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Lanchester Strategy Misunderstood! What is the Blue Ocean Strategy that does not use one-point breakthrough?

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Hello. It is a hori of the manager.

There is a deep-rooted faith in the Lanchester strategy.
Simply put, it is a management theory that concentrates management resources on one thing or product, and then breaks through one point and grows the company.

Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises with few management resources, it is said that the Lanchester one-point breakthrough theory is essential. Certainly, I think that it is physically difficult for small and medium-sized enterprises or fresh entrepreneurs to dabbled in this and that, but on the other hand, in the development of products that are too narrow, it will hinder growth until there are few customers.

I don't know if teaching is better or the person who teaches is poorly understood. I will write about the idea of breaking through one point, which is important in business.

One point breakthrough thinking that Japanese people are making mistakes

Japanese people may be too extreme, but when it comes to "breaking through one point", there are many people who really try to handle only one point.
I have seen many people who think that specialty store is a virtue, and that they are dealing with various things as evil roads.

The important thing is that customers buy it whether it is a specialty store or a variety of things. There are many entrepreneurs who are particular about the style of business and have lost sight of the essence of business.
Moreover, it does not sell because it is wrong that it does not sell because it is handled variously and it is halfway, and only the one which does not sell in the first place is collected. In addition, it does not sell because it is made into a specialty store and it deals with high-quality things.

As the essence of our business, the most important thing is to deal with the best-selling products that our customers want. And it is business to find the selling point, secure the route to sell in-house, and to make sales operations.
However, on the other hand, the business does not grow even if only one selling point is handled. Simply because there is a limit to the number of customers and the number of purchases of any selling thing.

However, I do not know whether it is troublesome to handle a lot of products or whether there is a commitment that you should not put out your hand other than selling, but there are strangely many people who try to compete only with a single item.
And, it is uncontrollable because it is said, "Lanchester one point breakthrough". I feel like my business mindset is a little off.

It is one point breakthrough, but it deals with a lot of products

The problem is that we misunderstand "one point breakthrough".

To be honest, I didn't even get the original book on the Lanchester strategy, so I don't know the details. However, it is not possible to judge whether it is a misunderstanding or such a teaching in the first place, but at least many people who are trying to break through a point, called Lanchester, have a wrong strategy.

Certainly, it is essential for small and medium-sized enterprises and sole proprietors with few management resources to narrow down their business categories. For example, it is impossible to do a retail sales business, a restaurant business, and a rental car business.

In that sense, it can be said that it is necessary to break through one point by narrowing down to one business type. However, what should not be mistaken here is, for example, do not break through one point by narrowing down what you sell to one point.

To give you an example, I want to handle a pen, so I have the image of opening a "pen shop". Sure, there may be more than one pen itself, but if only pens are sold, customers will be very inconvenient. In human life, you rarely need a pen, and you buy notes, buy rulers, and other stationery with them.

If you were to do a stationery shop like the one above, stationery would be one point breakthrough, and pen alone would not really break through one point. It is just a shortage of goods.

Some stores may be established by handling only single items such as pens, but such shops are business styles that can be achieved because there are many customers in prime locations in the city center, and advertising expenses are used appropriately.

In short, the capital is large. If a small and medium-sized enterprise or a business operator tries to imitate this, it will be considerably painful.

Machine tool and advertising POP-related exhibition held in Shanghai (1)

The concept of △△△business with ○○ as the mainstay

There is a popular popular content (product) called "Gyoza" not only for Japanese but also for foreigners. You can see restaurants with gyoza as a signboard, but what is the difference from a thriving store and a chain store and a store that has only one store?

Is it the taste of gyoza? Of course, it is natural that it is different from store to store, but if you say that it is dramatically different enough to drop the scales from the eyes, unfortunately I think that there is no difference so much. There are many scenes where gyoza maniacs enjoy the difference in taste for each store, but it is different from the thriving store.

