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The secret to the success of China import and other import business! 13 magics to make friends with native speakers of the country (2)

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Hello. It is a hori of the manager.

Following on from the previous article, I'll write about tips for getting along well with native speakers in that country.
Please refer to the previous article.
Quote: Whether you are a company or an individual, we recommend the Chinese import business as a side job. Let's start by looking for a local partner.

In the first place, I worked inbound-related jobs at an organization called the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO).

I worked in Tokyo, but most of the time I interacted with other countries, I had several foreign staff from major countries who were seconded from JETRO's overseas offices.

In addition to his native language, I work with native japanese staff who can speak Japanese as well as Japanese.

They were very good. When I came to a foreign country called Japan, I used a foreign language called Japanese to play a role in connecting native businessmen and Japanese from various countries.

The work style skills I have cultivated in such an environment (I can speak Japanese) with foreign business people are still being utilized very much.

They were very conscious of doing the work they were given in a given time, and sometimes they worked before (before working hours) to improve their performance. However, they basically do not work overtime.

And each of them is doing their part.

It's so much the opposite of the Japanese that I'm ashamed of it.

Of course, not all people in the world except Japan are such minds. We know they're some business people.

However, apart from good and bad, I understand that japanese and foreigners have different ways of thinking about work and life.

I have been witnessing such values, so I think that I can work relatively well with Chinese partners in Chinese business.

This time, I would like to write based on such learning.

I'll get back to you soon.

It's ruddering, but this is very important.

As I wrote earlier, foreigners (Chinese) have a strong awareness of working in time, so there is a high possibility that those who do not receive a reply will be put off more and more.

Especially when you are a busy person, if you are finally contacting in your spare time but the response is bad, the tension of work will also decrease. It is also true that there are many Chinese people who are impatient.

Especially if you are doing a side job, you may be turned off by that amount because it is difficult to reply during working hours.

Then, the work as a whole becomes late, and, after all, the one to secure the income source by the target side job, and to start an independent business becomes far.

Of course, you don't have to be impatient, but you should be aware of these facts.

In addition, the time difference between China and Japan is minus 1 hour in Japan, so the working hours almost unchanged.

At such times, it may be necessary to devise such as to give instructions in advance, such as wanting you to proceed to ○○ because you can not reply during the day, or to return the lunch break time and allocate it to the reply time.

The essence of "replying immediately" is to mean not to stop working for Chinese partners.

As I wrote earlier, basically there are many styles of work in time over there, so the timing of this place is of course important,

As a way of thinking, it is necessary to arrange that you have them work smoothly.

These ingenuity will ultimately lead to the results of your work.

Even if you make a mistake, don't think that it's your job to do the orderer's zura and handle it well because you're paying money.

It would be better to balance this if you think that you are paying the minimum amount of money to work.

I fight sometimes after determining the ability of the other party

This is not the case for everyone, but for your reference only.

I have a Chinese business partner who has been doing business together for about five years, and at first I was in the position of a customer of that person (Mr. A).

I was requesting a consulting, but there was a Chinese production plant (Factory B) between me and Mr. A, and it was difficult for work to progress unless they cooperated there.

Mr. A was very kind, but the movement of the B factory is still dull, and the samples that sometimes go up are only unhealthy.

The cooperation installation of the B factory is my original work, but I cannot negotiate with the B factory, so Mr. A was doing it instead.

Still, despite spending a lot of money, I boiled down to a situation where I didn't go at all.

To Mr. A,
I said, "What are you doing forever!

Then Mr. A
"This is not my job! Negotiations with Factory B are your original jobs!"

And there was a time when wechat's free phone had a second. Looking back now, I think it's a great sight to yell at each other internationally.

After that, we calmed down to each other and checked each other's areas of work again.
A little while later, I was able to finish the work safely.

I've said a great deal in the article that I can't get angry, and basically it's better not to get angry, but if the other party is a superior person, I think that sometimes I fight.

Rather, I think that the relationship may be shortened, and it is on a case-by-case basis.

However, it is still legal to get angry and fight when the other party is a woman, it is younger, and it is not a person who is too high in the standpoint.

Whenever I have a chance to meet you, I'll give you a souvenir.

When you go to China from Japan, you can buy it at the airport, so if you buy souvenirs (sweets), you will be very pleased.

Japanese sweets have a good reputation overseas, and they are actually delicious. It seems to be very glad that they buy souvenirs from overseas.

Such a little consideration is important. Let's demonstrate the Japanese brand in such a place.

pay a little more

When you ask a lot of things, there are times when you feel that you are clearly working beyond the prescribed fee.

This is a pleasure because it is proof that the business is expanding.

On the other hand, I am very sorry that china's prices (labor costs) are low if we have been able to work so far at this amount of money.

