic distribution, but I think it is quite hard physically to do it in earnest.

In that regard, the Chinese import business has problems with intermediate costs, but once you find a product that can sell, you can automatically sell hundreds and thousands of them, so the profit margin and actual working hours are completely different, and it is possible to work on a new business in your spare time.

By the way, if you find a good product, the Chinese import business may have a profit margin of 50 to 70%, but no matter how hard you try, it is 10 to 20%. This is a business model issue. I will explain this area again.

It is up to each person to decide which one suits, but I personally recommend the Chinese import business by far.

I hope that you will experience this experience of selling products with high profit margins as if flying, and you will be active in business.

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