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A must-see for those who want to start a business or side job! Customer Stories Of Startups in the Authentication Business (2) – Part 1

Hello. It is a hori of the manager.

The corona virus state of emergency has also been lifted, and the city has begun to be bustling as before, and the number of people riding morning commuter trains has increased rapidly, and it seems that you are trying to move toward the situation in front of corona in the business scene.

However, on the other hand, there are signs of change in the style of working at the company as before, such as the use of telework in companies, and there are signs of change in the flow and life of people, and it is likely that a new consumption style will come.

In an easy-to-understand way, for example, the way of life of many people who go to work at a company will change, and the many business and consumption styles that accompany it are expected to change significantly.

In addition, there are times when you do not go to restaurants that you have been attending so far, and coworking spaces and gyms that have been used on a flat-rate system are required to wear masks and check temperatures to raise the hygiene management condition, and people who feel annoyance with such things are also stopping the service.

It is an illusion that everything will be restored if the declaration of a state of emergency is lifted, not exaggerated, and new businesses corresponding to people's lives will be required at every corner of society without waiting.

Business people, whether on a company-by-company basis or individually, to varying degrees, must take measures.

Even if you are a small company manager, if you feel that the company or business is dangerous as it is, you can immediately turn the steering wheel, but those who work for the company can not do anything unless the company moves even if they feel so alone.

Many people may feel resentment in these places, don't they?

As motivation for those who are working as salaried workers, there may be ways to increase their incomes, but at the same time, I often hear that they want to decide and execute all their own businesses and gain such experiences.

In fact, I thought that way, and I was doing business as a side job.

While I worked for a major organization and felt the magnitude of the impact of my work, it was a job that was instructed by people, and I always wanted to make a slight impact on the world in the business I started.

If you say that it affects the world, it is said that you have ambitions if you say well, but if you say badly, you will be said to be disproportionate or dreamy, such as escaping reality.

However, as the business model of individuals working for a company is beginning to become obsolete, in the future, people who act like that will become the standard, and rather, we will not be able to survive.

We recommend that you create barriers to entry using certifications such as PSE, PSC, radio law, etc. on this site and start a business with it, but this time, we will introduce the case of our customers who actually started up in the authentication business.

It is also true that there will be many parts of our promotion because our customers will appear, but we hope that it will be an opportunity to deepen your understanding of the certification business and The Chinese business.

Takayuki Ohno (pseudonym) will appear this time, and people in their 40s who have held important positions in the IR-related department of companies.

The style of the article consists of a summary of Ohno's remarks.

Mr. Ohno on the right (we are putting mosaics on it)

Easily introduce yourself

I'm Takayuki Ohno. I am a married 40-year-she-year-herd living in Tokyo and now work for a company.
I am in charge of leadership in management departments and am in a position to look at the entire company.

I worked for several companies after graduating from school, but I was particularly good at English, had a lot of work negotiating with foreign countries, and I also worked with precision instruments such as watches. Because of that influence, I still love watches, and I am absorbed not only in the watch itself but also in tools that play with the watch.

It is something that I say for myself, but I am in a position where I am involved in the management of the company in my 40s, so my work is fulfilling and my life is stable.

So, if you don't do a side job or double work such as a part-time job, there is no reason that the household budget is difficult, but rather there are plenty of hobbies, so if you have time, it was my idea so far that I want to turn it there. Of course, even now, the idea has not changed as a basis.

However, since it is still such a time, it is honest to feel the risk of narrowing down one of my work, and since I am still in my 40s, I have a desire to challenge various things, and I thought that the option of side job is not dangerous.

However, if I were to do it, I thought that it would be better to be able to accumulate experience as much as I did as a business, rather than simply selling off my time like a part-time job.

In fact, when I started up this business, I registered as a sole proprietor.

How I started the certification business and the Chinese business

Originally, information on management was sent on the website of President Tanaka (pseudonym), and when I made an inquiry thinking it was interesting, INSIGHT WORKS introduced us that he is developing a startup business involving licensed authorization.

I think other people will probably say this the same way, but the world of authentication such as radio law, PSE, PSC, etc. was very fresh because there was no connection in my life so far.

Of course, it's a law that is closely related to our lives, but we've never cared about it before. My first impression was, "Is there such a business?"