There is a high possibility that the movement of the person in charge will become dull if you request too much.

In such a case, considering the scale of the current business and the scale of the project you are requesting, it is one way to offer to pay a little more from here.

Then you will be happy to do it over there, and you will not slow down. However, even if I give too much, there is no kiri, so I think that it is good somewhat.

When I introduced a new cordless cleaner, I had to check the specifications in detail because it was a machine, and when I asked the person in charge to confirm it many times, I was sharp in charge.

I want you to pay another fee of 20,000 yen because there are too many confirmations!

I talked with the president of the company again, and it was that the volume of work was obviously too much.

If we could feel good about each other, we decided to pay 20,000 yen.

What is important here is not the amount of money, but if you think that there is a lot of work you are requesting, I think it is necessary to provide some allowance with the words you care about.

There is a part of the virtue that Japanese people do without complaining about cheap jobs, but as I say many times, such values are difficult to accept overseas.

If it can be solved with money, it is better to solve it, and it is a completely cheaper amount compared to Japan in the first place.

You may not necessarily have to pay, but it's safe to remember that there are such options.

The decision of the business operator will greatly influence whether to think of these as extra costs or as an investment to make the company's work go smoothly.

Willingness to work together to grow the other person's business

Basically, the main business is the exchange of targeted products with Chinese business partners, but in addition, various cooperation requests may be received.

For example, I was asked to create my own PV for Japan, but I wanted you to see the Japanese manuscript.

I don't particularly care about Japanese in my work chat, but when it comes to formal manuscripts, I sometimes feel a little uncomfortable.

For example, there are many words and grammars that are not used in Japan→ passion→ passion→→ countless spring and autumn, Japan-China friendships, and Sino-Japanese friendship (which is the difference between which country is the main country).

If you look at this kind of thing, you can clearly see why Japanese English is strange from a native speaker's point of view.

However, because I trusted and asked for it, I accept correction and editing for free.

Another company was asked to review Japanese materials to be submitted to a larger company in Japan.

This is also the same as before, and the overall meaning is not understood, but if you submit it as it is, you will have considerable doubts.

I've also changed this almost from the beginning.

Then, I was very pleased, and Mr. Hori is good at Japanese! I received a compliment that seems to be laughing.

I once created a manual for OEM production arrangements for Japanese people.

When ordering OEM production, there are a lot of things to check with each other in advance. However, if there is no manual at that time, the person in charge must explain everything from the beginning.

On the other hand, I was in a very troubled way because I couldn't make documents in Japanese at a level that Japanese people were satisfied with.

When I asked for an OEM, I wanted such a manual, so I created it with the meaning of being for myself.

And I told other customers that it was good to use it as it is.

I was very pleased, but if you cooperate in this way, the relationship of trust between the two will rise.

We can't partner with a Chinese who is already successful.

I had received consultations from people who are not doing well in Chinese business before.

He was planning to entertain executives of major chinese companies (it's really big because it's a major Chinese company) to Japan and get spilled work.

However, it seemed that I had never gotten a job no matter how much I entertained him. It's not already a business, is it?

To be honest, he won't be going to do much in the future. From the people who have already succeeded, those who are thinking of getting only work are only good ducks.

The Chinese are very dry and smart about it. Well, I think I would be doing the same thing if I were in that position.

Blackmail water forgetting digger – When drinking water, do not forget the person who dug the well –

It's a Chinese proverb. Originally, it was said to be a drinking water source.

It's just like the Japanese language, but simply put, I'm based on someone's kindness, and I won't forget that person's kindness.

In modern times, it was said that it was not necessarily a word of a good meaning among scholars who were familiar with Chinese circumstances, such as the background of this word for a certain period of time, but it was also a previous story.

In today's Chinese, there are many people who use it in the same sense as the word.

Actually, I was introduced to this word by an elderly Chinese woman.

That person used to be very helpful to a Japanese person, but when I asked about Japan for the first time in about 20 years, he heard that the Japanese had died because of rumors of the wind.

Still, he was eager to give back the kindness of the time, and confided that he wanted his family to be searched for and done as much as possible.

I have helped with that.

I missed the story, but if you are just entertaining a while ago, if you really want to do business with Chinese people,

It's important to partner with people who will succeed in the future, not those who are already successful.

Chinese people have a more in-laws than Japanese people, and they are a people who remember to be grateful that they struggled, grew up, and helped them together.

Of course, some Chinese will soon forget. Even Japanese people will never forget to thank them.

We know that it is not everyone but some people to the last.

However, if you are doing Business in China, it will be fun to work with such Chinese people even if you take a little time, and I think that I am looking forward to it in the future.

I wrote the second part of the first part for quite some time, but it was about getting along well with native speakers (foreigners) in china.

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