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【Certification Q&A(2)】 Answer questions such as cooperation with Chinese factories such as PSE, PSC, radio law lawfulness, etc.

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Hello. It is a hori of the manager.

This is the second answer to the authentication question.
We have written some of them on our website, but we would like to deepen the understanding of our readers with more specific answers.

We have been explaining unisiderically from our company so far, but I think that certification will be familiar to you if you explain based on the direct questions of customers.

There is a basis for any answer, so I think that you can be convinced by the contents if you look at it. Until now, we believe that information has not been relatively open in the world of authentication. If it is difficult to use it for that purpose, of course information should be democratized.

In the end, we want to make it easier for many people to authenticate.

Is the cost prepayment? Can't I pay in full after success?

First of all, inspection institutions, etc. will not move unless the full payment is paid in advance. The reason is to arrange the personnel necessary to perform the inspection and to prepare the equipment.

Basically, the concept of the inspection organization is that it is assumed that the certified products will arrive, and if the content is in line with technical standards, it will pass properly. Of course, it is difficult to prepare samples that "meet technical standards", but since we provide services to 100%, we have a stance of paying the cost first.

Whether this is good or bad is such a situation. If you pay later, it will be taken out, so you need to pay first as a agency business.

In addition, although it may be difficult to understand, the service starts from the explanation of the authentication process, and authentication does not take the idea of performance compensation.

This area is the same as the inspection organization, but the criteria necessary for passing the certification have been determined, and we know all the standards for both PSE, PSC, radio law and technical suitability certification.

After all, certification is sure to succeed if you have the necessary materials (documents, samples, parts, etc.) and meet the conditions. And in the current world, there are few factories that make things with a very unique structure, and the rest is the image of simply adapting them a little to the technical standards of each Japan such as PSE, PSC, and radio law.

I'm sorry to have the miso in front of me, but it is our know-how that we only match it a little at the end.

Since we are committed to the results, we will still respond to partial refund consultations if we are not able to authenticate due to lack of technology. In addition, it may be due to the low technical level of the factory, and in that case, it may be possible to propose another factory.

I think that it is a more conscientious business at all than an advertising company that proposes meaningless advertisements without guaranteeing results or anything. 

I don't know how long it will take.

It is different for each project, so please contact us.

As a measure of the time, the inspection period is about 6 to 8 weeks. It varies depending on the inspection contents. In some cases, it is possible to shorten the inspection period at an additional cost.

However, it is only an inspection period, and the time when the factory prepares documents and samples is different. If you get the factory ready quickly, the lead time of the inspection will be shortened, but in some cases, the inspection may not be able to start without the necessary materials at any time. For this reason, the cooperation of the factory is indispensable.

Also, if the sample test fails, the factory will need to re-create the sample again, which will take a little time.

In addition, if there are unavorable abnormal conditions such as the coronavirus that is currently raging around the world (described on March 21, 2020), the schedule will naturally be forced to be changed.

I can't find a (China) factory to help me.

I would like you to find this on the client's side. As I have said over and over again, the cooperation of the factory is absolutely essential for certification.

We can submit documents and samples necessary for certification and provide technical advice to prepare them, but the decision to "submit" in the first place is based on the agreement between the client and the factory.

It is possible to visit the factory from here for a few things, but it is impossible to change your mind from our company even though the factory side is not willing in the first place.

However, for example, it is possible to introduce factories that handle the products you want by making full use of our network in Chinese business. Previously, the factory that was scheduled for certification boycotted at the last minute, so we introduced customers to the factory we found at the trade fair.

On top of that, we have the experience of contacting the factory again when the customer and the factory negotiate and respond to certification.

I purchased the product before the inspection, and realized that I needed to inspect it after purchase, what do I do?

There are cases where it becomes somehow, and it does not help by all means.

For example, with regard to PSE, even after purchase, certification of the production (sales source) factory is completed, and it may be possible to sell if the purchase is already self-inspected in accordance with laws and regulations, and displaying the PSE mark yourself.

In addition, if it is a radio law product, it is possible to undergo a so-called lot inspection called technical standard conformity certification. Even PSC products have a lot inspection called no. 1 inspection, and it is also possible to inspect only products that are already at hand.

The cost and procedure etc. change depending on the product about this, so please feel free to contact us.

I can't negotiate with the local factory because I can't speak Chinese.

There are many excellent Chinese people, so there are many staff who can do Japan even if you contact them in Japanese. Actually, when the customer asked me to check with you because I got an email from the Chinese factory, I received a few responses in fairly fluent Japanese.

Some of them e-mail in English and get a reply in English. In addition, chinese people often have English business names, and I think it is okay to contact them in English.

In addition, wechat, a messenger app called The Chinese version of LINE, also comes with a translation function, and even if you send a message in Japanese, the other side will translate and decipher it to China. Conversely, Chinese from the other side can also be translated into Japanese.

In that sense, I also feel that the language barrier is getting lower. However, recent wechats can not be newly subscribed without the approval of wechat users who meet certain conditions, so be careful about that point.

Therefore, I think that it is relatively easy to contact the Chinese factory to cooperate because they want to certify your products. For requests for specific technical materials and sample arrangements, excellent Chinese staff in China will do so in Chinese, so it is possible for the client to proceed with certification without doing anything in particular after the certification start.

However, if the factory side is unsolidated in documents and sample submissions, the requester may push it to the factory.

So, if you can use the latest technology (app) and minimum English, the interaction with the Chinese factory is not so much problem. I will tell you the important points in native Chinese from here, so don't worry about that.

The scenery of the supermarket of The Birds of China.

Does the applicant need to visit the China factory for inspections? I think that the travel cost will be high if you do so.

Pse's specific electrical appliances (commonly known as rhombus PSE) and PSC certification require inspection of production plants. However, basically, there is no need for the client to be present at the inspection of the Chinese (overseas) factory.

Of course, if you want to be present for later school, you can make such arrangements, but basically we will arrange so that you do not have to be present. No matter how close China is, it requires a considerable budget for airfare for round-trip flights from Japan, transportation expenses in China, accommodation, food expenses, etc.

And you'll also need time for business trips. There is no problem if you are not particularly concerned about these, but I think that it is difficult to generate time if you are doing it on an individual level or if your main business is different, so we will arrange according to your request.

In particular, for factory inspections of PSE specified electrical appliances, it is also possible to use local inspection organizations, including sample inspections. are. Then, the factory inspection itself may be completed on a day trip, and the number of travelers' travel expenses and travel time can be shortened considerably. Of course, there is no need for the client to be present for the inspection.

Recently, the number of requests for certification (PSE specified electrical appliances) for large machines has increased, and we are also proposing ways to reduce costs (cost and time) in this way.

There seem to be a lot of inspection agencies, but I don't know where to choose.

There are many notations, but after all, there are not so many places that can be used. To be a little more precise, authentication is decided to do itself, so you may not feel much difference no matter where you request it.

However, if you take an estimate for each one, the human cost is not that much. If you do that, your main business will be affected.

We have a unique network based on our many years of experience with various inspection organizations, so we can select an inspection organization that suits the product of the requester.

In addition, since we have a great amount of know-how on certification, we may give instructions to inspection agencies. By doing so, our motto is to perform certification more reasonably and quickly.

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