To be honest, even the most delicious gyoza shop is run only at one store, but to be honest, it means that you do not make much money with gyoza. If you are making a lot of money, the second store and the third store …, it will be expanding steadily.

On the other hand, of course it is not unsyy, but if it is said that it is exquisitely delicious, there is a pattern that gyoza shops that are never so are thriving.

It is a Chinese restaurant with gyoza as its mainstay.

It is a shop such as "Gyoza ○○" and "Ardent Chinese restaurant 00ya" though it is that to put out a specific name.

These have a lineup of other Chinese foods, mainly dumplings. Customers never want to eat only gyoza, but also want to eat fried rice, ramen, stir-fried le vanilla, etc., and drink alcohol. In some cases, you can order without gyoza.

Of course, "Gyoza ○○" is not a small and medium-sized company, but even so, it has broken through one point in the business category of "Chinese restaurant". In addition to Chinese, we do not do Japanese or Western food. Sashimi and pasta do not come out with "Gyoza ○○".

We also deal with PSE, PSC, radio law, etc. certifications, but we do not only deal with authentication. We also sell products purchased from China that are not related to certification, and we also support customers who want to do Business in China.

If you specialize only in authentication, the number of customers will be limited. On the other hand, if you sell in-house and handle the Chinese business itself, the range of business will expand, so in the end, there is a possibility that we can provide advantageous stories to certified customers.

Our business type is China (import) business with certification as our mainstay. He seems to be doing a lot of work, and I work all about China. We don't make anything at factories in Japan, and we don't do restaurants in Japan.

One of the common points between those who are not doing well or not growing is whether they will overdo anything broadly from the start, or stick to the limited ones of the Lanchester strategy.

The former is too wide, so the hand will not turn, and the latter will not have a big return even if the number of customers decreases in the first place and management (time, money, etc.) is poured into it.

I think it is necessary to determine the scope of business to be worked on and conduct appropriate business that handles as many products and service menus as possible.

What if we specialize only in authentication? It is said that if that is the only way, the number of customers will decrease, and I think that there are still many things that can be tackled in the Chinese business category. At least that's how much you have to work.

The larger the scale, the better the one point breakthrough

I often hear that small and medium-sized enterprises can only break through one point, but in essence, small and medium-sized enterprises with few management resources can only break through one point. However, the speed and determination ability that managers and businesses can decide the business content as they like are major strengths.

Small and medium-sized enterprises are effective in breaking through one point because they have the ability to take action that can be started as soon as they find a business that suits the needs of society.

Frankly, if a major company had that much action, a major company would be more advantageous for breaking through one point. The reason is simple, because you have people and money, so if you want to do it, it will be advanced more and more. However, there are not many major companies that break through one point because it may be difficult to do new things with the logic of the organization.

To summarize it roughly,

Small and medium-sized enterprises can break through one point, but small and medium-sized enterprises with few management resources can only break through one point. However, the range of narrowing is not a single item but a business type. Blue Ocean is born by the product handled in the business type.

It will be.

Machine tool and advertising POP-related exhibition held in Shanghai (2)

First of all, let's dabbly in the business that has become a hot topic

Finally, what kind of business type should I handle?

As I have written before, I think it is advantageous to handle products and services of Every Day (every day) and Every Body (anyone) that will teach us in the principles of management. If you deal with what everyone, young and old, uses every day, your business won't wither.

In our Chinese business, the Chinese business itself is not an Every Day or Every Body product or service, and not everyone, young or old, does. However, the scenes and people who use the products and services brought about by Chinese business are Every Day (every day), Every Body (anyone) are.

Old businesses are starting to be said to be saturated, but they certainly may be. However, new industries such as 5G and IoT are being born more and more, and in recent years society is about to change dramatically, there are a lot of new industries.

First of all, it may be one way to look for parts that are involved in such a new field.

Business (side job) starts from the place where I look for what kind of work there is.

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