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Three negative minds that salaried workers can't earn even if they do recommended side jobs

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Hello. It is a hori of the manager.

Since this site is a page of authentication business, I know that the contents related to entrepreneurship and side job are not very suitable for needs lol, but since I am a career that I started a business after many years of salaryman experience, I have a strong desire to support people in the same environment.

Even now, I am consulting for several salaried workers, and I am much better at office processing power than me, but I often see the pattern that it is still developing in terms of my own business.

Rather than skills, I have told them many times that if I am correcting such a place a little more in terms of mind, it will grow more reliably than now, but I can tell that the person in question is not facing it easily.

To be honest, I have not yet been able to tell the consulting students, but I would like to introduce the points that I was able to dramatically grow my business by facing here.

By doing so, I was able to make my main business in China, which was my side job, and even in recent years under the coronavirus situation, I have secured continuous sales and profits.

Conversely, if you do not face here, you will not be able to earn a side job even if you go until how long, and you will end up with a highly conscious salaryman who rides the current of the times and is a side job, but does not produce results easily.

I think that this story will be helpful not only for salaried workers but also for those who have already run a company and are thinking about new businesses other than the current main business.

I hope you can also go out with such a topic once in a while.

I haven't decided how big I want to make my current side job (business) bigger.

When I asked him if he thought that he was going to make it his main business sooner or later because he was going to do a side job, it seems that it is never the case.

I wanted to start an independent business as soon as possible, so I was pouring all my free time into the side job, but I feel again that each person has a different way of thinking.

Of course, you don't have to start an independent business, so you can work on it according to your lifestyle,

And on the contrary,

When I asked, "Then, will you balance your main business and your side job?"

Also, I started to worry, and it becomes a story that "Hmm, if it is profitable, I want to become independent in the side job".

Everyone thinks so, but if you don't invest time and money to increase the probability of making money, it is a repetition of the same thing no matter how long.

And the criteria for determining such investments are, after all, a matter of how big you want your business to be. If you want to make a little money, it would be quicker to do stocks and the like than to a business that generates a huge amount of work.

On the other hand, because I have always been a salaried worker, if I have a dream that I want to become president and move business, contribute to society in business, hire employees, etc., I have no choice but to steadily accumulate work and enlarge it.

Again, there is no particular answer, and it is all determined by you. However, I feel that it is very useless that there are many people who are doing side jobs somehow without deciding that.

If you decide here, the way you work as a side job will change dramatically.

I don't want to lose even a yen, I'm just thinking about making a profit from the beginning

Certainly, the business has to make a profit in the end, and there are many consultants who say that it is profit rather than sales, but I think that it is ultimately faster to go to aim at sales at first, especially if you start a sales business as a side job.

If you continue to be a salaried worker for a long time, you will think that salary (profit) is automatically obtained if you work, but when it comes to doing business on your own, there is no sales if you do not buy your own products.

In addition, if you are importing and selling, various things such as purchasing cost, a series of customs clearance costs, domestic delivery fee, and the fee if it is EC may be drawn and become a little bit tense Lol, as a reality, the first step is roughly such.

To be honest, even if you sell, if you sell a ton or a poor, it will start from the point of deficit. At first, even if it was in the red, I remembered various things there, and as soon as I aimed to turn a profit little by little, I would look for a business with a higher profit margin.

After all, it takes time and money there.

However, if it is absolutely disgusting, you will be stuck in the social problem of reselling premium products in Japan at Mercari. In addition, such products are not on the market all year round, so it will be difficult to make it their main business.

After all, it is important to decide how big you want to make your business.

However, I would like you to think about it, but if you usually go to elementary, junior high, high, and high school and enter the company, you will get a salary, but how much money have you invested by then?

Also, I feel that there are many people who bother to ask what they can understand if they goog (if you search) because they do not want to lose time.

When I was roughly asked , saying that "What should I do?", I was very careful, but in the world of entrepreneurship, the person who waits for instructions can never survive.

In this case, I will proceed to ○○ and it seems to result in △△, but is it better to choose between A and B? Even to ask a question to the extent that, it is necessary to have a habit of thinking.