As a result, this business seems interesting, and I felt uplifted that I could handle well-certified products, and I certainly felt a certain response that I could create barriers to entry and develop business advantageously.

On the other hand, I was interested in the certification business, but to be honest, I am not yet interested in China, which is the main battleground for production and certification, and I am aware that China is the place of origin that provides products for the time being.

I had a lot of work in Europe, so I think that's unavoidable. Mr. Hori has a wealth of know-how in Chinese business, so I intend to leave that area to him first, so I will let you learn a lot later.

After all, it was difficult to start everything from the first, so it was grateful to be able to use the know-how to some extent, and I did not have time while working as an office worker, so it was attractive in that aspect.

What products do you sell?

Specifically, I will refrain, but it is a radio law product of smartphone cooperation that labor man and woman can use. Because it is a fairly popular product, even if you have never actually used this product itself, everyone will have used this product once. It is such a major product.

As I mentioned earlier, I like watches and have some knowledge of precision machinery, so I will be a little maniac, but it was good to have products in such directions, but it is natural that products handled by more people will be more advantageous when it comes to business. So I chose this product.

When I actually looked at the market, the market for products was very large, and I was simply happy that I could produce my own products that were properly licensed and certified in these fields.

I think that it is unlikely to choose such a product only from my own point of view, so it was very educational and grateful that I squeezed the product first and commented on it.

Also, when I started this project, I remember holding a drinking party in the form of a meeting with President Tanaka, Mr. Hori, etc., and listening to various stories about certification and Chinese business, and I felt that I was finally starting my own business.

By the way, hori-san was still working for a company at the time of the meeting, so I was inspired that there was such a lifestyle, but the next time I met him, I quit the company and was completely independent, so I was impressed that the movement was quick lol.

What's new after starting a business?

It was said that we still do not know until the specific period during which the certification ends until the beginning, so the first thing we can do was register as a sole proprietor and file a trademark application for the name of the company.

It was all my first experience, so I worked with excitement, but honestly it was over immediately, so lol, and after that I was waiting for a call from Mr. Hori for a while.

At that time, I was busy with my main job, so I was grateful that I was able to leave the initial stage to some extent. Again, I personally feel that it is quite a hurdle for me to move in various ways at zero base.

Of course, I think it is ideal to do everything from the beginning by yourself, but considering the work of the company, time with the family, time for my health and hobbies, etc., it is difficult as a reality to devote them to my business at once. I feel that.

When I asked him what kind of work he had left to him, I frankly felt that it would be difficult to do these from the beginning.

In particular, I don't know how much time it would take if I was doing it from the beginning, such as taking product photos and creating images, and I don't know how to request from an agency. Even if you search the net, you can not find a page that will be helpful, and it is difficult to find time to find it.

I was able to show you an exe how to do this, and the work efficiency has gone up. I learned again that the photos on the amazon screen that I usually see are made through this process.

Of course, these tasks are also my own business, so I will eventually be able to give instructions by myself, but at first I think that there is also a way of getting used to it by getting people to some extent.

In that sense, if you can spend all your time for yourself, such as in your 20s and 30s, it does not cost enough not to ask people, so you may try everything from the first place, but I think that there is also a way to pay some expenses like me.

I think that it is good if it consults with your own lifestyle and decides the side job style.

In any case, no matter how good I heard the story at seminars, it would be no experience to start the business, so it was good that I was able to start first.

I will talk about specific developments later (in the second half).

Impressions of using INSIGHT WORKS

This time, not only INSIGHT WORKS, but also President Tanaka, I was entrusting the work to Mr. Shimizu, who created and operated amazon pages, took product photos, and created instructions.

I think that the launch part was able to progress smoothly because that person also did very well.

I think that it was good to be able to use insight works and other people, not only certification, but also resources with local china (suppliers, factories) are completed are.

As I understand because I was involved in overseas business, it is not extraordinary to build resources overseas.

If you asked questions such as purchasing cost, transportation cost, procurement period, etc., it was a situation where you could reply about the next day.

I don't notice it when I'm doing it, but after doing it as a passage, I was able to roughly grasp how to use the resource and how to give instructions, so I think this point was very good.

It was like I bought know-how by making money other than products and certifications.

On the other hand, I felt the true value of the merits I asked Mr. Hori for a while after starting the business.
I will tell you about this point again later.

Next time, I will ask you about your impressions of actually selling it and your enthusiasm for future business.

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