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【Video Commentary】 [Must-see founder! ] How to create barriers to entry for businesses that leapfrung through entrepreneurship and side jobs

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Hello. It is a hori of the manager.

This time, I will explain the contents of the video (Youtube) that I had talked with The Head of Kiso Sangyo Co., Ltd. in the past.

The site you see at the very beginning when you are troubled by management funds: "How to create barriers to entry Side jobs and establishments do this!!"

Kiso Sangyo is a financial professional company that is a fundraising consultant and M&A broker. If you have any problems with the top-notch financial conditions, please contact us.

As for the content of the conversation, as I can see on the profile page, the current company has been launched since I was a salaried worker and has grown as a side job with two legs.

In addition to the president who already runs the company, there are many consultations with the head of the head office, but one of the common things among them is that they are thinking of side jobs and founding,

It seems that there is a point that it is impossible to differentiate from competitors by all means.

In a business that has not been differentiated, there are many cases where banks do not move immediately about financing.

Under such circumstances, we will briefly tell you how we created barriers to entry in a dialogue with Head Office Director Yamamoto.

I hope you can access the video content from the link at the beginning of the page, but I hope that readers will further understand the content while supplementing the content on this page.

Modern businesses are difficult to grow without barriers to entry

Until a while ago, there were few people doing business (entrepreneurship), so to speak, it was a world of winning what we did first. Even now, of course, the number of workers (people who do not do business) is overwhelmingly higher than the number of people doing business, but the absolute number of business populations is still increasing.

In addition, more and more people are targeting the Japanese market, which ranks third in GDP, not only japanese rivals, but also overseas. If you look at Amazon Business, there are so many Chinese operators.

While it is easy to obtain information on side jobs and startups (entrepreneurship), it is also true that a business environment full of rivals is being completed.

Even if you try to do something, there are many people who are repeating such things, such as entering the market thinking that there are no rivals. Even if it becomes a little sales, it is very difficult to make this a main business, and it is a dream and a dream to stand alone no matter how long it passes.

However, I definitely don't want to give up because it is a business that I started with great care.

I think that there are many people who continue to have such a hot feeling.

For that reason, it is important to create barriers to entry that are difficult for people to imitate.

After all, it is important to try various things in the side job first

"Even if I'm a side job, it's quite difficult now," he says, but first of all, I have no choice but to try various things in the side job.

The biggest strength of the side job is that even if you fail in the side job, you can get it back if you have a main job, and if you do not have the bottom of your main business for a while, you will not eat. In other words, it is possible to experiment, try and error in business without being fatally wounded.

Needless to say, business is always a failure, and it doesn't work out in one go. Most of the time, if it's a little better, it's going to shrink quickly.

That's why it's important to learn the whole picture of the business you're trying to do as a side job in practice.

Then, you will gradually understand the points to make the business go well, the points to fail, etc. And let's explore where the points where you can continue to sell and make a profit, and in which areas it will be a barrier to entry that others can not enter.

If you don't think there's a point anywhere, it might be a way to give up, saying that the business can't be done as a business (at least in your current resources).

In any case, this is often time-consuming, so it is important to continue steadily without rushing.

Let's interact with many people such as peers and different industries

It is also important to work by yourself, but sometimes participate in gatherings (drinking parties) and cross-industry exchange meetings (drinking parties) with your peers, and discuss the business you are doing, the points and problems that are going well (exchange information).

From such a place, unexpected information and ideas can be obtained. In addition, it is very important to connect with people who can do so. Actually, when I do not know at all how to proceed when I authenticate for the first time, do you know something without a bad source from the president of acquaintance? I asked a question.

I don't know the uncertainty, but he gave me a hint by looking into the details myself. If you move it yourself immediately, it is strange because it is a great answer and the experience at this time leads to the current authentication business.

In addition, when it became a topic about the improvement point of a certain product at the drinking party of the same trader, one person said that it was good to do so here was the first step of the hit product.

In addition, I got to know Kiso Sangyo and Head Office Chief Yama at the beginning at a social gathering through a common acquaintance, and I was able to work together from the introduction of that person. And at a certain time when our company was having a hard time in funding, we were able to make a wonderful revival by making bank loans that we could not help but do with our advisor tax accountants at that time.

This is something that can't be solved if you're working alone. On the other hand, if you don't work hard alone, you won't be able to talk about opportunities, so it's important to work diligently.

It's a little bit of a story, but let's expand the range of your business by interacting with various people.

Barriers to entry require positive α

I would like to explain a little about the main topic of "barriers to entry" in our case study.

Authenticating and acting on behalf of them were certainly barriers to entry and I was able to discover them, but it took me a while before I could use them as weapons for my business.

First of all, is the information not settled? → How do I pass the essential certification with only information transmitted and system information collectively? → How can we communicate and do our own experiences? → Proposal of solution methods
Do not know the authentication process? → How much does it
cost to disclose and cost process information? → Because it is ok to offer prices, the system is complicated and I can not understand, can't I ask people? → Thorough explanation
Is there any authentication failure on the way? → Can't you confirm the details of the risk (basically there is no failure in our company)
? → The client is free to ask questions.

And so on.

We were able to solve our customers' problems one by one and use barriers to entry as our own weapons.

The job is to "find" resources such as people, things, and things that can be done

As with the work of the company, basically it is not only work to do the given work. For unanswered work, it is your job to "look for" resources such as people, things, and things that can do so.

When we wanted to authenticate, we kept looking for resources to do it, which was the first step in our business entry barrier probability. At that time, if I said that I did it because I could not find it, I think that I was still in Red Ocean where the price reduction was only a similar product to competitors and there was no profit.

Take a moment to find a resource that you can do what you think is an opportunity. It may be unavoidable even if sales and profits stop to some extent there. In order to keep that time from eating, the existence of the main business is still important.

If we continue to make such correct efforts, I think it will lead to significant growth.

It is not directly a barrier to entry, but one point advice

Last but not only, whether you are a sole proprietorship or a corporation, be sure to join the Chamber of Commerce and Industry when you start a side job. There are a lot of benefits.

It is also good for the local chamber of commerce and industry where you are operating, and basically the Commerce and Industry Association is free to cross the border, so it is also a good way to belong to a large-scale commerce and industry association such as Yokohama City. The big one is even more advantageous by economies of scale.

If you have any questions, please contact the Chamber of Commerce and Industry directly or contact us.

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