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【Attention】 If you do not know the inspection procedure of PSE, PSC, radio law law suitable, it is enough to grasp this for the time being (3) Radio law technique suitability

Principles of authentication Radio Law
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Hello. It is a hori of the manager.

In the inspection procedure series (3), I wrote about radio wave law skills using flows based on our experience.

The Radio Law is listed on the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and telec (Telecom Engineering Center), a leading radio law inspection organization in Japan, but after all, it may be a little difficult for first-timers to understand what to do.

It is subjective to the last that it is difficult to understand, but at the time of our first radio law certification, if we had used inspection institutions etc. by ourselves from 1, we may not have been able to succeed until how long.

By the way, it is an inspection organization in the United States that our first radio law certification was made.

As I would say for myself, inspecting products produced by Japanese people in China in the U.S. and finally selling them in Japan is quite dynamic, and I think that it represents the current global society well.

It should be remembered here that the Radio Law often has its own laws in various countries and regions, and the production area is in China, and all products are roughly the same, but there are many patterns that require legal certification from each country.

That is why japan's radio law can also use inspection institutions around the world, and inspection institutions can be used separately depending on the product.

Based on such prior knowledge, I would like to explain not as usual with an explanation of the system, but rather on how ordinary businesses can pass certification.

Flow of radio law and technical certification

We have created an inspection procedure flow for radio law and technical certification from our example.

Depending on the product, the procedure, detailed expression, corresponding inspection organization, etc. may change, but I hope you understand it as an approximate flow.

Eligible wireless products

There are no specific products designated by ministries (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications) like PSE and PSC, and there is no kiri when the number is increased, but that is what various wireless products are targeted.

I gave something that seems to be roughly the subject.

Wi-Fi ○○, wireless ○○, cordless ○○, smart ○○, Bluetooth○○ are almost considered to be subject to the Radio Law.

On the other hand, most remote controls for household electrical appliances such as TVs, fans, and air conditioners are infrared communications, so most are not covered by the Radio Act. It depends on the product, so if you are worried, please check.

If you read the general explanation, it may be written that specialized things such as the establishment of a wireless base station is necessary to authenticate the Radio Act, but without thinking about too difficult things, I think that it is okay if you have a recognition that "wireless products require radio law certification".


You will suddenly fly to the inspection, but if you use an overseas inspection organization such as China, you can start the inspection without too much difficulty.

When inspecting,

Iso9001s certificates are required for technical documents such as product schematics and antenna diagrams.

ISO9001s? Many people may think that ISO9001s is mainly defined for organizations related to quality control and how to manage documents, and radio law certification requires that this be cleared (documents can be submitted).

If you have acquired ISO9001s, you can simplify the examination, but if you have not acquired it, you need to prepare separate materials, etc., and this has been asked directly from TELEC, but to be honest, it is hard work, so I do not want to certify factories that do not have ISO.

Of course, it is no longer than having acquired ISO, but there are many cases where iso is not acquired when the certification target is a medium-sized factory in China, and we can prepare documents corresponding to it. A separate fee is required.

In addition, the Chinese factory of a moderate scale has almost acquired ISO. To be clear, I think this area is ahead of Japan.

If the inspection itself proceeds safely without incident, the certification will be completed in about 6 to 8 weeks.

Apply to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

After certification, the inspection body will apply to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, and a certificate (PDF) will be issued at the same time.


After all certification tests have been completed, I hope that you will be able to manufacture and import them on a clear basis.

In addition, as with PSE and PSC, there are still many inquiries from customers regarding the display of radio law numbers.

For details, please refer to "1.7 Display" in "PSE, PSC, Inspection Procedure for Radio Law, This is sufficient for the time being (1) PSE Edition".

In addition, as a display method of the radio law mark,

  • Displayed on the main unit. As an exception, in the case of difficulty in displaying on the main body, such as implantation equipment in the body, it can be described in the instruction manual, packaging, or container.
  • It can be recorded electromagnetically on the main body and displayed on the display of the main body.
  • The size of the display is only subject to identifiableness.

