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7 secrets of loans, borrowings, and financing that new managers who want to do but do not have money should do part 1

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Hello. It is a hori of the manager.

Regarding loans and procurement, I wrote in "Finance, financing, self-funding, and money collection are the work of managers", but this time I will explain the procedure in more detail.

There is a kind of aversion to debts for better or worse in the Japanese. In the world of management, there are many names for loans, borrowings, and financing for this debt.

There is a trend that debt-free management is a virtue, but it is also evidence that we are only doing the same business forever, and rather, positive loans and borrowings are absolutely necessary to make the company bigger.

It is equivalent to suicide to borrow money even though there is certainly no prospect of being able to return it, but if you are grasping the buds of the business that will grow in the future, and there is not enough funds for it, funding will be a natural management decision.

In addition, if sales temporarily fall due to social conditions regardless of business content, such as the recent coronavirus riot, there is no problem as management to surpass it by borrowing. The government is also implementing loan measures with favorable conditions in anticipation of this situation.

The important thing is to make sure that positive funding is the same, and that you should carefully assess where you should and should not borrow.

We also procure six times, including small loans and loans that resulted in failures. We also raised funds that were fairly favorable in terms of the size of our business.

Based on this experience, we will convey the secrets of financing, especially to managers, sole proprietors, and side jobs who have a short history of growing their business in the future.

In this article, I will write on the assumption that the business we are working on has a promise.

To be honest, there are people around me who are doing businesses that do not hang on chopsticks or sticks, and I think that such people need to review the business itself first before raising funds.

Business content and financing are closely related, but if you mention the business content, the story will not end, so this time I will only touch a little at the end.

Let's give up if you can't make a loan on your own

Timing of the loan

Whether it's an independent or side job, you'll run your own company, and first everyone will have no money to go through at one time.

I think there are some patterns that this money doesn't have, but simply,
・ There is a lot of expenditure for sales (profit) and there is a business you want to do, but there is no cash on hand
It is summarized in two patterns.

In any case, unless there is a very ample cash on hand, funds will inevitably run out, especially in the early stages of management.

The reason is that I have never done management before, so it is difficult to make sales, and there are many expenses to go out and rather the initial cost of the first. I also don't know how to lower expenses.

In that sense, I think it is natural that the amount of funds decreases at the beginning of management.

The self-fund I had prepared gradually disappeared, and by the time I finally started to understand various things, the funds disappeared, and I was forced out of the business world! That's actually common.

On the other hand, there are borrowings in advance in anticipation of the loss of money, and sometimes borrowing when money is lost.

From the standpoint of the financial institution that actually lends, the former can overwhelmingly trust it.

This is needless to explain, and it is natural to think that the person who has money will really return it.

Such a matter of course becomes unsused when you get busy with management. In addition, there are times when there is no such knowledge in the first place.

When I feel that I really need a loan, I sometimes miss the timing of the loan. It is necessary to consult with your own fundraising consultant and financial officer in advance.

First of all, this is that I (the president) can not make a loan alone.

Banks need a certain number (use local shinkin banks, etc.)

In the early days of management, you can manage to turn around only the bank account necessary for registration.

Therefore, it is common that only one bank has an account open. There are many patterns of only megabanks such as Mizuho Bank, MUFG Bank, and Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation.

In addition, especially in urban areas, most of the individual usually only opens accounts at megabanks.

Conversely, there are few people who use local shinkin banks. Therefore, it may be unavoidable that shinkin banks and the like do not catch your eye even when you create your own company.

However, shinkin banks are financial institutions that have been born under the significance of supporting and supporting local SMEs from the financial side in order to revitalize local industries.

It is very important to do business with these financial institutions, even if something happens. In addition to loans, we also provide various support unique to each shinkin bank.

In addition, the person in charge is also very friendly and takes care of it and often responds. If possible, let's open an account as soon as possible and make a transaction.

Of course, having an account in a megabank is fine in itself, and you can withdraw your deposit from the ATM immediately even in an emergency, such as a cheap deposit account from the customer.

However, please remember that megabanks do not provide loans to small and medium-sized enterprises even if they make mistakes. This does not mean that megabanks are stingy, but that megabanks deal with basically billions and billions of dollars.

As it were, it's a big company.

I went to borrow to a branch of a megabank that has a corporate account open for trial, but it was exchanged with a lot of money, and I was not able to reach the stage of examination in the first place.

