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A must-see for those who want to start a business or side job! Customer Stories Of Startups in the Authentication Business (1) – Part 1

Hello. It is a hori of the manager.

With the promotion of work style reforms and the virtual collapse of the lifetime employment system, the number of people who want to start a business or side job is increasing greatly.

On the other hand, due to the recent spread of coronavirus (Wuhan pneumonia), many companies are introducing telecommuting using telework.

This will revolutionize the time spent on "company work" due to a dramatic decrease in commuting time and a decrease in surplus work in the office.

However, it is predicted that income from the main business will also decrease in proportion to the decrease in working hours in the main business.

Moreover, it is clear from everyone's point of view that the work itself decreases due to the influence of the coronavirus, and no matter how hard you work up to now, the workload = income will not increase for a while. Rather, it may be more appropriate to see that income is getting smaller and lower.

In addition, although it is very frightening, there is a thing that I feel that people who have difficulty living have only one job.

Of course, I think that it is unavoidable because there are time constraints in the residential area, family environment, etc., but as a fact, it is expected that single work alone will be very disadvantageous in the future in any matter of income.

What had been said to be a review of work styles and promotion of side jobs in a slogan is a kind of force due to the spread of the coronavirus, but it is becoming necessary to work on side jobs at the individual level and side business at the corporate level.

We recommended that you create barriers to entry using certifications such as PSE, PSC, radio law, etc. on this site and start a business with it, but this time, I would like to introduce a case study of our customers who actually started up in the authentication business.

It is also true that there will be many parts that will be promoted by our company because customers will appear, but we hope that it will be an opportunity to deepen your understanding of the authentication business and The Chinese business.

This time, Ken Mukai (pseudonym), a self-employed person in his 30s, will appear.

The style of the article consists of mukai's remarks.

On the left is Mr. Mukai.

Easily introduce yourself

Mukai is a self-employed person in the suburbs of Tokyo.
I live with my wife and two children.

It's been nearly 20 years since I graduated from school and entered the world of business today, and it's a world with high ups and downs, but I feel like I'm still surviving.

It is nothing to say for myself, but it is stable to some extent, and it is not troubled in life.

However, since I do not belong to a company or organization, I do not know how long I can continue my current work, and there is no guarantee if I break my body. In fact, I was hospitalized due to an accident a few years ago, and during that time I was unable to work, and it was difficult.

Of course, I think that the person who works is variously serious, but there is certainly a seriousness only in the self-managed world.

Because of that, my children have lost their hands a little, so I always wanted to try something new business in the sense of broadening my range for the future.

Also, I am currently registered as a sole proprietor, but I thought that I would like to register as a corporation eventually. However, in order to do so, of course, an entity was necessary, and it was in a state where we were looking for a business.

That said, I don't know what to do specifically, and I'm free to control my time because I'm self-employed, but even so during the busy season I can't always take my own work because I can't touch other things at all.

In that sense, restaurant management is impossible.

How to start a certification business and a Chinese business

I was originally a long friend of Insight Works' Hori-san, and I drank about once a year and talked about the current situation.

I've known for a long time that he's doing a Chinese business, but as I met and talked about it for the first time in a long time, I was very interested when I heard about the field of "certification" that I had never heard before.

Pse, PSC, Radio Law, etc. are a far cry from the consumer side who live normally, but in fact it is closely related to our lives, but I found it interesting that if we paid a little money, I would be involved in certification as a business operator.

In addition, I felt that the business of Internet sales (EC), especially Amazon, etc., is very suitable for my current environment that once you deliver products to the warehouse, the business will proceed even if you basically do nothing.

Mr. Hori suggested that Mukai-san also try something, and in my case, he researched products that were selling to some extent and needed certification.

I thought that the conditions were not bad, so I consulted with my wife and decided to start because I thought that I would not know unless I tried anyway.

What products do you sell?

The specific product name is a trade secret, lol, it is a digital gadget that uses Btuetooth. We have decided to perform radio law certification.

Originally, I liked home appliances and digital gadgets, and I've bought and tried various things myself. In that sense, I may have been interested in listening to stories such as PSE and radio law that appear in authentication such as home appliances.

However, after hearing from Hori-san about the certification, I was surprised to find that the products I had bought on Amazon so far were not certified, that is, there were many illegal items lol.

Hori-san researched several products, and I asked them to choose the one that seemed to work best with them.

When I'm looking into the Chinese business, it seems that the idea is that I will examine the product by myself from the beginning and buy it if it is a product that sells even if I am not interested in itself, but after all I am not interested in what I am interested in lol.

It was helpful that they selected it to some extent, and I felt that I was thinking that I could start a business by building barriers to entry of certification.

On the other hand, I tried to hit the question "If you seem to make such a profit, why don't you do it all yourself?"

His answer was clear,

"I want to do a certification agency business and an agency business while being a sales player myself, so I want to increase the number of people who can participate in my business as much as possible," he says.

I learned one way of business model, because it is not only business to do it by oneself.

What's new after starting a business?

I never started, but to be honest, I didn't do it for a while at first lol.
We have people choose products, and of course, we have found suppliers. And since we also arrange certification, I feel that this work only receives a report from Mr. Hori.

For a while, we mainly collected information related to products.

In my case, the hardest part was that the authentication period was a little longer than the others.

It is said that the radio law certification period is usually about 6 to 8 weeks, but I took about 16 weeks.

The reason is that the chinese production plant itself was cooperative, but the suppliers providing the software that needed inspection took a little effort.

However, I was relieved about that point because I knew why I was late.

Although I was a little late, there was information that authentication was carried out firmly continuously, so I was focusing on my main business and information gathering.

In addition, while waiting for certification, Hori introduced us and asked another Chinese business coordinator to OEM apparel products.

In that sense, since I started up in the authentication business, I feel that the proportion of Chinese business in my life is gradually expanding.

What I personally think is that I don't have to do all the work alone at once.

At the start-up period of the business, it is understood that the business operator himself basically does everything alone, but as a matter of fact, it is still difficult to do everything by yourself, such as the timetable of the main business and time with the family.

So, I needed to pay for that much, but to some extent, I was able to clarify what I was doing and allocate it, so I think that I was able to enter the authentication business and The Chinese business as smoothly as possible.

Impressions of using INSIGHT WORKS

I'm originally a friend, so I'd like not to praise too much lol, I think it was good to simply say from the service contents.

I'm simply saying that I'm going to get certification, but I think this is great know-how. However, what I feel is that I am glad is that I also have a wealth of know-how until I actually sell the product in Japan after certification.

Of course, the company of the certification agency is the work until authentication is done. It is also important for business operators, but the real important thing is to actually land the certified product on sale.

If you hire a substitute (consultation) with certification and hire a consultation for sales, the information on the business contents will be divided and it will be time-consuming twice, but it is appreciated that you can see it at once.

Listening to Hori-san, many of the customers seem to have questions about product development after certification. I think that point is reassuring because I am actually working as a sales player.

In addition, it is a good memory that I was able to accompany the exhibition in Guangzhou, China only at actual cost because it is a benefit service for consulting students.

Mr. Mukai in the center at the Guangzhou exhibition in China

I was overwhelmed by the scale when I first set foot in China, but it was a very good experience to do Business in China in the future.

In addition, I was able to exchange various information with the business operators I met there.

I feel that knowing that there is such a world will be able to be used not only for my own business but also for children's education.

Next time ↓ I will ask you about your impressions of actually selling.

A must-see for those who want to start a business or side job! Customer Stories Of Startups in the Authentication Business (1) – Part 2

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