In order to be able to ask these questions, training is necessary, but if you do not have the ability to ask questions and think, you will not be able to move business. It takes time to invest, but I feel that only those who are struggling to grow tend not to spend time in such places.

It is only an illusion that only a side job (business) will make a profit without investing anything, so please calm down and think about that area.


I don't have the image of starting a business → there are no entrepreneurs around me.

This is a pretty important problem. I myself have many school teachers and group staff in my family and relatives, so-called civil servants.

I didn't become a civil servant, but I got a job normally, so naturally there are only salaried workers around me. There wasn't even the concept of "starting a business" until my late 20s.

However, when I interacted with the participants at business seminars that I started going to, I remember well that I was quite surprised by all the managers and entrepreneurs. It was a natural world to be a president in my 20s.

However, in addition, the person who was going well and the person who was not, and it was cobblestone mixing. In any case, I was able to cultivate only the mind that starting a business is not so unusual.

I feel that the deep-rooted image of "entrepreneurship = failure" in Japan was created by salaried workers who have never even started a business, and that it is due to the influence of those who started a business but went bankrupt or closed the business without knowing the correct way of management.

In fact, when I was a salaried worker, I was opposed or made a fool of by everyone, but when I consulted with the entrepreneur, I was encouraged that I could do it (if I continued to make the right effort).

One of the characteristics of people who can not focus on side jobs is that there is little stock of role models and images of starting a business, so I think that the current reality will not change no matter how much I do it, or if I fail a little, a bad image will immediately boil and stop work.

As I have said many times, it is not only the purpose of life to start a business, but if you are interested in starting a business even a little, you may want to gather information about entrepreneurs.

The influence of the coronavirus is still strong, so there may be few real seminars, but anything can be done at ZOOM seminars, so why not start a business and increase the opportunities to interact with successful people first?

Is it exploitation to encourage entrepreneurs to invest themselves?!?

As mentioned above, even if you face three minds, the results will change greatly. I think some people feel that this kind of story is a position talk of the person who is starting a business first, and it is just exploiting from the salaried man who wants to start a business.

Yes, and I think so myself, but on the other hand, people who have started a business and succeeded have definitely come through this road.

To be honest, if you don't like being exploited even a little, I think it's good if you only do the work of the company without thinking about starting a business. Still, life is secured, and as I say many times, starting a business is not the only purpose of life.

I think one of the happiness is to produce results in the work of the company and live a life stably (although you do not have to).

On the other hand, it is also true that there is a world that can only be seen by starting a business by yourself, and you can choose how to use it 24 hours a day without being bound by the company.

I can't say that I will be 100% successful even if I aim to start a business, but I can say that I can not be 100% entrepreneur unless I aim to start a business.

To achieve results and earn money, please look back from here first.


Note: I still think that doing nothing will still work

Finally, it has nothing to do with the mind.

On this page, I tell you that starting a business is not necessarily a purpose in life, but personal opinion is that it will be a major premise in the future era that you have the ability and environment to do business independently (although you do not need to quit your main business).

As can be seen in this coronavirus problem, if the situation of society changes, there is a possibility that companies will disappear in no time, and on the other hand, I think that I was keenly aware that my life is very easily influenced by companies.

If you think that you are ordered to work from home by self-restraint and you have gotten used to it, this time you will be made to go to work or your life style in a place that you do not want.

By the way, I originally worked from home, so I don't have the influence of coronavirus in that aspect, and I still go out as I like.

In addition, overseas travel is also restricted now, but if it is relaxed eventually, you can come and go as you like and freely choose where you live.

The main point is that we are able to do business by stimulating the needs of customers according to the times, so we can create sales even in such a situation, and we will change the business contents in various ways in the future and continue.

Such power is not nourished overnight though it is not understood when it will become it if such a ability is not acquired in the age in the future. It took me a few years, and I've invested in a reasonable amount of time.

It will come for several years and go to collect it at a stretch.

If you don't do anything, you won't fail, but you won't succeed. In addition, in today's dizzyingly changing world, doing nothing is a failure in itself.

Apart from that, it is not good at all without our own consultation of entrepreneurship, but in any case, I think that it is now time to start moving.

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