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For those who want to outsource authentication, 8 tips on how to choose a certification agency such as PSE, PSC, radio law, etc.

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Hello. It is a hori of the manager.

As I have told you many times on this site, the number of companies that want to outsource authentication operations such as PSE, PSC, Radio Law, etc. is increasing very much.

The reason is repeated, but in recent years manufacturers in China, Taiwan, and other countries have emerged, and innovative products, high-performance and low-cost products, etc. are being born steadily.

While considering introducing the product to Japan, there are many companies that do not have technical accumulation related to PSE and radio law in particular.

After all, it is not possible to support authentication on your own.

However, it is natural, and the accumulation of the technology is not the one that it is possible to do in one evening, and it is a reality that such a technical thing cannot be turned while it is all the best only in the business of the main business.

In particular, it may be even more for companies that are engaged in business specializing in specific fields such as venture companies.

At that time, thankfully there is an outsourcing demand for an agency like our company, but on the other hand, I myself searched, but there are a moderate number of companies that undertake agency.

When I say it, it's like a position talk, but if you say what you feel, you don't know the content well, is it really okay to ask here? It means.

Simply put, it's too difficult to write.

However, if you directly ask an inspection body such as JET, JQA, ul Japan, etc., you will have to do certification work by yourself, and since the production plant is China in the first place, there is no know-how to communicate.

I think that experts are probably writing the homepage of the certification agency, but in the end, what you want to know most is not machine and certification expertise, but how long and at what cost you can authenticate your products Right.

Since each authentication is customized, information such as the duration and cost of authentication is not known unless you look at the actual product, but you can still provide the surrounding information.

In addition, what customers want to know is information that will be important for doing business, such as actual market movements from common failures and misunderstandings in authentication.

Basically, we write such things in plain language based on real experience, and inquiries range from beginners to experts. Is one of the prides.

This time, we have listed the good points of our company that we have heard from the customers who requested it.

If you write this, it will be like our self-recommendation, so I will tell you in advance, but you do not have to contact us just because you see this separately.

However, I think that it will be helpful to see from what kind of point of view that other companies that have actually been certified have chosen the agency.

Can negotiate directly with factories in China

I think that it is the biggest here after all.

Of course, other companies may have such a system, but I do not know the actual situation, but at least I have never seen a site that appeals for that properly.

As I mentioned at the beginning, most of the products are made in China and Taiwan these days.

On the other hand, when doing business from the standpoint of a trading company, if it is simple to buy and sell things, it is possible in broken English, and if there is a person in charge of the manufacturer and factory who can speak a little Japanese, it will be possible.

However, when it comes to certification, we have to comply with Japanese laws, and we have to have people make things according to Japanese technical standards.

Then, I have to make Chinese people understand Japanese law, but I think it is easy to imagine that it is very difficult to understand American law in English, for example, by replacing it with yourself.

At least it would be quite difficult if the Japanese did not explain it in Japanese. There are differences in the degree of having a Chinese factory authenticate PSE and the Radio Law, but in fact, that is what is required.

We have cleared such hurdles because Chinese people who are familiar with Japanese certification negotiate with the Chinese factory, and that is a big point for you to choose our company.

Multiple genres of certification such as PSE, PSC, radio law, measurement method, etc.

This is also often said, but depending on the product, there are multiple certifications and ministries across one product, such as PSE and radio law, PSC and radio wave law, measurement law and radio wave law.

Then, when it comes to asking an agency that handles only single authentication, the time and effort of customers will double, so it is still more convenient to be able to see everything in one place.

As a customer, the authentication for selling is PSE or not, regardless of whether it is the Radio Law, it is just a story that can be sold, so only PSE can be done, only the radio law can be done, it is the seller's convenience.

We are taught in the principle of management that it is the original business that certification can be done in any genre, and we have established a system that can certify multiple genres.

The price is clear to some extent.

We charge our fee (initial cost) of 200,000 yen (excluding tax) for each certification, and other inspection costs are actual expenses (including coordination fee).

The approximate amount is also listed on our website, so please take a look if you are interested. INSIGHT WORKS CO., LTD. _Standard of actual and various adjustment costs to be paid to inspection organizations, etc.

Since the inspection cost is only a guide, we can not accurately estimate unless we actually receive the product and its information, but it is our strength that we can still present a general outline.

I do not know how much the price is, I can not contact you because I am afraid where it is not displayed at all.

If the product function or structure is complicated, it is natural to go over the standard, but in advance

In that sense, it is actually a serious know-how whether the line is made to some extent or the quality is equalized here.

No matter how much we can negotiate directly with our Chinese factory or multiple certifications, we do not want to ask where the price is unclear.

Quick response

I do not promise to reply within ○○ time, but I try to respond as soon as possible.

Since it is a business that is not on a daily basis of authentication, I think that there are many people who inquire, so if you request it, we will send only the necessary points as soon as possible.

In addition, small businesses, including venture companies, place importance on speed, so we try to respond quickly from such a viewpoint.

It is our strength to be able to reply immediately to multiple genres of certification, and it is the motto of the company that speed is one of the quality.

They save you the trouble of yourself (in-house) as much as possible

This is also often said, but as a representative example, customers are busy, so as long as there is no great thing after ordering once, all the rest will be shaken to the agency.

According to the story heard from the customer, other agency companies often contact you every time there is something, and ask the factory side to request it because you need a document called ○○.

From the customer's point of view, it was like doing it there, and he lamented that there was no point in asking for a substitute.

Of course, we may ask you whether you should check with your customers in advance, while we will ask you to proceed with the points that can be advanced.

If necessary, there are many cases where you will check directly with the Chinese factory.

Our strength is that we can save our customers as much time as possible with their judgment and experience.

After-sales follow-up is also done firmly

As I wrote before, we have corrected the report of a customer who had received business improvement guidance from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry due to a pse deficiency.

That's how we follow up after authentication. This is a service that can be done because we ourselves, as a distributor, have experience interacting with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

It is not just that the care is good, but whether you have the necessary know-how cultivated in practice.

If you have been certified many times, you will understand the difficulty, so you will want to outsource such a thing as much as possible, and it is useful in the sense that you can hedge risk for those who will be certified for the first time in the future.

I can see the person in charge' face.

As far as I'm ashamed, the reason I'm posting my own photos on the website is to visualize who is doing this service.

In any case, the representative's face is not listed in the case of the agency and the inspection institution.

Especially, a large inspection organization will not be able to post the face of each person in charge, and of course, I understand the theory that there will be no problem if work (certification business) is done exactly even if it does not show the face.

However, from the customer's view, it is even more important to confirm who you ask, especially if a large cost such as authentication moves.

In that sense, we definitely support myself with photos posted on our website.

In addition, we may receive a phone call, and if it is a premise that you can request, we will also visit the company. (Basically, to the tokyo area.) In the case of a distant distance, consultation is required. )

Does the person in charge have a business perspective?

It is often said that this is also true, but as our credibility, it seems to be very attractive that "we sell certified products in-house".

In order to do business justifiably, customers are reluctant to authenticate. If you can do it, there is nothing better than not doing authentication that costs extra money.

Still, it is necessary to do it in Japanese law, but it seems that the person who authenticates often takes a government position just because it is a law.

Of course, we strictly comply with Japanese laws, but of course, from the perspective of selling ourselves, we serve to meet our customers' intentions as much as possible, and we have received a reputation that it is easy for customers to work.

This is the point that we have chosen from our customers.
I'm sorry to write it myself, but I hope it will still be a hint to choose a substitute company as an outsourcing destination for certification.

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