I will explain the reason later, but I originally went on the assumption that it would be refused, so there was no problem at all, but in fact it is such a thing.

As an aside, there is also in "The story that loans, financing, self-funding, and money collection are the work of managers", but considering the transaction level (handling amount), it is basically at the local shinkin bank or at the regional bank level, so the story of suicide by being refused a loan by a major bank is a story that collapsed in the first place.

Well, it is good in it because it is a story, but as a manager, I want to grasp the fact recognition there firmly.

It is impossible to learn this knowledge alone. It is not listed on the Internet, and if you look at the bank's website, it is written about loans, so it is easy to think that you will be okay, but for better or worse, there are rules of the financial world in the financial world.

First of all, let's consider using the Policy Finance Corporation.

After talking about the local shinkin bank, it would be better to consider using the Policy Finance Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the Policy Corporation) at the time of its founding.

The Policy Corporation is a national policy bank that mainly nurtures and supports small businesses such as small and medium-sized enterprises. There are branches throughout the country, so you can use the nearest policy public office.

For the purpose of establishment, it is a financial institution that is relatively easy to go through loans at low interest rates, so I think it is good to consider using this at first.

However, that doesn't mean that anything or anything will be financed. Of course, the examination is strict, but I have received the image that the advantages of the Policy Corporation may be flexible in terms of value in terms of experience.

For example, the application for 5 million yen is tough, but if it is 2 million yen, I feel like I can lend.

Megabanks, etc. may decide by all means only by the amount of application.

As for the amount of application, at the beginning, I often apply without knowing whether it is honestly a reasonable amount, so to some extent, there is a part that I am thankful to judge from the other side.

As an aside, based on the true story interviewed by the author, there was a scene in the masterpiece manga "Dark Gold Ushijima-kun" depicting the world of dark finance, where delinquents were started to start a business and plan to receive a loan from the Policy Public Corporation.

Perhaps, but now it is unknown, but there were actually such scams. After all, it is considerably severe in the examination of the policy public corporation in such a meaning.

There is a lot of information on the Internet about the Policy Corporation, so I know this! There may be many people who say.

However, as far as the homepage of the Policy Corporation is seen, there are characters such as loanable up to ○○ 10,000 yen, and eyes will go there, but basically small businesses that will be active in the future should think about a fraction of the amount of money.

When you become a fundraising expert, you know how much loan will go on the company's scale, so it is important to consult with such person in advance.

For example, even if you think that you can borrow about 10 million yen without knowing the common sense (standard) of the financial world, about 3 million yen will be judged appropriate from the standard of the world.

That way, you'll know how much you or your company can borrow, so it's easier to plan your future business.

In order to obtain such a correct value standard, it is better to stop lending alone by the president at first.

If you think that it will lend you because it is a policy corporation, and you take a loan hope of 10 million yen, the person in charge will doubt your management sense, so be careful about that point.

Also, non-bank borrowers are judged with a rather hard time. In short, many people try to return non-bank high-interest money with low-interest money borrowed from the Policy Corporation.

Since personal credit information such as non-bank borrowings is shared by financial institutions, it is not 100% impossible to deceive or conceal. On the other hand, such credit information can be ordered by yourself, so if you are worried, you may check it once.

However, even if there is a non-bank borrowing, the examination does not necessarily pass, so let's consult with a fundraising consultant in advance how to take the story around there.

If you go to the policy public meeting without knowing anything and taking no measures, you will definitely not go as you wish.

Make a trial balance

When borrowing at the Policy Corporation, there is a unique sheet of the public corporation, so basically you can submit it as a document if you fill the sheet.

Of course, the documents alone are fine, but it makes a difference whether you know about finance or not, but adding extra material that is not specifically asked is never prohibited.

In a nutshell, a trial balance shows how much you spend each month on your company's sales, subdivides that expenditure, and what kind of sales and expected expenditures you expect to spend in the future.

In addition, there are documents such as a written statement, and these things are the judgment material of the person in charge.

However, in a sense, there are many cases where such a thing is not required in the form, and it faces the interview empty-handed in a sense, and sinks only the fixed documents.

This trial calculation is the biggest point, but it is not just a summary, it is necessary to make it with some thought for submission, but this can not be done by the president alone.

Be sure to have an expert look at it.

It's been longer with just one item, so the next one.

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