There is a view of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

However, what can be said here is that it is important to control everything in-house, rather than leaving authentication including display to the factory.

There are many ways to control, so please feel free to contact us.

Example radio law number from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications website

Our Wireless Presenter

What is the difference between technical standard conformity certification and construction design certification?

It will be a trivia story, but when considering radio law certification, I will tell you one story that is more convenient to know.

It is the word "technical certification" that is often set with radio law certification.

Technical skill is an abbreviation of "technical standard conformity certification", but what is technical standard conformity certification in the first place?

Simply put, technical standard conformity certification is lot inspection.

For example, it is used when you want to authenticate the Radio Law only for 100 machines that are present. Then, only 100 units are subject to radio law certification.

On the other hand, construction design certification is suitable for mass production, and radio law certification is permanently given for the same product produced in the future.

Which is better depends on the business content at that time, but if there are about 100 products that are not certified by the Radio Act, if you just want to sell it out, it may be good with technical standard conformity certification.

However, if you are thinking about mass production (continuous production) in the future, it will basically be construction design certification.

In other words, "radio law law suitability" refers to technical standard conformity certification, and strictly speaking, I think that it is good to remember a little that it will be separate from construction design certification.

Reference: TELEC website "Technical standard conformity certification and construction design certification of wireless equipment (for beginners)"

How much does it cost to authenticate?

Frankly, I think that there is not much difference between TELEC in Japan and overseas inspection institutions.

The quote itself can also be found on the TELEC website.

However, since production is overseas (China), we can also respond in Chinese and English when we want to use inspection institutions overseas (China, etc.).

I don't want to leave it to the factory, but basically if you want to throw everything completely,
When considering the cost of labor costs in-house, we think that our company, which firmly controls certification, is quite cheap.

In addition, if you want to authenticate multiple products together, you may be able to reduce volume, so I think that you can contact us at such time.

Our strength: To be able to choose the best place from many inspection institutions

In fact, there are a reasonable number of inspection bodies that can be certified by radio laws both in Japan and overseas.

Among them, TELEC is by far the most famous domestic inspection organization, and some people recognize that Japan's radio law = TELEC, and some people call Japan's radio law certification TELEC certification.

Of course, it may be fine to be certified by TELEC in-house, but for example, if you have to use an overseas factory that can not speak Japanese at all, or an overseas factory where it is difficult to prepare the necessary documents on your own, there may be another means considering various invisible costs.

In addition, since we have a wide network of inspection organizations, we have selected the optimal inspection organization so as not to generate document work etc. for applicants as soon as possible and at a reasonable price.

What is the Telecommunications Business Act in addition to the Radio Act?

I hope you will remember this as a trivia, but when considering radio law certification, you may hear the word "Telecommunications Business Act".

This must meet the technical standards of terminal equipment in addition to the usual radio law when dealing with wireless such as FTTH, mobile phones (3G/ 4G), and wireless LAN.

To be honest, I think that there are few people who read this and do it that much, but recently, there have been many inquiries, so I will touch it just in case.

In particular, the development of new mobile phones is progressing in China, and there are many inquiries about estimates from those who want to conduct terminal sales business in Japan, but to be honest, it will be an order of magnitude cost, so many people will be abandoned there.

Radio Law and Telecommunications Business Act numbers displayed on mobile phones (author's mobile phone)

I want to know if the customer can pass the system, not the explanation

It overlaps with the explanations of PSE and PSC, but I dare to tell you repeatedly, what customers want to know is not an explanation of the radio law system, but how can you pass the Radio Law to the last.

From the perspective of experts on this page, there may be objections and objections to pick up the corners of the heavy box, but at least we write based on the experience of our company and our customers as "minimum information necessary for passing".

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